What kind of Romulan characters would you like to see in the Picard show?

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    Nov 26, 2010
    Since this series is set after the destruction of Romulus and that is supposed to play a role in this series, what kind of Romulan characters would you like to see?

    I would like to see a bunch of Romulan characters, both heroic and villainous. I can see the main villain of the series being a hardline Romulan admiral who took over the remainder of the Romulan fleet, declares himself Praetor and tries to create a new Romulan Empire, annexing pre-warp worlds for resources and slave labor and wanting to kill any Romulan who opposes this neo-Romulan Empire. This new Romulan Empire is far more spartan, ruthless and authoritarian the old one, most creature comforts for civilians are gone, the Senate is gone and thus there is no check on the new Praetor's power, but he does have a military council to help with his war plans. Unlike the old Empire, this new Empire does not spend much time with Cold War diplomatic schemes designed to lure the Federation into a war or gain some small intelligence victory over the Federation, the Praetor will make war with anyone who opposes him, but he is still willing to be underhanded to achieve his goals.

    I would have a former Senator be the leader of the dove faction, who interacts with Picard a lot, is fairly friendly, wants to resettle peaceful Romulans on Vulcan, but is willing to do anything to protect his followers and can go a bit far in furthering that goal.

    Also, I think Picard should have a Romulan crewman who helps him, this would be the most sympathetic Romulan character, having a character arc where he learns to abandon the old ways and wanting to help create a better way for his people.
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    I think we need at least one Romulan who is a series regular. I would have the one Romulan kid from "Unification" grown up now a captain of a kind of rogue pirate ship of former Romulan soldiers who becomes the ship Picard uses to get to place to place. I would also find out Spock had a child with a Romulan and she wants Picard's help in finding out where her dad is. She was part of the underground movement we saw in "Unification" She has being living in a refuge camp and her entire life has been on either Romulus before it blew up or the camp. When she left the camp it's basically her first time ever really seeing space and all that is out there. She has never seen a human or Klingon etc , except on maybe holographic recordings and things of that nature.

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    No Romulans at all.
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    And ex-military or Tal Shiar, who joined Starfleet after the Hobus explosion.

    I want as many Romulans as possible.
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    A type 13 planet in it's final stage
    Bald with tattoos. Nero's kind.

    Angry, bitter Romulans.
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    That seems unlikely.
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