Tardigrades on the Moon

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    The moon is now contaminated with desiccated tardigrades since the crash of the Israeli spacecraft last April. The tardigrades would have to come into contact with water to be reanimated, which is unlikely on the moon, but with the rise in private missions to the moon, the risk of further contamination is possible.
    I am enjoying naming B grade monster movies as a result, but do you think that the teeny tardigrade contamination could just the beginning of a whole new moon, so to speak?
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    Not contamination, early steps towards terra-forming..
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    I wonder if they'd do better on Mars.

    They get into a lava tube with water--they might get huge...like the giant caterpillar-like "Moon Cows" the Selenites fought.
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    They would need a food source. They might be able to survive being desiccated but if there's nothing to eat they're not doing anything, let alone evolving.
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    At least on the Moon they'll have all that cheese!
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