"Captain Power" to return as "Phoenix Rising"

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Ian Keldon, Oct 11, 2012.

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    You're out of your element, Donny. Every TV show plans ahead for next season, regardless if they know they're cancelled or not.
    It isn't at all unusual that the seeds of future stories might already be on the minds of the writers before season four wrapped.

    Lastly, I spent just under a year working with three of the writers from Enterprise on a former job. On the occasions that the subject of Star Trek came up (because that's what they always called it when discussing it), the writing, as it were, was very clearly on the wall and they knew it.
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    This was epic when I was a kid! I loved this show. Just ordered the dvd. I had no clue it had been released and was spending off-hours here and there tracking down the series on the original VHS (super difficult and expensive even with the interwebs). Shooting the TV with my Phantom Stryker (stolen by Captain Power, natch) was so much fun. I wore out several of the anime-like Mission videos I used them so much over the years. I'm very glad someone is attempting a resurrection at last.

    Jessica Steen :drool: rocking the metal chest and with those crazy eyes of hers PLUS Ah-nold's trainer/go to henchman from Conan and so many other flicks with the Aliens-esque Smart Gun! Ah, to be a kid again.

    I wonder if my Stryker can still register hits on the DVD version...
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    I'm guessing the big, evil looking fellow in the lower pictures (of the two pictures in the far end of that room) is supposed to be Blaster? It reminds me of him.

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