Tales of The Seventh Fleet - The Lost Episode

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    Many, many years back a small Fan Series was shot in New Jersey. We released 3 Episodes, "Return to Doomsday," "Upgrade," & "A Touch of Home." There was suppose to be additional episodes but like many things, life got in the way. We did film one additional episode called "Street Fight" but it sat unfinished for a really long time.

    Then several years ago, I received all the source files intending to finish it. Again, life got in the way with kids and everything. I forgot that I even had the files but then one of the other people from the show went on a podcast and I listened to it. It made me kinda remember that I a hard drive sitting around here somewhere and I went and hunted for it. Well I found it and I have committed myself to finish the project, so TOTSF can had some closure.

    Here is the teaser trailer for Tale of the Seventh Fleets last episode, "Street Fight."

    The Other Episodes

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    Wow, thank you for that, it was fun. I wonder if they will ever get the band back together and do 20 years later story !
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    Glad to see you making progress with it. I can relate all too well to the things you mention. Looking forward to seeing the finished film. :)