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    I think each of Dillard's first three books introduces new characters and advances their relationships, so it'd probably be best to read Mindshadow, Demons, and Bloodthirst before TLY, although Bloodthirst and Dreadnought! are sort of awkward read close together because they both involve independent conspiracies among Starfleet flag officers.

    The mention of Rittenhouse in TLY is in passing, and it doesn't address anything from Battlestations!, as far as I recall.

    I don't recally what aspects from those books are referred to in TFY, but it's probably just another minor detail rather than any specific events being referenced. Still, seeing as how The Vulcan Academy Murders and The IDIC Epidemic are consecutive adventures with continuing characters between them, it would make sense to read them together.
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    Thank you for that, it is exactly what I was wondering about. Now I'm intrigued about Dillard's first three novels, and will play the long game to build into The Lost Years. I don't think I would have worried about two books with similar ideas going on, but I will make use of your evaluation of Bloodthirst and Dreadnaught to give them space apart from each other. It should work out that way anyway, I'm planning on jumping forward to Dreadnaught!, it and Yesterday's Son are the next two I'm planning on tackling. Dillard's books I'll probably read with other books slotted between them anyway (not to mention that I'll be reading non-Star Trek books in the mix as well), so Bloodthirst and Dreadnaught will have plenty of space between each other. Your post is exactly what I was hoping for! :)

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