The D-Con Chamber podcast with Dominic & Connor

Watching the Lolita Fatjo episode on YouTube now since it still hasn't hit Apple Podcasts...
Wow, Mary Chieffo is a bundle of energy. Not how I expected a Klingon Chancellor to be. Great to listen to her. Makes me miss the days of Discovery season 1 & 2.
I skimmed through the Chieffo interview. It bugs me slightly that when she talks about the thick early make-up they showed clips of the upgraded season two make-up. Ultimately it doesn't matter in the slightest, but it's one more mote in the grand scheme of implied misinformation. ;)
Absolutely loved the Andre Bormanis interview, and it sounded like Connow and Dominic did too, since they want him back on. He's had a really interesting life and chock full of stories. Well worth a listen.

Going off on a tangent, but it sounds like Greatest Generation Podcast is also starting on Enterprise. Doesn't sound like they're too thrilled by it so far, but it'll be interesting if that vibe changes as they go on.

Back on D-Con though, I've been really liking the interviews so far, but I hope they get a load of guests like Fatjo and Bormanis, I love all the behind the scenes info they have to share.