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Gravity Without Mass
Dark matter is a hypothetical form of matter that is implied by gravitational effects that can't be explained by general relativity unless more matter is present in the universe than can be seen. It remains virtually as mysterious as it was nearly a century ago when first suggested by Dutch astronomer Jan Oort in 1932 to explain the so-called "missing mass" necessary for things like galaxies to clump together.
It makes sense. If gravity is not an attractive force of mass itself, but is the warping of space, then there must be a force involved in warping that space. Just as the force from a rocket engine accelerates a space capsule, the rocket isn't the only way to accelerate a space capsule. Perhapse there are other ways to warp space that doesn't require matter. However, matter seems to be required in every other example for generating force, even if that matter is indirectly related to the force (i.e. EMF).

What if the Singularity that created the Universe caused a chaotic warping of otherwise undisturbed and consistent space/space-time? The idea of developing "warp drive" (field drive) technology is the application of just that theory. Acceleration created by a manipulation of the geometry of space might be possible with only an indirect use of matter (EMF, Light waves, ...). If space can be warped by an event, such as the explosion of a singularity into the existing Universe, those warps in the "fabric" of the Universe would remain unless there was a force that worked to unwarp that space.

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Wheeler talked about “charge without charge” and “mass without mass” in his book about Geon holes.

Feynman only looked the radical on the outside.

Button-down Archibald was the real maverick.
Yeah, there's so much we likely don't know because we're far removed from the action. There might be several different things that we lump together as dark matter. Curvature without mass would require a modification to the Einstein field equations, but it would be equivalent to one or more extra terms in the stress-energy tensor.

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