Vulcan's Vengence - Sarek Question

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    Jun 4, 2010
    In Vulcan's Vengence, it appears that Sarek is working with the renegade Vulcans who are planning to destroy Romulus in 2258, with the Red Matter brought back from the future by Nero, so that the Nero would never be born in the future, can never destroy Vulcan in the past. Did I miss something? I was shocked by this, because I couldn't believe Sarek would be involved in a plot to kill billions of innocent Romulans, who had nothing to do with Nero's actions - that ruthlessness seems just as bad as Nero! I was also surprised that Sarek seemed to be forgiven so easily by everyone for potentially starting a war with the Romulans - no consequences for plotting to blow up a planet where billions live??? Did I miss something? Was Sarek actually working undercover to stop the Vulcan renegades? This was the one part of the story that made no sense to me - Sarek as a conspirator - or was it meant to be ironic, that Nero had destroyed a whole world to avenge his wife, and now Sarek was attempting the same thing, to avenge his wife, Amanda? Seems really out of character for Sarek ... and certainly grounds for him to lose his ambassadorship, and perhaps be imprisoned, for attempting to destroy a planet!!