In Praise of TOS-TAS Imagery (Ships)

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by MrArcas, May 4, 2013.

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    Cool shuttle :)
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    Well, I hold DeviantArt in a rather high regard, due to the amount of accounts I've been able to find belonging to many talented designers and modelers.

    So much so, that I haven't set up an account myself yet, because I don't feel my output is high enough yet. I haven't completed one set of schematics for any of my designs yet.:sigh:
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    Re: In Praise of TOS-TAS Imagery (Ships - Updated 5/5)

    Really great stuff! (I especially fond of the destroyer... With the Archerclass a quick second.)

    Thanks for sharing!
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    These are some really nice images. I’m curious, do you have complete models built of the TAS shuttles, like the one in the planetside maintenance bay or the aquashuttle over in your “Peeps” thread? Or are these more like illustrations or matte paintings with only the portions visible complete?

    If the former, I’d love to see more views of those.