Would Jadzia leave Worf for Quark?

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    I recall both Julian and Quark moping over not "getting" her in her last episode.

    Julian as I've stated previously I think even if he gave up actively pursuing her was deeply hurt and upset she would not be with him.

    Quark I think seeing her clean his bar and observing her other qualities wanted her as well. Though by that point she was already deeply involved with Worf at that point.
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    No way!
    Other than his weird, "I am the most honorable Klingon." Stuff he is way hotter than the short green guy.
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    I feel the same a lot of men want to project their thoughts onto what they perceive. They can't actually fully KNOW what the other person is thinking, especially women, so they like to perceive her open, fun loving attitude as something sexual, one and noncommittal, two.
    Fun loving and open do not go hand in hand with marital infidelity.
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    That's the great thing about love trust and faith. I'm an atheist but I have to say there is beautiy in the concept of faith.

    Of course, I don't know what my wife is doing right now. But I trust her and have faith.
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    Thank you for this! I am kind of floored at how many people think Jadzia would be impulsive enough to be disloyal to her her husband. As Sisko pointed out in the wedding episode, she knew what she was getting herself into when she got with Worf. And she, probably even more than Worf, knows how important being true to one's word and personal honor is. Episodes like "Dax" and "Blood Oath" have shown us this.

    And in the grand scheme of being a joined Trill, I actually think monogamy wouldn't be that hard. For Dax the marriage to Worf is ultimately temporary, the symbiont will go on to have more relationships in its next lives. Choosing to spend this life with one person isn't that big of a deal. Worf won't be Dax's last spouse.
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    But Worf was Jadzia's only spouse
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    Of course. Why would we ever think anything different? The fact that Jadzia was a Trill, is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. It doesn't make anyone more likely to cheat just because they're Trill. Each host is a unique being, and the fact that a symbiont can move from host to host doesn't mean that those hosts won't still be devoted to their partners.

    Exactly. Jadzia is impulsive and likes to party, but one can be those things and still be absolutely loyal to one's partner. Anyone who questions that, has trust issues.
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