Wrath of Khan - the Musical

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  1. Jesse Mercury

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    Jul 14, 2014
    I wrote a song from Khan's point of view detailing his exile on Ceti Alpha V and descent into madness as he waits for Kirk to return. I would love some feedback from true Trek fans! I cut together footage of the film to make this music video, I would be grateful to anyone who took the time to check it out.

  2. austen_pierce

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    Aug 15, 2013
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    Very good work!

    The editing you did to fit the lyrics with the movie particularly the instances where the lyrics matched what the actors were saying.... superb.
    I also really liked the interweaving of Space Seed and TWOK footage. Well done.

    I was not crazy about the musical style of the song, but that grew on me as I watched and by the end I was hooked.
    I also got pulled out of things a bit when you sped up the playback, but that's a minor nitpick.

    Thanks for sharing!
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