U.S.S Shadow NCC-92831

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    The Year is 2402 and its been 1 year since the Titan A saved the Federation and Star Fleet Under the command Of Admiral Picard. After deep consideration, Star Fleet Got rid of the Fleet sync. The First New Ships to not have this is the 23 Odyssey Class Ships. Among those ships is the U.S.S Shadow NCC-92931 the first ship to bear that name under the Command of Admiral Townsend. The Shadow is the Flag Ship for a New Exploration Fleet which is heading out into the Delta Expanse to Help with the Full Circle Fleet by going ahead of them and making first contact with new life or Civilizations. Come Join the crew of the shadow and See what no man has seen before!

    Age Requirements? 13+

    Positions Needed?
    Executive Officer
    Second Officer
    Chief of the Boat
    Mission Advisor
    Chief Flight Control Officer

    -Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
    -Flight Control Officer
    -Shuttlebay Manager
    -Chief Support Craft Pilot
    -Support Craft Pilot
    -Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    -Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    -Strategic Operations Officer
    - Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    -Security Officer
    -Tactical Officer
    -Security Investigations Officer
    -Brig Officer
    - Chief Operations Officer
    -Assistant Chief Operations Officer
    -Operations Officer
    -Transporter Specialist
    - Chief Engineering Officer
    -Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
    -Engineering Officer
    -Communications Specialist
    -Computer Systems Specialist
    -Damage Control Specialist
    -Matter/Energy Systems Specialist
    -Propulsion Specialist
    -Structural/Environmental Specialist
    - Chief Science Officer
    -Assistant Chief Science Officer
    -Science Officer
    -Astrometrics Officer
    -Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist
    -Language Specialist
    -Stellar Cartographer
    - Chief Medical Officer
    -Chief Counselor
    -Assistant Chief Medical Officer
    -Medical Officer
    -Counselor's Aide
    -Head Nurse
    -Morale Officer
    -Chief Intelligence Officer

    -Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
    -Intelligence Officer
    -Infiltration Specialist
    -Encryption Specialist
    -Chief Diplomatic Officer
    -Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
    -Diplomatic Officer
    -Diplomatic Corpsman

    -Diplomat's Aide
    -Media Relations Officer

    -Translation Specialist
    -Marine Commanding Officer
    -First Sergeant
    -Wing Commander
    -Squadron Leader
    -Flight Leader
    -Fighter Pilot
    -Tactical Systems Operator

    -Family Member

    -Star Fleet Sub-Commander In Chief
    -Chief Of Staffs
    -Chief Of Intelligence
    -Intelligence Officer

    And Our First Mission is Up And Ready to Go!

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    SNEAK PEAK !!!

    New Era
    Location: Star Fleet HQ, San Francisco-CIC Office
    Timeline: Current

    Fleet Admiral dh'Klar stood up from his desk when the door chimed and he said "Come" and the door opened to show Admiral Chris Townsend standing there in his duty Uniform.

    "Come in and Have a Seat Admiral" Said dh'Klar as he seated himself once more as Townsend walked in and sat in the seat in front of the Desk.

    Townsend looked to dh'Klar and asked "Does the Shadow have a mission?"

    Shran replied"Yes You and your Crew are going on the Probably what most call the Simplest Mission to ever be given"

    "What type of mission?" Asked Townsend

    Shran stood and started to walked around the Desk

    "A New Federation Ambassador has been Assigned to the Diplomatic Department Stationed on New Romulus and he needs Transport there, Hence why your Here"

    Shran leaned on the desk and looked at Townsend

    "There's something I am Not getting Here Admiral, Your Wanting the Shadow, A Brand New Odyssey Class Vessel to Take A Federation Ambassador from Earth to New Romulus? When that is said theres mostly something else Added to that so Called Simple Mission" Townsend Stated

    Shran sighed and tapped a button on his Desk and the windows Darkened and He went back to looking at Townsend

    "You are right Admiral, Star Fleet Intelligence has Found a Weapon of unknown creation in the hands of the Romulans, You Primary mission is to yes, Get the Ambassador there, but while you at it, Find out where this Device is so we can get more intel" Shran said

    Townsend let this sink in and then said "Well, Are we to get that intel or leave it to Intel?"

    Shran thought about this and said "We will decide that when it comes to it"

    "Well, I will make sure it gets down sir, Anything Else I should know?" Asked Townsend

    "No, Your Dismissed, And Admiral Make sure you at least get some intel, Some other Admirals think this might be the start of another war with them, And we can't have one right now, neither can the Empire"

    "Admiral dh'Klar trust me the Shadow is the right ship for the Job" and Townsend walked out of the Office

    "Lets hope so Chris" said Shran who now went back to sitting at his desk and started to work on some reports.
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    I will updating Spots that are Open and that have been chosen once there are people!
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    This is so cool. Reminds me of the old days on IRC in the 90s and later on AOL. @Jayden Dersch how is this played? Is it a forum/email format or a live chat RPG?