Episode of the Week : The Cage

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  1. Cap-o'-Lantern

    Cap-o'-Lantern Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    If they can release the unaired pilot version of Where No Man Has Gone Before, why oh why not Roddenberry's print of The Cage? :brickwall:

    Sorry, I really must shut up about this. :sigh:
  2. Maurice

    Maurice Vice Admiral Admiral

    Oct 17, 2005
    Walking distance from Starfleet HQ
    ^^^Maybe CBS doesn't have it any more. It's possible Roddenberry's black and white dupe is the only surviving copy of the original cut.
  3. mach7

    mach7 Commander Red Shirt

    Jan 2, 2012
    Back in '08 (I think) I went to the Cinema to see the original full version of "The Cage"

    It was a 1 night showing across the country. I believe it was the full version. I seem to remember it was over 90 min long, including an introduction and close out. I also seem to remember it was all in color.

    Anyone else remember this?
  4. The Warlord

    The Warlord Lieutenant Red Shirt

    Dec 15, 2012
    Regarding the uncut print...I agree! I've been dying to see this for YEARS!!
  5. LMFAOschwarz

    LMFAOschwarz Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Oct 1, 2013
    The Cage is a fine piece of work. It's also easy to see at this stage how Jack Lord would have been quite suited to the leading role. I think he would have been especially good in the 'now that the female is properly conditioned/whole human community' scene.
  6. Cap-o'-Lantern

    Cap-o'-Lantern Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Incidentally, the (basically) full audio of the Roddenberry print can be heard here, recorded from the audience at a screening.

  7. Mr. Spook

    Mr. Spook Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Sep 2, 2002
    Wow, finally: the full normal Malachi Throne voice and the original lack of music after he says "we can soon begin the experiment." The music heard on all commercial prints is tracked from The Man Trap. Thanks for posting it.