Yahoo Football Pick-em and Survivor


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I lost the Survivor in week 3 last year. Nice to see pick 'ems since I can do badly all season in that.

I'll hold on picks until the season gets closer. A blown out knee or two in the preseason can change those real quick.
What - no college? Boooo......
Set up college in case anybody cares about that:

ID - 15039
pass - football
Wow, a MrCoaster sighting. That's a blast from the past.

Glad you bumped this thread because I was going to do it to remind people they can still sign up. The more we get the better, and I think most people here have a Yahoo Account, which is why I chose that site instead of ESPN.
Still time to sign up. Also a reminder there is a game on Thursday. That seems to be a forgotten thing in week one most years in terms of pick-em.