Mass Effect 3 $$(ENDINGS SPOILERS)$$

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Reverend, Mar 13, 2012.

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    If that were really the case, someone would've found evidence on the disc by now.
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    ^ Evidence for what? We already knew there were bugs -- lots of them -- in Mass Effect 3. I doubt any hidden materials would really be apparent if the only way to access them is a bundle of code that never executes properly. We still lack, for example, any sort of explanation for the Minos Wasteland/Aequitas bug where the system/planet are both lit up like a vital mission despite being utterly inaccessible. And I earlier mentioned the Barla Von apartment door bug; seems to me that if leaving and reentering the presidium didn't reset the door, that entire sub-mission would have been entirely futile and nobody would EVER get to the outcome of it.

    The final Mass Effect ending might be similarly muddled; if so, Bioware is releasing a patch that allows the hidden ending to become visible the way it was supposed to in the first place.

    OTOH, thinking back to the first Mass Effect we were told by Sovereign that the citadel and the mass relays were originally created by the reapers in the first place just to guide all the races of the galaxy along a development path ideal for harvesting. That would make destroying the citidel and the mass relays part and parcel to ANY solution to the reapers. Even so, a viable fourth option would represent itself in Shepard managing to combine all three of them in a singular approach: you alone become a synergized super cyborg thing, which allows you to take control of the reapers and thus turn their weapons against each other, destroying themselves.
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    He means that if there was any substantial content that wasn't implemented because of a bug, it'd still be in the game files and pretty hard to miss. The only cut content that's on the disc involves the odd line of dialogue. Some of it relating to the ending, sure, but nothing anywhere near as drastic as you suggest.

    Besides, it's a moot point. No competent game studio would release a game that broken. Neither intentionally nor without knowing. It wouldn't happen. Period.

    It'd be like a triple-A budget film being released with the final reel missing from the master print. Even if something that major was left out by accident, it'd be picked up and corrected *way* before it was released.