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    Yeah yeah, I know this topic's been done into the the ground already..... ;)

    Are there any concrete details that the writers of the TNG movies might, possibly, have once considered proceeding without Worf?

    I brought up in another thread recently my recollection of an interview that Michael Dorn gave to the official Star Trek magazine, around the same time he got cast in Deep Space Nine, where he basically intimated that he would not be in the subsequent Next Gen movies as a result of his joining the spin-off (presumably he guessed that his hectic television schedule wouldn't have allowed for it, but the producers must have found a way to work out all the different filming dates).

    Another one I just came across the other day while browsing through the reference book 'The Next Generation Movie Sketchbook': there's mention made of a starship Endevour, apparently a big deal in an earlier draft of the story whereupon it was going to give a bang to the Borg battle by being unceremoniously blown to bits, but that (and I quote here) "the script writers decided to replace it with the Defiant, in order to get Worf into the film".

    This is fascinating stuff, because it does rather infer that at some early stage, even the writers were assuming that Worf wouldn't be in First Contact. :)

    Have Moore, Braga, Berman etc ever talked about this? I'm guessing it had never been in question that he'd be in Insurrection and Nemesis, though.
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    First Contact was the only movie with a sensical way of getting Worf involved, having him be at the battle etc.

    Insurrection, he just shows up because he was nearby. Nemesis, it's almost as if he's serving on the ship where all they had to do continuity wise was have him not in uniform, standing on the bridge or keep in his dialogue about being an ambassador not to his taste.

    If you are going to do a movie with the TNG crew, he has to be there, but they ignored anything DS9 did with him, but that was most likely due to the differences between Ira Behr and the establishment.
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    In Nemesis his presence was justified by being at Riker and Troi's wedding, but he really should have been filling a different role on the ship instead of jumping right back into Tactical.