Trailer for my new science-fiction short film "Streamline"


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As some of you might know, I happen to be an independent filmmaker. I've done a few short films and my newest is a science-fiction short film called Streamline.

I am currently in post-production, but we just released a trailer which is embedded below. I'm trying to keep the story under wraps, but think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets a few other sci-fi mind-benders.

This has been a labor of love for a while, so I'd love to hear any thoughts. Make sure to watch in 1080p!

First off: Only had her voice in my right channel, which was a little distracting, and I have no idea what it is about even after a couple views, which is generally bad for a trailer. I can understand if you want to keep the plot under wraps, but you have to give me -something- to bring me back. There were a few shots that had that slightly "fanfilmy/student film" feel (looking up through the trees right at the beginning being one of them, though I couldn't tell you why exactly.) but overall I gotta say it looked really slick, and the woman seemed to have some acting chops, which was very helpful in selling the whole thing. Music was good. . . but yeah, hard to judge from something so short. I look forward to seeing more.
I agree with many of the comments above. I would have called this a teaser, rather than a trailer. Now I dont want to see the whole movie in the trailer but I did need something more, some kind of moment to hook me in. I might have switched the first and last water shots as the first had the bubbles coming up and matched with the voice over at the end better as something coming to the surface.
Looking great, Dan!

I can't wait to see the finished film...I know it's going to be awesome! ;)
I'm not sure how anyone who watches that trailer can't at least get a little idea of what the movie is about.

I still think it looks great Dan, I really can't wait to see it.
This teaser (maybe that is a better word for it) doesn't tell me much, no. Nothing beyond the fact that obviously there's a man who has to deal with something painful in his past, is probably repressing memories, and seems to be undergoing counselling of some sort. It's more than enough to make me curious about what his conflict/struggle is.

I've been hearing the title of this film a lot, and seeing some behind-the-scenes photos and footage, so it's great to finally see something of the film itself. Do you have a release date yet, JacksonArcher?
Slick as shit through a Christmas goose, Dan! Kudos to your DP. Very pretty cinematography. This looks to be a very moody, very character driven little flick. Your female lead is great and your male lead... He looks like a cross between Van Damme and Jude Law. Looks to be an intense performance. I wanna see this fucker now!
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Yes, nice cinematography and an enticing teaser. I'll be happy to buy the finished film. Will it be released on DVD? Digital download?

Looking great, Dan!

I can't wait to see the finished film...I know it's going to be awesome! ;)
Hey, T'Baio, I'm glad I found out about your Indiegogo project before the deadline. You should start a thread on it, maybe get more contributors. Speaking of which, is there anything new going on with Posthuman?
Thanks everyone for the thoughts so far!

As for the trailer itself, I didn't want to reveal too much of the actual story. Besides that, it is a short film, so I didn't want to showcase too much footage, either. When I was conceiving the trailer with my editor, I decided to look at trailers from such movies as Inception, The Matrix and The Fountain for inspiration. All three trailers were relatively short (ranging from 40 seconds to a minute), had very little if not any dialogue, and didn't tell you much about the story but rather teased what the film was about.

At the very least, that was what I tried to accomplish with the trailer for Streamline.

As for a release date, that is still up in the air. We hope to complete the film by September, and we plan to have a premiere locally in Chicago (where the film was shot) probably sometime in October/November. We do plan on sending the film to festivals, but we might release the film online sometime in the spring or summer of 2014. Honestly, it depends on when we finish the film and how the film does at festivals. We do plan on eventually releasing the film on Blu-ray/DVD.