Who should become the next Doctor after Whittaker?

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by Jayson1, Dec 29, 2017.

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    I know we haven't even seen the new Doctor in action but whether she is good or bad I am guessing she will only have the job for 3 maybe 4 years like most of the previous actors which means her replacement will most likely be a current working actor at least a few of us might know. Just for fun I thought it might be interesting to start predicting the future. My predictions based partly on who I want to see and who I think they might could choose and also predicting the politcal aspects that might go into making the choice.

    My top 4 choices would be:

    1 Hayley Atwell: She was my first choice for the current Doctor so I still would like to see her in the role. I'm not sure what the political line of thought would be though to replace the first female Doctor with another. On one hand going back to a male shows the role is not going to be static and the gender switching back and forth is going to be the new normal. On the other hand it might send the negative message that going with a woman was a mistake and this would be seen as trying to go back to the past. Either way if you think the current choice was contentious just wait untill the backlash in 3 to 4 years.

    2 Rainn Wilson: I know people like to joke about a American Doctor but I am someone who would really like to see that version of the role and I love most of the roles Wilson plays and I think he has both the look and is able to pull off the personality of the role.

    3 Missy: I know she in theory died but I am open to the idea that the Master faked her death and is still alive in the current form. Imagine doing a show were the Dcotor isn't in it. You could build up the mystery of where the Doctor is and after a few seasons he/she shows back up. Everyone would be excited again to see the Doctor after a 3 abscence and it would create incredible hype.

    4 David Tennant:I know he has already played the role but since I like the idea of them breaking new ground I kind of like the idea of bringing back a old Doctor as a regular since we have never seen that done before. I think this would be the case of just doing it for a single season but I think it would be cool. That or have the double living in the alternate universe with Rose come aboard as a campanion. FIrst time ever when the show would have 2 doctors in the cast, though you would still need a regular human around as well to help ground things for the audience.

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    If anybody seriously suggests Jenna Coleman, I will curse them for all eternity and then some. I like her as young Queen Victoria, but I never want to see her smug face or hear her motormouth mumbling on Doctor Who ever again.

    I have no idea who this actor is, but I would not want an American in the role. Ever.

    That was one of the things about the Classic era Master that we could always count on - no matter how much it looked like he couldn't possibly survive, he always came back.

    But a few seasons without the Doctor? What would be the point of calling the show "Doctor Who" if the Doctor isn't ever in it?

    If they ever bring back a previous Doctor, I'd want Paul McGann (my other favorite Classic Doctors are either too old for the part, or they're dead). He's the one who got robbed of a proper series, and he could still pull it off.
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    Mr Soak, [Redacted]
    Harry Mudd in Discovery.
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    Peter Capaldi.
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    I know this is a bit early, but it all depends on the fan reaction to Whittaker. If the ratings and reviews are good, she'll get 3 or 4 seasons as the last few doctors have. If the fanbase pans her for whatever reason, including not wanting to see a female Doctor, she might just get one season.
    I liked the glimpse we got at the end of Twice Upon a Time and I'm hopeful.
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    I don't have any particular names, but I do believe that the next doctor, indeed the next three doctors should be played by women. While the show is predicated on change, there's a degree of continuity to it as well. The children who first came to the show with Eccleston and Tennant, grew up with a male doctor (the same way everyone else did), but they also grew up with a storytelling style and visual aesthetic established by Russell T Davies and carried through by Stephen Moffet.

    The children who come to Doctor Who next year will for the first time have a female role model to look up to, as well as potentially a new storytelling style from Chibnall. I'd like to see a degree of continuity, with those first time viewers getting to grow up with a female role model, and not have the BBC chicken out after a couple of seasons and go back to the status quo.
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    Maybe out of left field here, but what about Parminder Nagra of "Bend it Like Beckham" and "ER?"... She's got good acting chops and I think she's got the ability to carry the humor needed for the role... She's a little short, but only 4 inches shorter than Jodie, so I don't know if that's a huge issue.. And heck.. Might even be good for some laughs when the Doctor squares off against old enemies... And while she's a "known" actress, I don't thinks she's THAT well known...
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    And the idiots who can’t cope with a female Doctor will go doubly insane if an Asian woman is cast. Which is another reason to do it (I think she’s a very good actress too).
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    How will they know if the problem is the lead actor or the scripts or the showrunner dropping the ball? I doubt Jodie would be the problem if the show does go south next year.
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    What if the Doctor was reborn looking around eleven years old? That would open up all kinds of dramatic story possibilities as the Doctor spends half the episode trying to establish credibility/respectability with the guest star of the week.

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    Craig Ferguson!
    I only half kid...

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    I wouldn't mind seeing something like that which also made me think of other possibilities.

    1 A doctor played by 3 different actors. We see him/her age from child to middle age to old looking. I have always wondered about how normal aging would come into effect with TIme Lords if they never died and changed form.

    2 Another thing is how about a season were you start the season with a female Doctor and she dies and becomes a male doctor in the middle of the season or vice versa. Have all Doctor transitions been done in season final's or Christmas Specials?

  13. Timewalker

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    It should be pretty easy to tell if it's the writing. That's why I became exasperated with the Capaldi stories. Most of the ones I saw appeared to be aimed at 8-year-olds, rather than adults. Capaldi did the best with what they gave him, but the writing really was crap. I blame the showrunner for Clara, the Mary Sue Who Would Not Die.

    As for the new Doctor, all we can do is wait and see. They've got one month to impress me. If that doesn't happen, I will drop my subscription to the channel that shows it here, and walk away. Again.

    No. The First Doctor regenerated during Season 4 (according to Wikipedia). I haven't seen all the First and Second Doctor stories, so I don't know about Christmas specials (apparently there was one during the first Doctor's run - something about the "Feast of Steven" which I assume refers to Steven Taylor, one of the Doctor's companions).

    There were no Christmas specials from Pertwee on, during the Classic era. The movie took place just before New Year's Eve, so it's not a Christmas show.
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    Tatiana Maslany

    She does the british accent pretty well.
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    There's no way BBC would agree to do a series of multi-Doctor shows with a dozen consecutive regenerations working together.

    Seriously, though. What would happen if the Doctor meets a companion who looks just like her? There would be precedent with at least Torchwood's Children of Earth and The Fires of Pompeii. But could it actually happen? :lol:

    In that situation, the Doctor should probably lift silly explanations out of Lottie and Lisa.
    Companion: ‘Do I have a sister?’
    The Doctor: ’A sister? How would I know if you have a sister. Oh... Me? No, I think we're just probably born on the same date. That works sometimes. Don't you people read books? ’
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    That's sort of the way it worked out due to Hartnell's contract. The actors at the time weren't contracted for full seasons, they were contracted for a set number of episodes, and "The Tenth Planet" was when Hartnell's most recent contract was up. Hartnell would have been replaced in the middle of the third season, except he was issued a new contract at the time.

    Only in the sense that it's a pun on "The Feast of Stephen," ie., December 26th, a festival mentioned in the first line of "Good King Wenceslas."

    The episode is a strange runaround that was sort-of a crossover with another series (Z-Cars), then turns into a farce on the set of a silent film. It was a standalone episode that took place in the middle of "The Daleks' Master-Plan" and really had nothing to do with it. ("DMP" is given as a 12-part story, counting "The Fest of Steven," but it's really an 11-part story with this sandwiched in at the halfway point.)
  17. Timewalker

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    In many different universes, simultaneously.
    I have the Target novelizations of The Dalek Masterplan. It must have been grating on the nerves to hear Dalek voices for 3 months.
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    They should cast another woman.
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    Isn't a bit early to be planning her replacement before we've even seen an episode with her in?
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    Not a bad idea, that...