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    Hi everybody,

    since trektoday ignored me about 2-3 weeks ago when I tried to submit news on Tim's latest project, I am once again posting the news here....

    1) Tim is currently (June 1 & 2) directing his latest short movie, titled "Super Heroes". As you know, he also writes these shorts. This time, the actors are Lynn-Holly Johnson and Gary Graham.
    Here is the press release:
    "Tim Russ will direct "Enterprise's and "Alien Nations" Gary Graham and James Bond girl (Bebe, "For Your Eyes Only" and "Ice Castles ") Lynn Holly Johnson in the comedy "Super Heroes" this June , 2007. Two super hero impersonators who entertain at children's parties become the custodians of a real life super hero from "The Fourth Dimension". Their mission is to help this traveler accomplish a real life mission to save a shy boy from some small town bullies. Gary Graham, plays comic book outsider "Comet", a Mel Gibson, a "Lethal Weapon" type loser who fights crime along with a high powered attorney played by Lynn Holly Johnson, who idealized "Wonder Woman" as a little girl. Argos appears in their back seat of their truck in the midst of inner dimensionally traveling to heed the requests of a small boy who desperately needs his super heros to save him. The film will be produced by James Nestor and Robert Michael Conrad who recently produced Russ's "Déjà Vu (Comic Con Film Nominee 2006 ), "Eye of the Beholder" and "Plugged". The film will be previewed before distribution later this summer at the Creation Sci Fi Convention in August in Las Vegas."

    (that's the news I tried to submit to trektoday...)

    2) the above-mentioned short "Plugged" (also starring Lynn-Holly Johnson and Gary Graham, and in addition to them Dominc Keating and Nikita Ager), which will soon be available, just got a new opening sequence, which Tim filmed about 10 days ago. In this opening sequence another Trek actor will make a suprrise appearance (okay, I know who it is, but I really think I shouldn't tell you, it wouldn't be a "surprise" if you knew).

    3) I think you all know about the new series "Sam I Am" by now. It is a comedy sitcom-type series for ABC, which has been picked up for the fall schedule. So far 13 episodes have been ordered, filming starts on August 6. The series' star is Christina Applegate ("Married With Children"), she plays a woman who is amnesiac after an accident. She is trying to figure out who she is and to remember her past. Tim's character "Frank" is the doorman of the building, where she lives, and Tim says "Frank" knows a lot about her, even though she previously hadn't paid him much attention, and he now turns into some kind of mentor/go-to person for her.

    4) Tim also has a role in the upcoming "Live Free or Die Hard", he plays Homeland Security Agent Summers.

    5) Tim is also in the pilot for another series, "iCarly", on Nickelodeon, this time only in a guest part. But since this series has been picked up as well, the pilot will air some time this fall.

    6) He is also co-producing and directing 8 to 10 PSA's for the Los Angeles Police Department, which you will catch on radio, TV and other media.

    7) Tim will be performing with his trio in L.A., at the "Kibbitz Room" (419 N. Fairfax Av., L.A.) on Sunday, June 24, at 10 p.m. for about 45 minutes.

    8 ) Tim has three conventions upcoming:

    July 13-15, in Columbus, Ohio (Vulkon), information on their web page.

    August 8-9, in Las Vegas (Creation), information on the Creation web page

    August 10-12, in Denver, CO (IC), information on their web page.

    If you want to read yet another interview with him, he did one for the British "Star Trek"-magazine's March/April-issue, which I typed up for my webpage. You can find that at http://www.timrusstribute.com/interviews/STMagazineMar-Apr07.htm. Screen caps of his recent appearance on "Hannah Montana" are also now up on my web page, the URL for those is http://www.timrusstribute.com/otherparts12.htm.

    I hope I haven't forgotten anything! He is extremely busy at the moment.

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    Thanks @Tmara!! How weird btw that Trektoday ignored your submission. Everyone knows that the info you give is genuine and coming from a reliable source. Maybe they didn't receive it somehow? Or did they ignore you at other times as well?
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    It happened with "Plugged" as well, when they filmed that a while back. I think I submitted it at least 3 times and they never reported on it. I mean, Tim wrote and directed it and there were Dominic Keating, Gary Graham and Nikita Ager (who played Rajjin on Enterprise) in the cast, and I got the information with press release and everything directly from the producer (Bob Conrad). They report on stuff with far fewer Trek actors involved!
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    Jack Bauer
    Should I yell out "It's Tuvok!" when he shows up in Live Free or Die Hard? No, seriously glad to see he'll be in an upcoming Summer blockbuster.