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    In Blink, the Doctor says regarding the Weeping Angels: " can't kill a stone." But I've been wondering. You can smash stones up into tiny little bits. So why can't someone go up to a Weeping Angel with a sledge hammer and just smash the crap out of it? This must have been brought up before, so what am I missing?

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    They are not indestructuble I think but harder to smash than real stone.

    We have seen the tortured and weakened Angel in chains in Manhattan. The guy tried to hurt it and it was screaming in pain, but really was only scratched on the surface.
    If he had been abe to destroy it, he would have, I think, as he feared the angels.
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    I'd interpreted the quantum locking as meaning that just as they can't move if you're looking at them, as the act of observation prevents them changing state, that extends to other changes of state, such as being damaged.
    So you can't smash them if you're looking at them. You could try smashing one while looking away, but if you do that, it can move and get you.
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    Unless they're like Trolls and can regenerate multiple copies from the pieces.
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    Sorry to divert this thread a little but this has been bugging me for some time.

    The weirdest thing about the Angels comes from the sentence, "That which holds the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel". It was alright when the image was on the television, but Moffat went and include Amy's eyes. So what made Amy's eyes so special? Why is it no one else who saw an Angel got controlled by the Angels? Why is the Angel is only in control when Amy open her eyes and is presumably being observed? Shouldn't it be the opposite - that the Angel can only control Amy when she close her eyes because no one is observing it?

    While I'm at it, the Angels fell into the crack. And we now know Gallifrey and the Timelords are in the crack too. Does it mean there are Angels on Gallifrey?
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    Well, it's of questionable canonical value being a short skit written by school children, but it was filmed and does feature Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, so I offer up for consideration, Good as Gold which does address this issue.

    If you don't feel like watching it, basically the Angel reassembles itself afterwards.
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    I was under the impression that Gallifrey wasn't in the crack, just that wherever they are, the cracks also existed and they were able to use them to create a bridge between two, like Prisoner 0 did.
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    I got that impression as well. I could of couse be wrong but imagine the universe as a balll, and Gallifrey existing in it's own ball outside of the universe. So it could see the universe but weren't in it. The cracks in the universe merely allowed Gallifrey a way in of sorts.
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    Just have them in a circle where they have to see each other (well lit)

    And drop the whole thing onto a neutron star, watching hem all the way down.