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    Hi all. I need some Treknical advice. I'm doing the Script Frenzy where you try to write a 100-page script in 30 days. Fun huh?

    Anyway, my script is a two-parter based on the Starship Exeter fanfilm. One thread of my story calls for the Exeter and a Klingon cruiser to play a cat and mouse game. The Klingons are doing everything they can to disable or delay the Exeter so they can do Bad Things to the landing party stuck on the planet. The catch is that they can't actually fire on the Exeter because they would run afoul of the Organians.

    So what I need is some ways that the Klingons could harass, damage, delay, or inconvenience a starship without using photons or disruptors.

    One example that I've thought of is if the Klingons do some "surveying work" by blowing up nearby asteroids. The only catch is that it puts the resulting pieces on a collision course with the planet. the Exeter will then have to intercept the pieces.

    I need some more ideas. Any thoughts?
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    Hmm, well if the Exeter is doing any kind of scans or anything like that, maybe the Klingons could use that to their advantage to flood or confuse sensors. I guess that's kinda weak, but it makes me think of smoke bombs when I was a kid. They were great and disorienting others without actually hurting anybody. It was just annoying because they were temporarily blinded and disabled.

    Maybe if the Klingons need more time, that'd help?
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    ...At some point in the next several years, anyway.
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    Couldn't the Klingons beam parts of the Exeter into space?
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    Distract them with a fake distress call. That worked once against the Enterprise. Failing that, use tractor beams to grab a real freighter and create an incident that the Exeter must respond to. No one even has to be hurt, the crew of the freighter just need to be scared enough to send out a distress call. Once the Exeter has been delayed enough, let the freighter go and claim it was all just a harmless misunderstanding.

    For that matter, the Klingon ship could fake its own problems ... the Exeter would have to respond and who could resist the chance to get close to the Klingon ship for a little surveillance work.

    Send a lone shuttle with a courageous warrior into space near the Exeter transmitting a call for asylum. The warrior could claim to be a weapons specialist or warp theorist or logistics director who knows things Starfleet might like to be privy to. Then the Klingon battlecruiser shows up looking for their warrior back because he's an escaped prisoner. The warrior might even get a chance to sabotage Exeter while her crew is figuring out what to do.
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    or have the Klingons with a landing party themselves and the threats of sanctions by either side
    But if you have a Klingon Commando team doing sabatoge to the shuttle you could have many delays and use diffrent perspectives to make a bigger script
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