Young woman mournes death of man who carried her out of club fire

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Flying Spaghetti Monster, Jan 30, 2013.

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    I looked around for thread here about the tragic nightclub fire in Brazil, and couldn't find one.. but I'm sure you've all heard it. I guess I just started focusing on the story of this young woman who was trying to get out but couldn't due to the crowd and the way the place was set up, and a man took her and carried her out of the club, saving her while everyone that was near her at the time likely perished. Turns out the person that carried her out of the club went back inside, perhaps to grab someone else but he perished.

    My point is that it seems that this young woman is feeling a lot of guilt, yet realizes that she has a new lease on life. I hope she lives it to the fullest and is not overcome with grief and guilt.
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    Real heroes still exist... pity that they tend to die so often in real life. :(
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    I agree

    I found that video on you tube

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    Too often, these days, the term 'Hero' tends to get used too much. This is not one of those cases.
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