Vassals of the Human Empire, or... Non-Human starship captains.

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    Following on from the discussion in the "Who Should Be The Next Captain Of Enterprise?" thread, I thought it was time we had another run-down of established non-Human captains. Let's prove that this isn't a 'Homo sapiens only club!'

    I'm not including First Officers, only Captains, Commodores and Admirals. Here we go:

    • T'Pol (USS Endeavour, 2160s)
    • Spock
    • Unnamed captain in Stargazer: Gauntlet (2333)
    • Unnamed admiral that Dax once served under (mentioned in DS9 season one)
    • Savar (admiral, 2364)
    • Unnamed captain (USS Saratoga, 2366)
    • Satelk (admiral, 2368)
    • T'Lara (admiral, 2372)
    • Unnamed admiral (at aborted Bajor admittance ceremony, 2373)
    • Sitak (admiral, 2374)
    • Solok (USS T'Kumbra, 2370s)
    • Saavik (USS Alliance, 2370s-80s)
    • Stek (admiral, 2378)
    • T'Vrea (USS Io, 2380)
    • Trenkanshent sh'Lavan (USS Thejal, 2162)
    • Nisverin th'Menchal (USS Vinakthen, 2162)
    • Gralev (USS Gagarin, 2279)
    • Unnamed (former?) admiral at Federation Council meeting (2285)
    • Unnamed captain in Stargazer: Gauntlet (2333)
    • ch'Regda (2360s-70s)
    • sh'Rzaan (2360s-70s?)
    • Vraath ch'Evram (later admiral, USS Bellingham, 2374)
    • Brantik (2164)
    • Renk (USS Aspire, 2311)
    • Grev (prior to 2355)
    • Rif jav Balkar (2365) (Okay, a Commander, but in command of a space station, so if Sisko counts, he does)
    Jelna Rigelian: Sesballa (USS Exeter, 2333)

    Makusian: Nijen Danehl, (USS Hypatia 2274)

    Denobulan: Masc (2370s-80s)

    • Bazel, USS Rhea, 2380
    • Unnamed admiral, 2381
    • Gohod Clif - JOINED (USS Oraidhe, 2360s)
    • Ezri Dax - JOINED (USS Aventine, 2380s)
    • Kila Vet -JOINED (USS Repulse, 2376)
    • Jas Abrik - UNJOINED (former admiral)
    • Unnamed (former?) admiral at Federation Council meeting, 2285
    • R'Miia (2355, admiral)
    • Rixx (2364)
    • Gof (2355)
    • Unnamed admiral (at aborted Bajor admittance ceremony, 2373)
    • I-forget-her-name-Picard's-friend-in-Peaceable-Kingdoms (2385)
    • Academy Intendant (2372, EVIL ADMIRAL)
    Gnalish: Sigrengar, USS Galatea (2382)

    Pentamian: Unnamed admiral, 2381

    Alonis: Los Tirasol Mentir (early 24th Century) - Note that Alonis was not a member world at the time.

    • Kira Nerys (2370s)
    • Ro Laren (2370s-80s)
    Damiani: Ju'les L'ullho (starbase commander, 2360s)

    Selenean: Y'Lira Medoxa (USS Anansi, 2375)

    Kreetassan: Onna Karapleedeez (2350s-60s)

    Non-member races:

    Xenexian: M'k'n'zy of Calhoun (who took a human name to assimilate, let's remember)

    Acamarian: S'hirethal Verauk (2380s)

    Daa'Vit: Morgen (2350s-60s)

    Capellan: Leonard James Akaar

    Any more?
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  2. Christopher

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    Mar 15, 2001
    Under Andorians, there's Captain ch'Regda, who commanded the Cybele in The Buried Age and the Bhutto in Greater than the Sum.

    (And I'd forgotten that I had a Tellarite captain named Grev in TBA. I'm starting to repeat myself. Well, let's say he's descended from Ensign Grev of the Pioneer.)
  3. zarkon

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Captain Gohod Clif in Dark Mirror (Joined Trill)
    Captain Simm in The Return (Vulcan)
    Captain Dalen in Dyson Sphere (Horta)
    Captain Y'Lira Medoxa in Prohecy & Change : Chiaroscuro (Selenean)
    Captain Morgen in Reunion (Daa'Vit)
    Captain sh'Raazn in Misson Gamma : Lesser Evil (Andorian)
    Captain Kamnach in Burning Dreams (Denebian)
    Captain Azon Lexen in Double Helix : Quarantine (Joined Trill)
    Captain Lucius Aelius Sejanus in The Captains' Honor (Magna Roman - I think there was a recent book that may have suggested that they're human, but I forget)

    J.M. Dillard's Emissary novelisation gave Sisko's captain the name Captain Storil.
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    We also have a Denobulan admiral, Masc, from the Dominion War and Over a Torrent Sea.
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    I can't believe I forgot Masc. He's a nice breath of fresh air so far as admirals go. Even if he did lose Betazed by picking a very bad time to hold training exercises...

    I'll add him and the others listed above to the initial post.
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    We also had Captain Nog in a possible future. ;)
  8. Tirius

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    Under Vulcan, you might include the unnamed captain of the TOS Intrepid, seeing as how it was crewed solely by Vulcans (another interesting note: one-species crews).

    It would be interesting to see how long the humans list would be, but I don't think the max post length would be large enough for that. :p
  9. Deranged Nasat

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    Good catch. :)

    The idea of species-segregated crews does help, certainly - it lets us assume that there were always large numbers of non-Humans in the fleet, we just happened to focus on Human-majority ships.
  10. Wadjda

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    Nov 13, 2013
    It would be fun to see a ship crewed by a species that can only breathe underwater or something. Their segregation would make sense in that case.
  11. Deranged Nasat

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    One more I overlooked, our first Deltan, Adelard Nassir (USS Sagittarius, 2260s)
  12. Christopher

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    Mar 15, 2001
    The captain of the Intrepid was referred to as Satak in The Star Trek Concordance, presumably based on an early draft of the episode script. I used that as his name in Forgotten History (in which his alternate-timeline counterpart appears).
  13. Avro Arrow

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    Jan 10, 2003
    I don't know if she is still "in continuity" with the modern novelverse, but I've always had a soft spot for Nhauris Rihaul, the Deirr captain of the USS Inaieu, from My Enemy, My Ally.

    (If you take the PC game The Kobayashi Alternative into account, then she made admiral! :))
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    In Star Trek Into Darkness there was a Vulcan Starfleet officer present at the meeting called by Admiral Marcus. She had to have been either a starship commanding, a first officer, or a flag officer. The electronic card game Star Trek: Rivals gives her name as Commander Stovek. Also present was a generic alien with a face looking like a skull. I think the credits list him as Shaku, but Rivals gives his name as Commander Orises.

    And the Star Trek: Khan comic miniseries shows an Andorian as one of the judges at Khan's trial. They're probably at least Captain to be on the tribunal.
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