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    Who watches the Watchmen? Well I did last night at a free screener.

    My grade: B

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Disclaimer - I've never read Alan Moore's story so my grade is based solely on how it is as a movie, not an adaption.

    The movie begins with the death of the Comedian by a masked unknown adversary.
    Rorsharch shows up to do his own investigating.
    In between we see a chummy Nite Owl beer night between the golden and "retired" silver age Nite Owls.
    During Rorsharch's investigation we are caught up on how this alternate timeline exists with certain historical points shown to us and how Watchmen were a factor in them.

    We spend some time bouncing back and forth from flashback to current time and a few of those transitions were better than others. My jury is still out on whether we need them all or if they couldn't have been explained in a more time saving manner. What I will say is that it does pay off in the last hour. The first 1.5hrs could easily be described as slow if you are an action movie junkie. I didn't mind it but am still left thinking the pace might could've been improved someway.

    There are a number of action moments not glimpsed in any trailer I saw so I was glad about that. Plus some of the glimpses we got were just that as the whole scenes in the movie are good. Loved the alley fight and prison rescue/escape the best.

    It is a thinking mans movie first with its allegory and narrative. An action movie second. If you are someone who liked V for Vendetta, like myself, then you likely will like this. Every reviewing of V has made me appreciate that more. I will be attending a free IMAX midnight show Thursday and hope the same holds true for Watchmen.

    Your watch words are this though: FLACID BLUE PENIS
    Its there often, brace yourself now.
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