The Star Trek Independent Fan Film Awards

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    Treklanta is pleased to announce the independent Star Trek fan films that have been nominated, submitted and/or selected for consideration for the first annual Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards, and which meet the eligibility requirements as previously announced on our web site and Facebook page. In chronological order of release date, the fourteen fan films that will be reviewed and judged by our distinguished panel of judges are:

    1/8/2014 - Star Trek Continues "Lolani" (0:50:54)
    1/13/2014 - Project: Potemkin "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky" (0:54:46)
    1/14/2014 - Star Trek: Rendezvous "The Inquiry" (0:16:25)
    4/5/2014 - Star Trek: Secret Voyage "Rise of the Gongdea" (0:35:09)
    5/1/2014 - Starship Exeter "The Tressaurian Intersection (0:51:46)
    5/28/2014 - Star Trek: Reliant "Supply and Demand" (0:22:23)
    6/15/2014 - Star Trek Continues "Fairest of Them All" (0:40:33)
    6/27/2014 - Starship Valiant "Legacy" (0:19:47)
    7/14/2014 - Project: Potemkin "Command Decision" (0:06:14)
    7/26/2014 - Star Trek: Axanar "Prelude to Axanar" (0:21:09)
    8/4/2014 - Starship Farragut "Conspiracy of Innocence" (0:37:19)
    9/29/2014 - Star Trek: Reliant "Stalemate" (0:06:17)
    11/11/2014 - Project: Potemkin "Holding Pattern" (0:12:14)
    12/1/2014 - Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II "Mind-Sifter" (1:17:38)

    The finalists in each of the competition's nine categories will be announced in March and the winners will be announced at Treklanta on Sunday, April 26. The first annual Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards will be hosted by Treklanta Chairman Eric L. Watts and the winners will be announced by the convention's Guests of Honor, including Sean Kenney, Jason Carter and Keith R. A. DeCandido. Please plan to attend this historic event as we recognize outstanding achievements in excellence among the independent Star Trek fan film community. Please visit the Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards Facebook page at For more information about Treklanta, including preregistration, hotel and other guests, events and activities, please visit

    The Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards
    Forty-five years ago, when the original Star Trek television series ended its primetime run and went...

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    No matter where you go, there you are.
    Just like to salute each and every one of the teams that have made these possible.
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    Congratulations to all of the nominees!
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    Congratulations everyone! :)
  5. doubleohfive

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    Congratulations to everyone nominated!

    While I question the wisdom or usefulness of a competitive awards race between the fan films, it is nice to see so many familiar names be recognized.
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    I doubt if an award contest is going to make things any more (or less) competitive between the various productions.
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    On the destruct button until the last minute!
    Is there a trophy?
  8. MikeH92467

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