Will Sam Beckett Return Home? NBC Orders Quantum Leap Reboot Pilot

He'll always be Jonny Quest to me. It probably isn't fair to place less importance on works he's since undertaken, but he incorporated memorable life to that one character.

This is my personal choice, of course.
Did they forget it can project graphics the audience can see?

It's never done that, except in those infrequent cases where Addison specifically needed those graphics to be visible to Ben. Otherwise she's just staring at the prop, the same way Al did in the original series. The implication is that the imaging chamber is set up to show the readouts only to Addison, not to Ben, unless she sets it otherwise.
They used nerve fibres from Sam and Al to create Ziggy, which is why Al is his holo-buddy, and why Sam has the grey in his hair.
The hair thing is not part of the show itself. In-universe, Sam did not get the white until after his first leap.
In Mirror Image, Sam sees his real reflection and is surprised to see the white streak. Though I guess one could argue that the knowledge of it got swiss-cheesed if one were so inclined. :shrug:
Matheson's surely gotten more spotlight from ANIMAL HOUSE than JONNY QUEST over time. (The billing for the classic animated shows is always in small-type and usually alphabetical.)

Speaking of ANIMAL HOUSE, it was only ten years ago when I realized the first voice of Tony Stark belonged to Dean Wormer himself. And he sounded like Frank Drebbin to boot.
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Finally saw last week's Tim Matheson episode. Decent, but some of the scripting was clunky in the way it worked in exposition. The talk between the new guy and Magic about whether leaps had to be one-way and driven by sacrifice was interesting, but it didn't seem to hold together conceptually, like something was cut from the middle.

Also, I'm getting very, very tired of the contrivance of case-of-the-week shows where the guest characters' crisis always coincidentally happens to resonate perfectly with what the main characters are dealing with that week, so that the story is ultimately more about the main characters using the guest characters' crisis to work through their own stuff rather than about just plain helping other people as an end in itself. Not only is it ridiculously artificial that it always resonates so perfectly, but It makes the heroes come off as narcissistic, preoccupied with their own crap and only caring about other people's problems to the extent that they can apply them to their own selfish concerns.

I'm really coming to miss shows where there is no seasonal arc to speak of, where the case of the week is a whole story in itself. You can still have character growth and continuity in shows like that -- look at ST:TNG, or currently Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks -- but it's more gradual and subtle, and doesn't have to be what every single episode is written to advance.
decent Leap part episode, liked the Ben/Magic talks too.

so um Magic and
Beth Calavicci...
That's a new thing unless I missed something

Fastforwarded trough the rest of the "present day" stuff.
the "present" day will need drama, otherwise there's little reason for all the characters :sigh:
I have to say I'm back peddling on my reservations around the decision to have the team think Ben was lost just like Sam. I was so focused on the Ben/Addison/Tom triangle I didn't think about how the rest of the team would be impacted. Seeing what Ian did (new chip) and where that thread might go once we pull on it some more as well as Magic's story thread from this week was great. Seeing that these people had real consequences of Ben being declared lost/dead and didn't just pick up where we left off is compelling. Seeing how they dealt with it.
Plus the whole Magic and Beth thread keeps the Calavicci name in the show and keeps that nod to the original and tied in the fact that Beth saw Al go through the same thing Magic was dealing with when Sam was lost.
I'm thinking that as the season unfolds we'll learn if Tom has a hidden agenda as well as more about Ian's mysterious chip designer. I hope so because those are plots I'd like to see explored.
Seeing Magic in action as Ben's hologram for the leap story was great storytelling. Both characters had personal reactions to the leap for different reasons and it was great to see the dialogue they had throughout the leap story. I'm going to be bummed when we run out of stories that were shot before the writers and actors strikes went into effect.
. I'm going to be bummed when we run out of stories that were shot before the writers and actors strikes went into effect.

my tivo isn't showing an ep scheduled (in Canada at least) for next week so don't know if it's just a break or we've hit that point :(
@Christopher are you SURE NBC is waiting a whole week to show the latest episode? I have COmcast, but with 2 options to view the next day... Peacock, which used to be the default, but now that I would need to subscribe, basically doesn't work for me. HOWEVER, they ALSO have an NBC option, and THAT shows me the new episode the morning following it airing on TV. I kinda doubt Comcast has a special deal with that...but maybe I am wrong?

Do we really need to do spoilers for the sake of Christopher? I will do it this time for some things...

I dunno... i liked it, but some of the dialogue was so "yes, there's bigotry out there, but all of us main characters are too enlightened for such ignorance" feel to it. It would be nice to have someone struggle with those issues instead of thinking they are beyond it.

It also felt like a whole lot, where we just added Magic's alcoholism on top of it.

Who do we send script ideas to? I would really like for Ben to spend a couple of episodes in ancient Korea (with them borrowing the set of a Korean historical drama now filming)... i wonder how the son is going to explain suddenly forgetting Korean ;)

OK, so Beth is back in the picture, trying to keep us connected with Sam's legacy. But des that mean they completely dumped Janice? She seems like a much worthwhile character than Beth and Tom combined.

I do like that Jenn and Ian were able to pick up on things right away....but did the rest of the QL background crew know? Because if not, they sure did when they saw the imagining chamber!

Also, do we know what ethnicity Jenn is supposed to be? Not that all Koreans (or Asians in general) have to react the same way to the LA Riots, or they might be like me (or Ben's host this time), where they might be disconnected to their family's language because their family wants them to be Americanized. But it would be nice to have more than 1 person of a specific non-white ethnic identity in a cast

And i am not familair at all with LA... in Chicago, our :Koreatown is/was on the North-Northwest side of town. But Koreans here own Beauty Supply Stores and Dry Cleaners in black neighborhoods, and the supply stores on the South and West sides were the ones hit in the George Floyd looting (really led by criminals taking advantage while our police were all deployed to watch over peaceful protesters while others took advantage)
my tivo isn't showing an ep scheduled (in Canada at least) for next week so don't know if it's just a break or we've hit that point :(
We're not out of episodes yet. The preview for the next episode said it would air on November 15 so I don't know if next week is a repeat or something else in its place.
QL S02E05

This was a terrific episode. I love it when they really dig into historical events and try to impart a solidly progressive message. The acknowledgment of the riots and the justifiably deep anger and resentment that fueled them, while also showing the people who were harmed as a result, hit at some topics we're still dealing with today, because that systemic oppression is still here, and still enforcing inequality and injustice.

I enjoyed the focus on the interpersonal conflicts, too, shared between both stories, past and present. I've grown to care about these people, and I want them to succeed. Magic, in particular, is a favorite, and I just love both Ian and Jen. When Jen started tearing up about Magic's painful recollection of his past, I wanted to hug him and then hug her so bad. :lol:

Seriously, this was a home run this week. I think this show honors its origins so very well, and I can't wait to see what they do next.
First off I absolutely loved Magic as the hologram and being able to interact with Ben. Having Ernie Hudson in the middle of the action with the 'leap' storyline and being able to have him and Raymond Lee interact (all we've had is like the flashbacks pretty much) is great.

Also... It's very refreshing to be able to focus on the leap and not have Ben/Addison romantic storyline having to be part of the spoken (or unspoken) interactions between the two of them. Plus Ernie Hudson is just a better actor IMO.

I would have no problems if Addison was written out and the whole Tom thing isn't him playing a 'long game/scheme' because I'm not the biggest fan of her in the show and think the tone/delivery of the actress can be very lackluster.