You, a Psycho-Stalker's Guidebook to Dating in the 21st Century.

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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.

    One of the Beautiful People from Gossip Girl has a new gig where he feels compelled to "make" one of the beautiful People from Once Upon a Time fall in love with him by any means necessary, starting with breaking and entering, turning over her apartment, monitoring her social media, cloning her cell phone, and murdering her jerk boyfriend.

    Nothing too unusual.


    What I love about this series (episode 6 just came out) is that we hear step by step this crazy man's thoughts the whole way through, as he rationalises and justifies each deeplier insane invasion of this woman's privacy, manipulating her into accepting him as the perfect mate.


    There's also a beautiful person in "You" from Pretty Little Liars, playing her own little mindgames to win the girl.

    Top notch.
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    Loving this show. It's totally insane and blackly comic.
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    Just finished the first season on Netflix, which is taking over for S2. Tons of fun, indeed, even if Joe clearly has mutant super-hearing powers to be able to eavesdrop on all those conversations in trendy (read: loud) bars and cafes. :p Though, one loose end bugged me...

    Where the hell was the manhunt for Benji, the jerkass "natural soda" bro? He could plausibly disappear for a few days, sure, but then his wealthy family would have set up a manhunt for him. And sure, that would probably have derailed the main plot, but the author gave herself an excellent out in that frat party video of his! Joe could indeed have used that to blackmail him into permanently ghosting Beck, as it's not as though he was all that into her himself. And sure, we would have missed out on the thrill of that first (to us) murder, but it's not as though we'd lack for that later on...

    Wonder if we'll see Shrink Stamos again. Will his trial factor into S2? And I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of that PI...
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