What Worries Me Regarding The Villain

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    Given that the new movie seems to focus quite a lot on Cumberbatch and his character, I think it is worrying that he doesn´t seem to be that different from most of the other villains in the other Star Trek movies.

    And really they aren´t that great compared to the best movie villains like Darth Vader and the Joker.

    First, he has some kind of special powers. He´s stronger than a normal human, and he has mental powers. Hm, that sounds a lot like Shinzon, Khan or Sybok (at least the mental powers).

    Second, we will be able to feel empathy for him since he believes what he does is right, according to JJ Abrams.
    Please don´t tell us his wife died and he went mad like Khan, Soran or Nero; or that he grew up in the klingon mines on Qronos like Shinzon in the Romulan mines on Remus; or that he searching for God like Sybok or V´ger. Given that Orci is JFK conspiracy nerd maybe his pissed off by the President of the Federation, and that is why he wants to kill him. Or his kid died, and now he wants revenge because the Federation didn´t protect him. Still, these background stories never made me care for the villain. They are usually just silly.

    But still, neither Darth Vader in the first two Star Wars movies nor the Joker in the Dark Knight had any background story or motivation. Instead, they were just evil, and as black and white as it gets. Yet, they were interesting characters that basically everyone likes.

    If they are able to pull off a character like that, I would be very happy. But right now I feel that the more that is being told about him the less interesting he seems. He really seems to be a typical Star Trek villain. Therefore giving him lots of screen time and less to Kirk and Spock is a mistake if he isn´t the best villain in Star Trek so far. Especially if this movie isn´t longer than Star Trek (2009).

    Still, I think Cumberbatch will do a great job acting-wise. But is it enough?
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    Sure, it is fun to have a one dimensional "muhaha, I'm evil" villain but I think 2 dimensional villains are better because they offer more nuance. I like the description of the Into Darkness villain. I can't wait to learn why he will engender empathy.
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    We haven't seen the movie yet so you really don't have any reason to justify these fears.
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    Cumberbatch won me over 110% with his monologue in the teaser. No matter how cheesy or awful his lines are, he'll make them work and be the new benchmark in Trek baddies.
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    He's Benedict Fucking Cumberbatch. If he had been cast as Kruge, Sybok, Soran, Ru'afo, Shinzon, or Nero those movies would have been instantly had their quality increased tenfold.