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    Yeah, First Contact permeates all Borg things! :borg::borg::borg:
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    Author's notes: This was written in April 2017, as my entry into a one-off Star Trek Online forums writing contest surrounding First Contact Day. It also links to events from ULCA #3.

    Writing Contest: First Contact Day: Greetings, Captains! Everyone knows the story of their world’s First Contact Day – when their people met visitors from another world for the first time. Humanity celebrates their first meeting with the Vulcans every year, with events centered on culture and education, and other races celebrate their own first steps into a larger galaxy in their own unique ways. But First Contact isn’t just a moment for an entire species – it can also be a deeply personal event. To celebrate this year’s First Contact Day, we want to give you the chance to tell us about your Captain’s first contact, in a First Contact Day Writing Contest.

    In 1500 words or less, write about the first time that your Captain encountered a being from another world. Were they a child, in the hustle and bustle of a crowded world? Was the first meeting a friendly one, or one of conflict? What is your Captain’s story of First Contact?

    This contest is specifically about your personal characters within Star Trek Online. Write about their story – we won’t be able to accept stories about canon Star Trek characters.

    STO Writing Contest
    "First Contact Day"

    The Pathfinder-class with Discovery-class pylons U.S.S. Ragnarok sat out in deep space as Captain Oroku Seifer, a Trill and Starfleet officer, took a seat on the Bridge of his ship.

    "Space, the final frontier," he started. "These are the voyages of the Starship Ragnarok. It's never-ending mission, to seek out new twirls and new synchronizations— Hm. I think we need to rewrite that. We sound like a dance ship."

    Lieutenant Commander Moggs, a Caitian and his science officer, suddenly spoke up. "Uh, sir, you don't have to recite the opening every morning. You do realize that, by repetition, you're just feeding into the very diagnosis of insanity, right?"

    "What I realize is that you're interrupting an essential Starfleet prerequisite to encountering new alien species," countered Seifer. "Without innocuous affirmations, we're a Federation of wanderers and rogues with no sense to dream, look up at the stars or have a preoccupation with Klingon coffee taste-augmented by metal cups."

    Then he smiled to himself and looked back upon his first encounter with an alien life form.

    "Ah, my first contact, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a teenage Star-jelly with attitude at the Academy, and we were to share a room before our first day. Except he wanted the top bunk, and I wanted a date with the indomitable Mary Sue."

    Lieutenant Aramaki, human and tactical officer, turned from his station. "Sir, did that even really happen? Those two things both sound impossible, especially that last one?"

    "I think?" Seifer said, suddenly doubting himself and searching his memories. "Did we fight Tribble-Tzenkethi hybrids last week, or is my recollection somehow being modified by the targ soup I'm eating right now?"

    Just then, the entire Bridge went dark and his whole crew and ship disappeared. The Trill found himself in a cave somewhere, latched to a metal bed with neural interfaces connected to his temples. He was now several years younger and wearing civilian clothing.

    "Well, well," said another man, who stepped out of the shadows to reveal he as a look-alike. This Oroku was years older and wore the Odyssey-type Starfleet Commanding Officer Service Uniform the younger one was just wearing seconds before. "You figured out that you were in a simulation. Excellent work, past-me."

    The younger man squinted. "What? I'm you?"

    "In two days from now, you're going into your final test for the Symbiosis Commission to receive your Trill symbiont and then join Starfleet. I wanted to run my own test, temporarily modifying your memories, to see how you would fare within life aboard a starship. Mine, in the future, to be exact."

    Oroku shook his head. "So, I haven't even left Trill? I've never actually met another alien before in my life?"

    "Not yet," replied the Captain. "You see, I remember this exact encounter when I was your age, and speaking to an older version of myself, and I knew if somehow I got here again that I had to fulfill my own destiny. That, and I really did fight a Tribble-Tzenkethi hybrid last week, and I needed not to think about that anymore, however possible." He shuddered at the thought of it.

    The young man squirmed, trying to get free. "This is crazy! The Klingon Targ War, the Lukari Pink Spray Tans, judging the Borg Cooperative Beauty Contest? Why test me with these fake events if I'm just going to end up like you?"

    "Oh, all those really happened, but to me in the future," the Captain said. "You see, the galaxy is full of crazy, over-the-top, mind-altering insanity and, due in-part to that, I was accidentally thrown too far into the past by a time-travel mechanic named Marhs. It's nonessential madness like his that you need to be prepared for."

    Oroku scoffed. "Or, I could, you know, discover all that on my own? What is this obsession people have with coddling their younger selves? Maybe who you are today is due to how you dealt with the challenges and the people you weren't prepared for!"

    "Well, I wasn't prepared for that," the older Oroku blinked, thrown-off. "Never-the-less, I know the aliens you're about to encounter and, trust me, some of them are irrational, centuries-long, grudge-holding Iconians. Oh, and there's this Ferengi named Madran who had a horrible Son'a face-stretching accident, and—"

    Having been secretly breaking loose, young-Oroku pulled himself off the bed and stood up. "Enough! I don't want to hear any more from you! All a man ever needs is a perfect, seamless series of encounters with what's out there and here you are providing me with this pre-processed, half-Kirk'd Trill-symbiont-manure."

    Then, young-Oroku sighed.

    "Though, I suppose even meeting you is its own unexpected contact. So, it's all the same by that logic? I just wish my first encounter with 'what's out-there' was an alien, and not 'me'."

    Older-Oroku thought about his argument for a second before recalling his pointy-eared space-companion. "Oh, right. I can help you with that. As part of randomized time travel choices, Marhs sent my Caitian science officer with me—" And then, "Mr. Moggs, will you reveal yourself and proceed with formal, awkward social interactions against this youthful, handsome fellow?"

    "Yes, Captain," Moggs, a tall and grey-fur-colored man, said as he stepped out from beneath the shadows and extended his hand. "Hi, I'm an alien and such. Do you like... stuff?"

    Younger-Oroku's jaw dropped at the sudden, unexpected encounter. "Do I—?? Stuff is why I've been hoarding unrefined dilithium under my pillow all my life! Wow, and you must have so many ticks?"

    "I only have five," argued a suddenly annoyed and itchy Moggs. "Anyway, I think embracing your encounters as you go is a good ideology. I ate five Star-jellies yesterday. Good luck, time-spoiled-Oroku."

    Oroku nodded. "Thanks." But then he noticed his older self and Moggs begin the slow-happening, dramatic process of dematerialization. "What's going on? You haven't even told me how to get out of here?"

    "Looks like Marhs is reintegrating us with another temporal version of ourselves," the Captain said, looking around at his faltering molecular structure. "It's the Voyager version of a temporal paradox. You'll get used it! Oh, and to leave this cave-section, you'll need to solve an ancient, definitely fatal pre-Trill civilization stone-puzzle that focuses on Bronze Age symboliz—"

    But before he could finish, he and the Caitian had disappeared, leaving young-Oroku to his own devices.

    "Dammit, me!" he cursed. "Well, at least I met a giant cat-man as my 'first contact'. Maybe the crazy, over-the-top mind-altering insanity isn't as bad as I future-put it."

    Then he noticed the fur on his palm, from the hand-shake, prompting the young Trill to shake it off as furiously as possible.

    "Ugh! He was shedding! So disgusting! Ew! —Forget this. Future-me is going to pay for that! I'm taking up anbo-jyutsu and seeing how he likes losing a few brain cells to slow and clunky 'martial arts'. That'll show him and his weird, lanky tall-cat."

    And, with that, and a first alien encounter under his belt, Oroku exited the chamber to embark on a future of wild fascination and pure science-driven, servable revenge. What lie beyond space and time were now his to dream and his to explore.
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    Grandfather paradox and first contact... with someone he already knew.

    Nicely done! Thanks!! rbs
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    lol Yeah, he kind of got jipped out of it.
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts by multiple players for the Earth Spacedock RP on the Star Trek Online forums. My character was Elric (w Zeta). This continues from the last ESD entry. Written in May-June 2017.
    Earth Spacedock, Pages 117-122
    Unimatrix 226, Central Hub

    "NOOO!" cried Seline as soon as she noticed the EMEH uploading the other virus.

    Elric used her distraction as an open to punch for her head. Instead, she caught his fist and palm-striked him in his own head before several drones entered the Central Hub. "I don't think any of us are a fan of more Borg stuff," Elric said, in sympathy for the Caitian.

    "Enjoy your redundancy!" Seline claimed. "I'll be back for my Modified Caitians." She pulled several wires from a mechanized fore-arm bangle and shot them into a nearing drone. The drone was shocked for a moment before turning its loyalties to her. "Take me to an escape ship," she ordered.

    The Captain was apprehended by several other drones as he watched her leave. "How's it coming?" Elric asked the EMEH.

    "It's coming along," replied the EMEH, still working. "I'll just be another minute."

    Elric was suddenly transported out of the Central Hub and back into the sphere with Claire and the artifact.


    Borg Sphere

    Elric looked around in surprise.

    "I needed your expertise," Claire said as she scanned the pyramid-shaped artifact. "These inscriptions on the side are confusing me."

    The Captain crossed his arms. "Are you seriously helping the Borg?"

    "Well, they were going to assimilate you. I thought it was clear what my reasoning was," she countered. "Besides, you're not so bad, now that I've gotten to know you. I can kind of relate to your losses with your Professor and your crew."

    Walking over, Elric looked at her. "You mean your father," he surmised. "The one who's trying to catch you?"

    "Something like that," the android said. "And, sorry again about not telling you what I really was. I just didn't think you'd treat me the same if you knew."

    He sighed. "It's not like what someone's species is is what determines how I treat them. At least, I hope not. Either way, I'm willing to work it out— just not with the Borg."

    "Heh," she smiled. "I appreciate that. Well, if we can activate this thing, maybe we won't even need the Borg."

    "Yes, please assist us," came the sudden eerily strange female voice from all around.

    Elric could feel his skin crawl, but he knew the drones in this Unimatrix were just about to be freed, if the other Starfleet officers were successful in holding them back, at least. "You don't even know what you're messing with here," replied Elric. "None of us do. Not without study."

    "This icon appears to describe a towering city, where we found it," Claire said, ignoring them and reading the miniature pyramid. "And underneath, several more of its kind."

    The Captain shrugged, annoyed at her continuance. "So what? There were obviously several Ancient El Aurian colonies, now all lost."

    "I think this artifact is some kind of unifier of all of them," she replied. "The icon can be rotated so it points down at the others."

    Elric turned to look as well. "It's connected to the others somehow," he said in shock, completely forgetting about where he was now.

    "Show us the power. The Borg will become bigger than what it is!" the voice said, on the verge of excitement.

    Claire and Elric looked at each other before rotating the icon. After a moment, the pyramid began to light up, feeding a surge of energy through the Borg tubules linked to it and into the rest of the Sphere. Suddenly, the entire Sphere lit up in energy, causing all the mechanisms around them to overload and the drones within the Sphere to be knocked out of their alcoves.

    "You see what happens when you do stuff without thinking?" Elric said, aiming at both Claire and the room. "And to think, I promised Professor Raven I'd never do this again."

    In a matter of seconds, the entire energized Sphere disappeared out of normal space, nowhere to be found.


    Unimatrix 226, Central Hub

    "Ha ha!" exclaimed the EMEH moments before 1 of 6 and Harrison were overwhelmed. "I think we won!"

    1 of 6 sighed with relief, seeing the local drones wander aimlessly. Harrison transferred the EMEH back to his mobile emitter when he returned, and then tapped his combadge. "Harrison to Firestorm, we're done here."

    "Oh thank goodness," replied Jim over the comms. "We were almost overwhelmed by Borg. Beam back up."

    1 of 6, Harrison, and the EMEH all beamed back up to the U.S.S. Firestorm-F.


    Borg Sphere

    Suddenly, the sphere reappeared near Earth Spacedock, completely offline. When Elric came back to consciousness, he found himself groggy and weak. Then he realized his mechanical arm was not working.

    "Damn! This thing must've acted like an EM surge and knocked it out," he said, inspecting himself. Then he looked around and realized how quiet it was. There were no mechanized sounds of Borg in the distant corridors, or movement of any kind in the room.

    He saw the android spider unconscious on the floor. "Zeta!" he panicked. "Can you hear me?" He attempted to nudge the creature, but it didn't respond.

    "Claire?" he then moved up to the table to find the other android completely out as well. "Claire!"

    Elric tried to shake her awake, but there was no response. He shook her again.

    "Wake up, dammit! This isn't the time!"

    With a continued lack of response, he began to relocate around the room, looking for a tricorder he could scan her with. Instead, he found a display, showing Earth and Spacedock. He quickly changed gears and hailed the orbital starbase to let them know he was on board and that the Amaterasu Alpha was in the sphere's ship containment bay. When that was over, he turned back to Claire and Zeta.

    "Why'd the artifact send us here?" he questioned. "Why Earth?" But that would have to be a mystery for another time as the state of his friends was a horrible enough sight to behold.


    U.S.S. Firestorm-F, Bridge

    The Firestorm-F, having completed its mission, was returning to Earth Spacedock. It would take them a about an hour to arrive, since they weren't in any rush.

    "Captain," said 1 of 6. "Report from Spacedock. There's a Borg Sphere in orbit. Apparently the Amaterasu Alpha is inside."

    "Right," replied Jim. "Elric was there briefly in the Unimatrix, so you figure there's a connection. Increase speed to maximum warp."


    Earth Spacedock, Infirmary

    Doctor Melzine and several Engineers worked over Claire, who lay, still unmoving. On a table nearby, a few Engineers attempted to fix Zeta. Elric stood nearby, watching everything go down, trying his best to ignore Melzine's inappropriate elation. His mechanical arm hung on a sling.

    "I'm telling you, Elric, this is amazing," the Doctor and cyberneticist exclaimed. "Her build appears to be Soong-type, but with a few enhancements. Her emotion chip, for one."

    Elric grimaced. "She's not a toy, Doctor. She's a person. Can you get her back?"

    "We've been here for hours, Captain," Melzine began. "I've done everything I could think of, but some of her systems are beyond anything I've seen. I believe they're the cause of her preserved unconsciousness."

    Gritting his teeth now, Elric turned his gaze away from the situation. "Unacceptable, Melzine. You studied cybernetics all your life and grafted this arm to me, without my permission, so you should be able to do this one thing. You owe me."

    "It's my expertise that's saying any more pushing and I could damage her irreparably. No, we have to let her be. If she's gone, she's gone. You and she did this together."

    Elric wasn't nearly able to hold himself back from thrashing him when one of the Engineers working on Zeta exclaimed in surprise. The Captain looked and found Zeta popping up, back online.

    *Click!?* The android spider seemed to be momentarily disoriented. *Click, chirrrrp, click, click!*

    Running over, Elric addressed his friend. "Zeta! You're back!"

    *Click, chirp, cliccck!*

    Elric nodded and managed a smile. "Oh, it sure was a close one. Sometimes we take chances and have to face their consequences."

    *Chirp!?* Zeta looked to Claire and saw what he meant. The hand-sized spider then leapt up onto Elric's shoulder.

    The Captain sighed, taking one last look at Claire. "Yeah, and sometimes life's not fair." The spider and man exchanged a brief look before Elric turned to exit the Infirmary. "Let's go."


    Earth Spacedock, Shipyard

    Captain Elric passed a few unrecognizable aliens on his way along the Main Concourse to the console area that was known as the Shipyard. He walked around a tall green creature before finding Commander Barnes, a Benzite.

    "So, you're alive, huh?" Barnes said whilst preoccupied with his console.

    Elric nodded, wearily. "Barely. Some ancient artifact knocked that entire Borg Sphere out and all of us with it."

    "Well, you'll be relieved to know that the Corps of Engineers will be towing that eye-sore away," Barnes explained. "And, on that, I have good news and bad news."

    The Captain readied himself. "Give me the good news first."

    "The Amaterasu's top vector has been successfully extracted from the Sphere, and Jessie has been recovered from it."

    Elric squinted, feeling not as ready as he had thought he'd be. "And the bad news?"

    "It's far beyond crippled, reminiscent of your Na'Khul attack, and will not be put back into formal service. If you try to fly that thing, it's at your own risk."

    Sighing, Elric leaned onto a nearby console for support. "Maybe I'll take her out for a spin once in a while. But, for now, I'm going to need a properly working ship."

    "To that, I give you the U.S.S. Marrakesh," the Benzite announced. "It's a Noble-class starship with rugged good looks and Mark VIII standard equipment. It comes with specialized Strategic Maneuvering, Shield Frequency Modulation, Weapon System Efficiency and Attract Fire."

    Elric perked up. "Whoa, that thing rivals the Sovereign-class. How'd you get it?"

    "I'd like to say I pulled some strings, but Captain Alphonse lost it to some Orion pirate named Ginyo during his stay in Q's Winter Wonderland. It was recovered adrift in the Lilitu system, chock-full of garbage and leola root wrappers."

    Recoiling, Captain Elric held in a heave of disgust. "Ugh! That is just...... disgusting. I guess I'll take it anyway. But what about Jessie? Is she okay?"

    "The engineers are still working on her. After your Borg incident, her program was successfully retrieved but unable to be reactivated."

    Elric cursed. "Damn. This is all my fault. Have the ship ready for now, and I'll check up on Jessie's progress," he said before turning to leave.
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts by multiple players for the Risa Resort RP on the Star Trek Online forums, which takes place in the game's annual Summer Event on planet Risa. Every year there's a different alien ship players can win. My characters were the Captains from Task Force Epsilon: Menrow, Reynolds, McCary, Samya and Iviok. They were last seen together in "Nibiru", McCary in "Apparitions" and Menrow in "Election Year". Written in June 2017.​

    Risa Resort, Page 1

    Captain Menrow, a human and Starfleet officer, transported onto the Boardwalk on Risa where the Lohlunat Festival always took place. He sighed before looking around at all the summer delight, which left him unphased.

    "Guh," he said to himself the same moment another Captain beamed in.

    When Captain McCary, 3/4 Human, 1/4 Klingon, materialized, he took notice of his fellow Task Force Epsilon peer. "Oh, you're here? I thought you'd be off galavanting in the Delta Quadrant aboard your Intrepid-class ship or something?"

    "Not even. It was crippled by a Crystalline Shard when I was transporting the President from another vacation planet," he explained, clearly not happy with things.

    McCary crossed his arms. "You too, huh?" At Menrow's perked gazed, McCary added, "Mine was near-destroyed by a maddening party-obsessed Klingon named Sigon. He likely had one too many."

    "Well so much for our little fleet?" Menrow said.

    The quarter-Klingon shrugged. "We're all time-displaced from the 24th century anyway. It's not like we really had any claim to this time-period."

    "I miss the Dominion War," the other Captain deviated.

    McCary furrowed his brow. "You're more gloom than I am? Aren't you the guy who sleeps around with any alien woman he comes across?"

    "Ugh, I can't even think about that right now. All I want to do is lie in the shade and forget about everything."

    Releasing his arms, McCary replied. "Let's at least get changed. This hot weather will not do us any favours in these Starfleet uniforms. Then we're going to work on that demeanour of yours."

    An older human man laid, resting in a nearby lawn chair. The surrounding area, void of Starfleet officers except for the 2 new arrivals. The man, who himself bore a curious family resemblance to the infamous Admiral Nat, sighed, lowering his sunglasses. "It's Starfleet again," he said to you, the reader, just audible enough for the local captains. "Same as every year. Good grief..."

    "Who said that?" McCary turned, confused. Then he noticed the other man sitting in a nearby lawn chair. "Oh, we're not alone."

    Menrow shook his head. "Wow, some people! You know Starfleet has saved this galaxy hundreds of times over!"

    "Whoa, calm down, Menrow. It's a vacation planet. You're supposed to relax," came the sudden voice of a female vacationer. When the two looked to where it was coming from, they discovered the Betazoid and Starfleet officer Captain Reynolds. "And you could be wearing less," she added, appearing in her bikini.

    Captain Menrow perked. "Whoa! Is that even regulation?"

    "She's covered up," deadpanned McCary at the other officer's obviousness. "It's regulation enough. Besides, we all agreed to being ourselves here."

    Reynolds shrugged. "Speak for yourselves. I plan on cutting loose and hitting that dance floor. My crew's stuck in orbit doing maintenance on the Hijinx. And, speaking of ships, yours both appear...... not good."

    "It's a long story," McCary dismissed with a wave. "Also, it's a non-story."

    Menrow checked his bag for his swimwear and then pulled out his trunks. "What was I thinking?"

    "Perhaps thinking isn't necessary here," Reynolds smirked at him.

    McCary rolled his eyes. "Anyway, we're off to change, then to explore. You in?" he asked, knowing he didn't have to ask.

    "Oh, you might as well count me in," replied the older man, "I always enjoy a good trip with a bunch of new guys. It's funny sometimes." He smirked, pulling an older style Starfleet combadge out of his pocket and holding it up. "By the way, I know Starfleet. I was there. Although, I retired, eh, a decade ago. My nephew is an admiral. Fleet Admiral, actually. I wouldn't be surprised if he comes to visit later. I know he'll find his way here when he hears about that thing." He stopped, motioning to the Vorgon battleship hovering nearby, somewhat peacefully, while the retired officer put away his old combadge and put his sunglasses back on. He got up, surprisingly quickly, and started walking over. "Oh, and the name is George, although you can refer to me as Captain."

    "Oh, well, please excuse my rant, Captain," said Menrow, nearly startled by the revelation. "I suppose I've been having a bad month."

    Reynolds suddenly noticed the Vorgon battleship hovering over the water. "Whoa! Does that thing have stripes? Anyway, I'd think winning that ship would be at the top of your lists, Captains."

    "Hey, she's right," McCary turned to Menrow. "Our current ships are sagging old rust buckets, not fit for garbage scows in comparison."

    Menrow added, "Or any kind of scow. I'm going to win it."

    "Not before I win it. I bet the Vorgons know a thing or two about Captain's Quarters," McCary said.

    Menrow looked at him. "What are you basing that on?"

    "Hopes?" McCary shrugged. "What say you, old man?" The quarter-Klingon asked of George. "Are you trying to win that ship?"

    "No need," replied the retired captain. "I'm retired, after all. Besides, I got a ship. Sure, it's only an old Centaur-class ship that got retired shortly before I did... and it's antimatter was all removed... but hey, the captain's quarters are bigger than any VIP quarters you ever saw, so it's pretty nice." He shrugged. "Ok, why not? I got nothing to lose. What's the contest, anyway?"

    Menrow began following McCary and Reynolds to the Resort Interior, indicating George to follow along.

    "We play games around the resort and gain Lohlunat Prize Vouchers for how well we do in them. Whoever gets 1000 first, gets the ship," explained Menrow.

    Reynolds nodded. "I heard there's a new game this time around; a biathlon of sorts."

    "I'm going to crush you guys," claimed McCary before shrugging. "Just getting into the spirit of things."


    Resort Interior

    Once they reached the interior, where all the vendors were, Menrow and McCary veered off to the change rooms. Suddenly, Captain Iviok and Andorian and Starfleet officer from the U.S.S. Jenova approached, already in his swimwear.

    "Reynolds, it is agreeable to see you," he said to her.

    The Betazoid rolled her eyes. "That's what you say to Vulcans, not my people."

    "Are you sure? I could have sworn it was you. Well, agree to disagree then," he said. "Also, what are the odds I run into someone from my fleet? Pretty random, actually."

    She smirked. "Actually, Menrow and McCary are here as well."

    "What!? The universe truly is compelling."

    George shrugged, putting his old combadge back on and tapping it. He called his ship to send him his vacationing stuff. Meanwhile, an older, squinty Reman named Slamek walked by, struggling, "It's too... bright here."

    The old Captain slowly turned to Slamek. "That's half the point of Risa. You might as well vacation on the other side of the world. It seems like it's been day here for, well, days."

    After talking with Iviok, Menrow walked over to George. The Captain carried his Floater and Powerboard.

    "Well, they're just Standard, but I'm hoping they'll get the job done."

    George watched as a zero-g cart materialized beside him. He leaned over, checking for his superior, somewhat fancy looking floater, and then for his powerboard; the Future Flyer. After finding them and some other supplies, he got back up and turned to Menrow. "Sorry, but you don't stand a chance."

    "It's not how you stand by your Powerboard, it's how you race your Powerboard," Menrow said before noticing two bikini-clad Captains walk by and smile at him in passing.

    George sighed. "If you don't got enough lohlunats for a good powerboard, you definitely don't have enough experience with one. I've been riding these things for years. Didn't you hear who won the contest last year?"

    "I did," remarked Nat, appearing before their eyes in a flash of light, sitting on George's cart, evidently unaffected by it's shield. "By the way, no, I didn't have these powers last time."

    George deadpanned. "You got demoted, huh? Where'd you get the Q powers?"

    "Actually, I'm from another universe," replied the Captain. "And these are hyper-Q powers, actually. A hell of a lot more outrageously overpowered. It's really fun."

    "Oh, wait, it's you!" George replied, extending a hand. "I got a message about your existence shortly after the one saying my nephew was a traitor, but before the one saying he had been replaced by a changeling and later recovered. Nice to meet you, I hope. By the way, there are rules against using godly powers to win unfairly... I think."

    Captain Nat accepted the handshake, but only briefly. "Yeah, I'll be sure to "turn them off" while I'm flying. Or powerboarding. Basically anything that involves me beating you guys and winning a starship."

    "Well. at least you're not that Qu guy who constantly experiments with my fellow Captains," Menrow said. "But couldn't you just snap your fingers and make the starship yours? You could have anything you want?"

    Captain Nat shrugged. "Where'd be the fun in that?"

    "True enough," replied George. "Do you actually plan on using the ship if you win?"

    "I might try it out, like, once," said the Captain. "After that, I'll probably just give it away to somebody else. Maybe my counterpart."

    Menrow noticed Captain Samya walking over in her swimwear. Samya, a human, short with dark hair, looked absolutely unhappy. "This place sickens me. Oh, and do you really believe you're going to win anything with Standard equipment?"

    "It's not how you stand by your Powerboar-- nevermind. I got this," Menrow interrupted of himself before walking off with his equipment and talking to a woman nearby.

    McCary then walked over to Samya and the others, catching sight of Menrow and his flirting. "He's not...?"

    "Oh, he is," Samya finished as they watched the woman in the distance laugh and Menrow put his arm around her on their way out.

    Half an hour later, Captain Menrow returned with lipstick-lip impressions all over his face and his Powerboard and Floater upgraded. "She was an engineer," he explained. "And I should be good to race now."

    George just shrugged. "Well, where shall we start?"

    "I'm good for anything. The Powerboard race?" Menrow suggested to an agreeable group.

    George ran out, Future Flyer in hand, as his Captain Nat bearing cart followed. Captain Nat waved goodbye to Menrow.

    Menrow smirked. "You guys ready to do this?" he asked of his fleet mates before realising that only McCary was standing next to him.

    "Yeah, they left a while ago to do the other games," McCary said while pointing behind him with his thumb. "Anyway, let's go!"

    The two leapt onto their Powerboards over the water and sped off along the coast of the island. The warm breeze and soothing tropical climate rushed through their hair and over their skin.


    Powerboard Race

    When they reached the starting line, they found a group of racers ready to begin. George was already there. Captain Nat was standing on a powerboard of his own.

    "You ready?" asked George to Captain Nat, who nodded in reply.

    The countdown began, and Menrow took a lean-forward stance.

    "3... 2... 1.... Go!" came the announcer.

    Menrow shot off with everyone, speeding over the water toward the first turn.
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    Okay.. is the crystalline shard part of a crystalline entity?

    Talk about a quickie....

    Thanks!! rbs
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    Yeah! I like to imagine they just float around and cause Gremlin-like trouble for everyone.
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    Author's notes: This was written in June 2017, as part of the Star Trek Online forums Unofficial Literary Challenge Annual #5, a variant of the ULCs.​

    Unofficial Literary Challenge Annual #5: After receiving a distress call from a Demon-Class planet just outside Tholian territory, you've decided to investigate the call and stumble upon a Federation ship on scientific research, almost dead in the water. What's worse is the planetary system is home to a Tholian minefield, which is why the ship was damaged in the first place, and your ship has just detected a Tholian scouting party heading towards the system on patrol.

    Forced to have an emergency planetary landing and drag the crippled Reliant-Class to the surface to escape detection, you have to think fast on how you plan to get everyone out of newly annexed Tholian Space. Try and leave without effecting repairs and the crippled ship is destroyed by the planet's gravity, or wait to long and everyone is cooked alive or choked out by the planet's toxic, inhospitable atmosphere. Not to mention the projected three hours waiting for the Tholian's to pass through this system without incident, unless you want them to swarm.

    Unofficial Literary Challenge Annual #5
    From Hell's Heart...

    The Pathfinder-class with Discovery-class pylons U.S.S. Ragnarok was running repairs at Starbase 157, while Captain Oroku Seifer sat diligently at his command chair.

    "Sooooo, why are we still operating this listening post on the edge of Klingon space if we're allies with them now? Huh?" asked Lieutenant Edwards from her helm station.

    Seifer shrugged. "Starfleet still wants intel just in case they ever turn on us again. I mean, we've been in so many wars with the Klingons it's almost nostalgic. Oh, to shoot them again."

    "I wonder what they're up to right now?" pondered Aramaki who curiously tapped into the listening post's frequencies.

    Next, the voice of Torg resonated throughout the Bridge, continuing on a conversation without knowledge of surveillance. "And, so, I stabbed that whiny little brat in the chest! It really was coming with how he was the most annoying Klingon ever."

    Then Aramaki switched the channel again, bringing in a separate unawares conversation led by Captain Kagran. "Now that the Federation is on our side, they will join with us to destroy every Tribble! My decision-making knows no bounds!"

    In one last change, a distress signal suddenly came through, with a female voice. "To whomever hears this, our ship is dead in the water— Space water, that is. We need your help before we start eating each other, as is the protocol for grouped-Humans in isolation."

    "That one sounds follow-up-ish," Captain Seifer said, standing up. "We should do that."

    Moggs turned from his science station. "But what about our responsibilities here? Surely we should acknowledge that we're abandoning them?"

    "The who and the what now? Delete the current mission! Engage!" Seifer announced whilst pointing enthusiastically toward the view screen.


    Later, the Ragnarok dropped warp in the Kunara System, where a starship was crippled near orbit of a class Y planet.

    "Captain, Kunara Prime is home to a Tholian minefield, which is why the ship was damaged in the first place, and your ship has just detected a Tholian scouting party heading towards the system on patrol," described Aramaki.

    Seifer looked at him. "Why did you say 'your ship'? Are you copying and pasting your dialogue? And, Kunara Prime? Surely, you mean Nukara Prime?"

    "Nope. And, as for my describetization: It's the parameters of the setting. I'm just trying to be as accurate as possible," he countered.

    The Captain nodded. "Fine. But accuracy begets tedium. Whatever that means. Tractor beam the crippled Reliant-class starship to the surface to escape detection so we can think fast on how we plan to get everyone out of newly annexed Tholian space— Damn! Now I'm doing it."

    "Sir," started Moggs as the Ragnarok tractor-beamed the other Federation starship down to the red, hot surface, "I think you mean Miranda-class, do you not?"

    Seifer blinked, confused, as the two vessels were now out of sensor range of the enemy. "Wait. I don't recognize this ship at all? Computer, enhance!"

    "Calculating!" the computer shouted as the pixelized image of a Starfleet vessel, landed on the dirt, became clearer.

    Tomsin worked his operations controls. "Resolution now at 74 DPI."

    "You're relieved, Tomsin! Clearly we need an upgrade. Also, that vessel doesn't look like one of ours? Its nacelles are hull-covered tubes?" Seifer examined. "It's registering as a Mayflower-type! I've never heard of that!"

    Suddenly, the viewscreen switched to a hail from the other vessel. "That is because we're not from your universe, sir," said the officer in a yellow shirt from across the way. "I am Captain Allana Montoyez of the Kelvin-timeline 23rd century Federation starship Dynex. We were investigating the strange anomalies in this place when those same anomalies sent us careening through dimensions into your Prime-timeline!"

    "That's a hell of an explanation and awareness of timelines for a difference in nacelles, but that doesn't explain how you heard what I said before you hailed me," said Seifer.

    But then Moggs interrupted with the much needed-to-know stakes for all to consider. "Captain! The gravity and atmosphere on this Demon-class planet is far too high for the Dynex and will be crushed, cooked and choked out alive if we don't get out of here soon. On the other hand, I project three hours waiting-time for the Tholian's to pass through this system without incident, unless you want them to swarm?"

    "I would like them to swarm. Just to see that happen," answered Seifer. "Are you saying I would never enjoy the visuals of swarming ships? How randomized their flight patterns would be. Glorious!"

    Then Montoyez interrupted from the view screen. "If you'll indulge us, Captain, perhaps you could direct us to the space-time anomaly so that we can be sent back to our action-packed, corridor-running, lens-flare timeline for more high-octane adventures. Seriously, this place is so dreary by comparison."

    "Uh, first of all, we destroy ships on the daily. I've murdered millions in self-defense. Secondly, your intersection here has already caused a split of a new timeline," stated Seifer. "In fact, everything we do causes new timelines in an infinite multiverse."

    Montoyez grumbled. "Preposterous! There are only two timelines: Yours and mine. And perhaps mirror versions of each. Then there's your Destiny timeline, now that I consider it. If you're wondering how I know of all this, our 23rd century computers are far more advanced than your 25th century ones."

    "Wait a second. According to our scans, you calculate stardates by including the year in them? That's madness!" Seifer claimed while checking a console.

    The other officer stood in defiance. "At least the stardates in our time aren't all over the place! Fire everything!"

    "Both your societies are equally insipid!" Interrupted a Tholian voice. Before the officers could act, a Tholian Orb Weaver, the originator of the voice, flew in, followed by two more, blasting tetryon beams at them on the surface. "Your high-octane transmissions were detectable even by us!"

    Aramaki and Edwards immediately started the Ragnarok back on return firing and launching off the ground. The Dynex followed suit, taking off, but instead their phasers popped like mini torpedo blasts.

    "Even your weapons are messed up! Ugh," complained Seifer. "And why are there anomalies in this area anyway? It seems highly irregular for space in general."

    Moggs replied, "The Tholian Assembly is often involved with multiple dimensions in spacetime. It was reported they installed outposts in a universe completely full of tribble. They called it Tribble Space."

    "Yeah, um, that one I've been to," answered Seifer as he subsequently saw the Dynex blow an Orb Weaver to pieces before heading itself back towards the space-time fluxuation that brought them here in the first place.

    Edwards popped up. "Pursue? Pursue?"

    "Not if it means we get sent to their maddening alternate reality!" recoiled Seifer before shivering, uncontrollably. "Ugh, tribbles. Perhaps the idea we're constantly recreating new timelines is a bad one. What else could be there? Let's just have what's existing exist and hope it remains extra-dimensional."

    The Ragnarok covered the Dynex as the Mayflower-type ship disappeared through its space-time portal. Then, Aramaki and Edwards coordinated quantum torpedo fire with range, taking out the last two attacking Orb Weaver ships whilst exiting the atmosphere back into space.

    "Well, everything is back to normal," Seifer declared, taking a seat in his chair. "The lesson here being that what comes from our actions should remain localized to our timeline in order to facilitate it as our responsibility."

    The Caitian science officer asked, "Is that what alternate-you would say as well?"

    "Funny, Mr. Moggs," Seifer shot him a knowing look. "Now, Aramaki, mark this mission as complete and delete it from our records. A universe where their 23rd century technology is more advanced than ours? Not on my watch."

    The tactical officer confirmed, "Information has been purged, sir."

    "Does anyone want to head to the shipyards and check out the Miranda/Reliant-class ships? Could be educational and satisfying nacelle-wise," the Captain offered. "Done! Engage!"
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    More banging on that 4th wall...

    And shooting down franchise discontinuities left and right - like fish in a barrel.

    Definitely a classic Hawku offering - and... saving the best for last...

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    lolol Thanks! I think I finally got the perfect balance of action/dialogue in this one. Mostly wanted to get a few digs at the JJ-verse. And Tribble Space is my favourite thing to inject as a callback to "New Frontier" and "The Officer Exchange".
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts by multiple players for the Risa Resort RP on the Star Trek Online forums, which takes place in the game's annual Summer Event on planet Risa. My characters were the Captains from Task Force Epsilon: Menrow, Reynolds, McCary, Samya and Iviok. This continues on from the last Risa entry. Written in June 2017.​

    Risa Resort, Pages 1-2
    Powerboard Race

    George sped along, overtaking half the racers already, drifting around the turn and heading forward, turning to Menrow and smiling, then turning to look forward again and racing ahead. Captain Nat simply followed, attempting, but evidently failing, to overtake them.

    "There he goes!" McCary said, catching up with Menrow as everyone sped along.

    Menrow nodded in acknowledgement while they finished the turn and came upon several ramps. He leaned in and surpassed McCary as he neared the ramp. Then going up it, his speed increased and he flew overhead George and in front of him.

    George headed off to the side and went up another ramp, then landed and hit another speed booster, overtaking everyone.

    Just then, the woman Menrow had left with earlier, Sarine, a Trill and an Engineer, sped up on her own Powerboard next to Menrow.

    "Hey, you forgot to give me your ship name!" she said over the rushing noise of the race.

    Menrow called out, back, "I'm in the market, actually. That's why I'm racing."

    "Oh, then flick the switch," she replied, gesturing to the back of his Powerboard, which she had upgraded not too long ago. "The switch, the switch," she repeated over the noise at Menrow's confusion.

    Then looking behind him, Menrow found a switch and flicked it as instructed. He suddenly shot off even faster, catching up to George before returning to normal speed right next to him.

    Captain Nat slowly went in reverse, hovering past George and Menrow and overtaking them, grinning all the while. Then, it occurred to George. He looked around, confirming that he and Menrow, were still racing along in the right direction, entering another turn as he checked around. Captain Nat seemingly just floated around the turn as well, completely oblivious. It occurred to George, that guy's going faster in reverse than we're going forwards! What does he think he's doing!?

    Captain Nat turned the board around without any apparent change in velocity, shrugged to George and Menrow, and then took off at high speeds, crashing into a rock that he hadn't noticed. Whoops.

    "Is this supposed to be fun?" said Samya as she sped up to McCary.

    The one/fourth Klingon jumped in momentary shock at the sight of her. "Whoa! I mean, that's what they say."

    "It's been a long time since we've all worked together. Is our fleet falling apart?"

    McCary turned his gaze forward as he kept racing with his Powerboard, along side her. "That's not for us to decide, but losing two ships is a cause for concern."

    "Your crews are re-assigned as well, aren't they?" she guessed.

    McCary then sped over a boost as shot passed her. "Sorry, race is on!"

    George continued on ahead, entering the next turn and speeding up a ramp, overtaking his opponents. Somehow, Captain Nat sped up alongside Menrow and tossed him a Lohlunat Tribble, then sped along ahead of him.

    "Don't these things primarily work on Floaters?" Menrow asked, confused. But his Powerboard sped up anyway, as he and George came upon a section littered with rock piles sticking out of the water. Menrow's maneuvering became harder with the speed, as he passed George, and dodged a rock pile and another one.

    Captain Nat casually hovered alongside Menrow, tossing him another Lohlunat Tribble, then sped along ahead.

    George sighed, going up another ramp and overtaking Menrow, who was slowly being overwhelmed by Tribble induced speed.

    Menrow's increased speed began to make it difficult to maneuver the rock piles. Focusing on his movements, the added Tribbles pushed him into the same ramp George had jumped and sent the Starfleet officer even higher and over George's head. He landed and the two neared the finish line.

    George plowed on ahead. As they sped along, time seemed to slow down: Menrow passed the line first and George, moments after, as he reached out and just barely grabbed the 1st place flag as Menrow plowed onward without it, thereby losing the race as George won.

    Captain Nat just sat atop the second place flag as someone else went for it. Then the third place flag. Menrow had definitely lost, despite arriving first.

    "Guess their system is kinda silly, isn't it?" asked Captain Nat to Menrow. "You'd think they could watch a finish line to see who flew by first, but they make you claim a flag instead," he continued, shrugging in response. "It's almost as though their race is all computerized and only understands a winner by pulling a flag from the ground."

    George just glanced at Captain Nat, who was sitting atop the ever-so immortal Finish flag. "Really, captain? Tribbles? That doesn't seem fair."

    "Fair?" asked Nat in reply. "Just making things more interesting. Speed is a bonus, after all. They did speed him up. A lot."

    "Exactly my point," replied George, unpredictably handing his first-place flag over to Menrow instead. "It's cheating one way or another and I have no intention on letting that stand."

    The Risian race judge just shrugged, evidently confused, then started handing out lohlunats to the winners, starting with Menrow.

    "I've never been forced into cheating before," Menrow observed. "If you don't count that Orion slave girl on Casperia Prime. Anyway, at least I'm a few steps closer to my goal." He then handed the Tribble back to Captain Nat.

    "Except you technically lost," said George. "You're welcome, by the way."

    The Tribble... wouldn't leave. It was stuck to Menrow's hand.

    "Your statements aren't making sense, old man," Menrow said as Samya and McCary returned, hopping off their powerboards.

    McCary looked quizzically at Menrow's predicament. "Why is this place behaving like Winter Wonderland all of a sudden?"

    "Because you have a Q here," Samya nodded in the direction of Nat. "Last time I dealt with one of them, they turned my ship into a singing frenzie."

    Captain Nat shrugged. "More than a Q. Much, much more."

    George sighed to Menrow. "You don't win until you grab the first place flag, which you probably would've succeeded in doing if some super Tribble hadn't boosted your speed to the point of sending you flying past the flag in question. I know, it's a terrible system. Don't complain. They haven't changed it for years."

    "Sure, sure," said Nat. "What's next? A floater race, perhaps?"

    Menrow shrugged. "Never said I did win. That's what confused me. Well, at least I got lohlunats. The lesson here for me is, like the loss of functionality with my Intrepid-class ship, I should accept losses as they are. Maybe winning this vessel isn't so important after-all."

    "By the way, the Crucial is leaking plasma into the Risian atmosphere," deadpanned Samya in Menrow's general direction.

    Iviok walked over. "Did someone say Floater race? I'm in! You see, Andorians love flying."

    "No they don't," McCary countered. "They love ice."

    The blue Captain snapped his fingers. "Exactly! The higher you go, the cooler it gets. Also, as an Engineer, I've prepped my Floater ten-fold. I must see how it flies."

    "You just want to catch a Risian Tropical Bird for yourself," claimed Samya. "I saw you eyeing the trainer and licking your lips."

    Iviok nodded. "Ohh, it is said Tropical Birds have a tangy taste. Imagine what that would be like? Especially with yamok sauce? Anyway, I'm in."

    George watched his floating cart pull up, put his powerboard in storage aboard, and pulled out his hyper-superior floater, putting it on. "I'm ready."

    "Hmpf!" Iviok gave a natural grunt, before walking forward. He then stopped in his tracks at a realization. "So, it's just up then?"

    George motioned to the holographic courses above. "These are the preferred race for getting nuts. You don't even have to race anyone else, just fly through courses."

    "Of course, it's faster to just win competition races instead," replied Nat.

    Iviok nodded. "Perhaps the Biathlon then?"

    George got his powerboard and raced off to the starting line.


    Biathlon Race

    Iviok swiped Menrow's powerboard and joined the starting line of the race. When he got there, he found Reynolds already prepared to begin as well.

    "Ah, Captain Reynolds. Do you think you have what it takes to defeat me?" Iviok bantered.

    The Betazoid rolled her eyes. "You couldn't defeat an Andorian redbat if it flew into your phaser."

    "At least I'm not obsessed with getting promoted. Just enjoy where you are for once. The future will always be there," Iviok replied.

    Reynolds gritted her teeth. "Oh yeah? Well, your ship is a Tier 1 vessel! How you survived this long makes no sense to anyone."

    "I'll have you know, I'm getting an upgrade. Oh, it's going to be so good. Something called a Tier 6. I have no idea what those rank levels even mean."

    Suddenly, the countdown to the race went off, diverting their attention.

    "3, 2, 1... GO!"
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    Thanks for the chapter. I enjoyed reading it.
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    Appreciated! :)
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts by multiple players for the Earth Spacedock RP on the Star Trek Online forums. My character was Elric (w Zeta). This continues from the last ESD entry. Written in June/July 2017.
    Earth Spacedock, Pages 122-124
    Earth Spacedock - Operations

    After not having much luck with the Engineers, Elric returned to the Operations section on Earth Spacedock. It was busy as usual, but he noticed a lack of Nats.

    "Something is off here," he said to Zeta, who hibernated on his bicep. "I wonder where everyone is? There must be a mission going on."

    Jim Dennison walked in, looking around, and then to Elric, then walked off to one of the communications officers. After speaking for a while, Jim walked over to Elric. "You have a ship?"

    "Yeah," Elric replied inquisitively. "The Marrakesh, a survivor and spotlessly clean as opposed to anything you may have heard elsewhere. But what's going on?"

    "The Admiral is on a mission that's probably unbelievably dangerous," replied Jim. "Is she ready to fly?"

    "Not yet, but it will be," Elric replied. "Any idea what the mission is?"

    "He apparently brought out the U.S.S. Sally, Legacy, and the Lexington, and presumably the Mephiles," said Jim. "Apparently it's something big involving the Na'kuhl. Word has it he's amassing some kind of fleet we won't like."

    Jim slowly walked onward, motioning Elric to follow. "The Firestorm-F is stuck in spacedock, possibly indefinitely. I want to go out there, and I know a shuttle just won't cut it. Are you with us?"

    Elric nodded. "I'm in."

    "Barnes to Captain Elric," came the comm through air. "The Marrakesh is good to go. Just be sure to choose your command codes before you board."

    The Captain smirked. "Perfect, thanks Commander. I've got a very anxious Captain and a high priority mission. Elric out." Then he turned to Dennison. "I take it the situation is grim and the odds are against us? Sounds like fun."

    "I am not anxious, only concerned," remarked Jim. "Yeah, it sounds like fun. We'll go meet the guys I called down to help and then let's go."

    Jim walked out of operations, meeting 1 of 6, 3 of 5, 7 of 14, Harrison, and the EMEH. Jim turned to Elric. "They're all here."

    "That was fast," remarked the Captain. "We can board my ship when you're ready. It's this way." Elric lead the group toward the internal shipyard.


    U.S.S. Marrakesh, Bridge

    The feeling of taking command of his own ship again was immeasurable. While the Bridge filled out, he took solace in the fact he felt at home now, despite his entire crew being holograms. "I'll have to work on that," he said to himself.

    "Ship is ready to go, sir," came the report of a Rigelian tactical officer handing him a PADD.

    Elric was taken aback. "Whoa!" Then he calmed himself. "Sorry, I'm not used to that whole face thing you've got going on. We'll have to reprogram you."

    "The name is Gibbs, sir, and I'm not a hologram; one of a very few on this ship," he answered.

    The Captain relaxed, hesitantly. "Well this is awkward. Also, what kind of holograms are everyone?"

    "The program was carried over from the Amaterasu, so the same that were there. They're not full fledged sentient holograms, but enough to follow orders and such."

    Elric nodded. "Perfect. Take your station, Lieutenant Commander. We're about ready to exit the interior of Spacedock."

    Jim sighed and sat in the guest seat. "You know, I brought a few officers for a reason. If you need any of them at tactical or science..."

    Elric nodded. "Absolutely. Any stations they're willing to take is fine. Mr. Gibbs will take tactical. In the meantime, let's take us out."

    1 of 6 took the security station, 3 of 5 went for the conn, and 7 of 14 headed for the science station. Jim slowly turned to Elric. "Do you have a first officer?"

    "That would be you, if that's what you're alluding to," Elric smirked. "Though, you are a Captain, so I'm not entirely sure how that works."

    As the Noble-class U.S.S. Marrakesh made its way out of the interior of Spacedock into the vast coldness of interstellar space, Elric kept a weather-eye forward before realizing he had no direction.

    "Heading, Captain?"

    Jim nodded to 3 of 5, who just shrugged. "What? I don't know the heading."

    Jim sighed, walked over with the PADD he got earlier, then walked back and sat down in the first officer's chair. "Actually, having been the Admiral's first officer for a long while, I know that it works out. Just another rank, really."

    3 of 5 entered the coordinates Jim had given him. "Ready."

    "Maximum warp. Engage," Elric said, and the Marrakesh jumped to warp.

    While the ship sped through warp, the Captain took a breath.


    "3 minutes," replied 3 of 5.

    "Sir, I'm detecting a lot of ships out there," reported 7 of 14. "Several configurations. The U.S.S. Sally, Mephiles, Legacy, Firestorm, the original, that is, and the Lexington are all accounted for. There's a Krenim Battleship in formation with them..."

    "...presumably the K.I.V. Kyana, I believe," said Jim, motioning 7 to continue.

    "A single Vengeance-class dreadnought, a Nova-class science vessel who's transponder indicates her as the Equinox, and a large number of Terran Empire starships, several configurations, half of which are of 26th century designs. The I.S.S. Enterprise-J and the I.S.S. Sally are among them."

    Jim slowly turned to Elric. "The comms officer I talked to said I wouldn't like it, but this is ridiculous!"

    "There's also a small force of Krenim Coalition vessels heading for them at warp 7," reported 7 of 14.

    "Curious. What are they all planning?" asked Jim, wondering.

    "Seems a bit of an over-kill," Elric agreed as the ship dropped warp. "But if it's the Na'kuhl, then perhaps it's just right."

    "U.S.S. Marrakesh, this is U.S.S. Sally," came an incoming transmission. "State the nature of your presence, immediately."

    Jim motioned for someone to open the responding channel. "Captain Dennison here. We've come out here with Captain Elric and his new ship to assist. Request Admiral Nat for reporting and further orders."

    "Admiral Nat is not currently available," replied the Sally.

    "Commander Burt here," soon came a different voice from the same vessel. Jim seemed to relax a little. "I'd suggest you beam over with Captain Elric."

    Jim turned to Elric. Elric turned to Jim.

    "Very well, Commander," Captain Elric replied. "We're on our way."


    U.S.S. Sally, Bridge

    Jim and Elric were directed to the Bridge and were then directed from there to the Ready Room where Captain 11 of 14 and Burt were waiting for them. 11, in the chair behind the desk, motioned Elric to the nearby couch.

    "So, what's going on?" asked Jim to 11 and Burt.

    "A group of rogue Na'kuhl have been trying to get at Scott for years, but only indirectly," said 11. "Asteroids, directing other enemy forces towards us, etc. etc. They started getting a lot more direct since yesterday. Their leader is a General Toros."

    "Prala called in General Malin of the Klingon Defense Force, who has the location of the base, we hope," continued Burt, with 11 nodding in approval.

    "Where's the Admiral? What are you all doing now?" asked Jim.

    "We sent a team in a modified Delta Flyer equipped with temporal technology and a stealth module. Nat is officially sleeping in his quarters, but in reality, he's out there assisting aboard the timeship Reality," replied 11. "He said something about temporal orders to me, but that's all."

    "This only keeps getting better," remarked Jim. "Well, I and Elric came out here with a few of my senior staff and Elric's new ship, if you have any use for us here and now."

    "Actually, that would be appreciated," said 11. "I've been busy running things here, so it would be wonderful... wait, where's the Firestorm?"

    "Spacedock, under serious repair," answered Jim.

    "Well, you can take the Mephiles then, since I'm evidently needed here for the moment," requested 11. "If you wouldn't mind, send over the admiral's senior staff when you get there, I take it yours can do the job."

    "Sure thing," said Jim. "Although Elric did look a little short on crew..."

    "We can probably send over some other officers," said 11.

    "I'll be okay," Elric held his hand up, appreciatively. "I want to break in the holo-crew. As for the situation at hand, it seems we've amassed a large and powerful fleet. What's next?"

    "Wait for the scouts to return," replied 11. "Until then, prepare your crew. Study Na'kuhl tactics."


    U.S.S. Marrakesh, Main Engineering

    Later, Erlic took some time to tour parts of his new ship. He visited the Arboretum, Auxiliary Control, and the Medical Bay until finally ending up in Engineering.

    "Looking for the Chief Engineer?" said Jessie, stepping around a console to reveal herself.

    Elric was taken aback by utter surprise. "You're alive??"

    "As alive as a hologram can be, I guess," she shrugged. "While you were preparing to launch, Commander Batou was bringing me back online. Turns out he's a handy Engineer after all."

    The Captain couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Why didn't you contact me?"

    "It was more fun this way," she smirked. "Anyway, I'm your Chief, and I say this vessel is in tip-top shape, as well as a used ship could be. I wonder what happened to its previous commander, Captain Alphonse?"

    Elric shook his head. "Who cares, I'm just glad you're okay. It's my fault you and Claire nearly bit digital dust."

    "Why don't we blame the Borg for that? Too much of negative attention on oneself could lead to feedback loops," she suggested.

    Nodding, Captain Elric replied, "Good to have you back, Lieutenant Commander."

    "It's nice to be 'good'."



    Elric returned to the Bridge to await the developing situation. He had a personal vendetta against the Na'khul, as it were they that attacked him when he lost his first crew. Elric's distracted mind wandered before the sounds of the back turbolift doors swooshing open pulled him back to reality.

    "Look what I found, sir," reported Gibbs, pushing an apprehended Caitian man forward. "He was snooping around the ship."

    The Captain stood from his chair to address him. "You're one of the men we captured."

    "The name's Akzar," he replied. "Seline is my master. It is said you encountered her, so I was looking for clues as to where she may be."

    Elric tilted his head. "Unfortunately, she betrayed us at Unimatrix 226 and, like her, you're supposed to answer for your crimes and be undergoing reverse-mind therapy."

    "We're a resilient species, Captain. You can't just change our minds with therapy."

    Crossing his arms, Elric replied, "She did mention you voluntarily had yourselves changed. But what's the point of all this? What does your master want the artifacts for?"

    "Power. Lots of it," he answered. "You'll see."

    Suddenly, Gibbs' console rang off. "Captain, I'm detecting a distress signal in the next Sector. It's coming from a small pod."

    "Well, looks like your 'power' is going to have to wait, Akzar," Elric said, turning to the Helm. "Set a course. Gibbs, notify the other ships at our temporary situation."
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    Nominated for "Best Line in a Fanfiction Series - 2022" (or whatever year you wrote this...) Applies equally to humans and cats, so it must be doubly true for caitians...

    Thanks!! rbs
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    Haha. I'll take it!
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts by another player and myself for the New Romulus RP on the Star Trek Online forums. This continues on from the last NR entry and my STO character was Kitsu. Written between June to September 2017.​

    New Romulus, Pages 5-6
    I.R.W. Natius, Bridge

    The Natius evaded but still took several hits. They cloaked again, avoiding enemy fire.

    "We can't keep doing this," said Nat'al, "there must be some kind of alternative plan. How many..." Nat'al stopped, looking up at the viewscreen, watching gateways open as Herald reinforcements exited them. "How many ships can they have? We could fly into a gate and access their entire network... Blow it to pieces."

    Nat'as and S'kkorra both turned to Nat'al from their respective stations. Nat'al turned to Nat'as, receiving a nod. Then to S'kkorra, who also nodded. He turned to his engineering officer, and then his science officer. Then he pulled his pistol and shot Tovan Khev, then nodded to his actual tactical officer. "Signal the fleet to cover us, and instruct the Tsengate to enter formation with the Natius and go in with us."


    R.R.W. Tsengate, Bridge

    Celeste flew herself forward, raising her knee at her forefront with all her force. Kitsu blocked it with her staff and returned with a hit to the Aenar's head with the top of it. The Aenar launched a palm-strike into Kitsu's face and then two successions of jabs into the Romulan's stomach. A final kick sent Kitsu back several steps, in shock.

    "Aren't you blind??" Kitsu replied, astonished.

    The Aenar tilted her head in response. "I can hear every move you make, and extrapolate your position and stance," she replied. "I know more about what you're going to do than you do."

    "Can you dodge this?" Kitsu flew in and began launching jab after jab toward the Aenar's head. Each one was dodged, even as the speed increased until the inundation was too much for her and she was punched in the face. "I guess not."

    Angry, Celeste took a structured horse stance and then forced both her palms directly into Kitsu as the Captain got close for another assault. Kitsu was sent even further back until slamming against the Helm console, pushing the Tsengate toward the gate, following the Natius in-kind.


    I.R.W. Natius, Bridge

    They went through the gate and found themselves inside a Herald sphere. "Ok... what now?" asked the Tactical officer.

    Nat'al just sighed, not thinking this through to the end. "Scan the immediate area," said Nat'al. "How many ships?"


    R.R.W. Tsengate, Bridge

    Celeste leapt up, toward Kitsu, who was backed into the helm console. The Romulan then extended her Herald staff and shot a high-density antiproton beam at the airborne Aenar, knocking the other woman out of transit and into a backward motion. Celeste hit the floor, near the back of the Bridge, completely out of it.

    "What the... where am I...?" she groaned, confused. Two holographic officers surrounded her with weapons trained.

    Meanwhile, Kitsu turned to the view screen to see where the ship had taken them. "It's a Herald Sphere, ma'am," Hogor observed.

    "Several Quas cruisers, headed right for us," reported Nat'al's tactical officer over-air.

    Kitsu observed the incoming ships as well. "Everyone, prepare for battle."

    "What is happening? Where am I?" asked a confused Aenar.

    Kitsu turned to her. "You're on my ship and I'm Commander Kitsu. Don't you remember attacking me?"

    "Last thing I remember, I was being forced into a lab by a bunch of Herald-hacks. They put me out with an anesthetic."

    The Romulan sighed. "Well, that doesn't sound good. You were probably changed somehow. The extent to which we know, so far, is being brain-washed. By the way, your friends are back for more."

    "The Heralds are no friends of mine," the blind woman replied as the Natius prepared for an attack run.

    "Evasive maneuvers! Target the incoming Quas Cruiser and fire plasma beams!" ordered Kitsu.

    Hogor followed suit, and Venus took the damaged 23rd century-designed T'liss-class warbird toward the several tall Iconian warships. The Natius took formation alongside the Tsengate and began firing transphasic torpedoes at the enemy.

    The cruiser was hit by plasma beam after plasma beam until the transphasic torpedoes took out a good portion of its front. Two more cruisers joined it and blasted antiproton torpedoes at the Romulan ships.

    The Natius cloaked and swerved to the side, dodging the torpedoes and coming about to fire another torpedo volley.

    The Tsengate fired its own plasma beams into the torpedoes, exploding them but knocking the ship back from the shockwave. It then continued fire on the cruisers.

    The Natius blasted away a Quas, and continued firing on another. More enemy ships started to converge on their location.

    Suddenly, the Federation starship Valhalla entered, along with the Klingon support fleet, giving cover for the Natius and the Tsengate. Kitsu hailed Nat'al. "Took them long enough! Any ideas where we can access the network and shut this thing down?"

    "Not a one," replied Nat'al.

    "Correct me if I'm wrong, but you called us and the rest of the fleet in here because you thought this was possible?" started Kitsu, wincing slightly.

    The guards held Celeste back as she attempted to step forward and address the Commander. "I know where to go."

    "You?" Kitsu turned to the blind Aenar, failing to see why she should trust her. "How do I know this isn't part of an Iconian plot, a ploy to restart a war?"

    Celeste shrugged. "You don't."

    "Ugh. Fine, take the helm, Celeste," Kitsu ordered, reluctantly. As was Kitsu's own escape, she'd had to go with her gut again.

    "Through this door," Celeste said as the two ships approached a giant hatch along the inner side of the sphere. "There's an explosive trigger if we try to blow it, so we'll have to reconfigure the two keying orbs with the right polaron energy frequency. I'm not sure what it is, so we'll have to cycle through them until the orbs release the door."

    Kitsu peered at the contraption. "They really didn't want just anyone getting in here, did they? Hogor, send instructions to the Natius. They can do one, while we do the other. Celeste, take us into position of the one on the right."

    "On it," she said, navigating the Tsengate in front of a keying orb. The ship then began emitting polaron energy from the deflector, cycling through frequencies. The Natius did the same.

    After the doors opened, the group entered the passage to a large Iconian gateway. Kitsu's memory flashed and she began to have images of data running through her mind. She clutched her chair, attempting to maintain her balance.

    "Whoa! Are you alright, Commander?" Venus asked.

    Kitsu shook her head. "The experiments they did to me. I think I'm recalling things. They were going to... reclaim New Romulus."

    "The gateway may have triggered your suppressed mind," Celeste said. "You and I both had something done to us."

    The Commander regained her focus. "I think I know how to operate this thing. Kitsu to Natius, can you cover us while we locate a dataport?"

    Suddenly, two Mir fighters entered the passage and opened fire on them.

    The Natius fired two torpedoes, each destroying one of the two fighters. A trio of Baltim raiders came in to replace them, as the Natius turned around and started firing a flurry of torpedoes whilst trapping the raiders in an artificial gravity well.

    The Tsengate detected the port and Kitsu began operating the console, hacking into their systems. It was then she located an Iconian signal attempting to connect to the internal gateway.

    "It's the other Iconians," Kitsu said over comms. "They've been locked out of their network by T'Ket, and are asking us bring down her firewall so they can stop her.... or him.... It?"

    "Her," replied Nat'al over the comms. "Bring down the firewall. We'll hold off the enemy!"

    An additional two Herald raiders joined the fray but were pulled into the gravity well and assaulted by the Natius' torpedoes.

    Hogor and Venus immediately began assisting Kitsu in the hack. Several algorithms were task-heavy, and when Kitsu saw them, she began to experience bright flashes of fragmented-memory. She was only now recalling the experiments they did her.

    Celeste walked over, sensing her trouble. She placed her hand on the Commander's shoulder to indicate her presence. "We both went through it. But I believe, for you, they were just examining Romulan physiology." The Aenar breathed and began. She projected her telepathy onto Kitsu. Focus yourself.

    I'm focused, Kitsu replied in her mind, prompting Celeste to remove her hand in shock.

    The Aenar turned her head to Kitsu. "How did you do that? Romulans are not telepathic?"

    "You heard that?" Kitsu said, but with her focus returned she snapped back to work. "Damn, we're losing it!"

    Hogor sent his equations through. "No, we're not. We got it, Commander," he declared as the firewall went down. After several moments, all the Herald ships stopped attacking and turned to escape routes.

    "Kitsu to Na'tal," the Commander hailed. "Let's get out here."

    The Tsengate left the corridors and began filing behind the fleet of allied ships, filtering through the portal.

    "Agreed," replied Nat'al, directing the Natius to follow the Tsengate through the gateway.


    New Romulus, Orbit

    After exiting the gateway, the Tsengate took in the sights of New Romulus once again. "We did it. We're home."

    "It's not like we got lost for seven years," countered Venus.

    It was then the sight of the Odyssey-class U.S.S. Valhalla crossed their screen and hailed. Admiral Cid blinked on. "Everything okay over there? That was a close one."

    "Thank you for your assistance," said Kitsu. "You, along with the Klingons were able to hold them off long enough for us to do what we had to do."

    The older, greying human nodded. "Just doing what Starfleet does... and Klingons, apparently. Good luck to you and your ship, Commander."

    "I'm not so sure about this ship," Kitsu said, looking around at all the damage and exploding pipes. "We may have overestimated the abilities of a 23rd century class vessel in the 25th century."

    Cid wondered. "Think they'll make another one?"

    "Plenty of scrap parts left at the shipyard. Anyway, we hope to see you again someday. Tsengate out."
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts between another player and myself for the First City RP on the Star Trek Online forums. This continues on from the last FC entry and my STO character was Kadaj. Written from June to September 2017.​

    First City, Pages 4-5
    I.K.S. Gainsborough, Bridge

    During warp, Captain Kadaj enjoyed a plate of Klingon squid at his command chair.

    "Uh, are you going to share any of that?" Spiegel said, annoyed.

    Millie shot her Captain a look. "Eating on the Bridge? You know better than that!"

    "Just getting my energy up," Kadaj said putting his plate aside. "How close are we?"

    Spiegel checked the helm. "Just about there."

    They all dropped out of warp, and the Hav'ok took the lead, followed by the fleet of various starships. They set course for some Tzenkethi device that was launching asteroids to who knows where.


    Unknown Brig

    T'Kek awoke, seeing a group of Romulans, all Tovan Khev. One of them, evidently the one in charge, walked a little closer. "You're awake? Good. We need you to do something. Our agents have found evidence that the Tzenkethi are planning to use protomatter devices to kill everyone on three worlds: Earth, Qo'noS, and New Romulus. They're hiding the devices in the Gon'cra system. You will go there with a ship and destroy those devices."

    "One ship would be no match for the entire Tzenkethi fleet," replied T'Kek.

    "You'll find allies," answered Tovan, knocking T'Kek unconscious.


    I.K.S. Gainsborough, Bridge

    "Well, this is certainly something," Kadaj observed on the open-comms with the other ships. "It appears to be Tzenkethi."

    "Well, of course it is, Captain," replied Kro'nok over the comms. "We didn't come here to take shots at rocks!"

    Kadaj shrugged. "I've enjoyed many a time of rock shooting. It's not that bad, especially when you put rockets on them for target practice."

    "That's not the mission, Captain," replied Kro'nok, quite sternly. "Our mission is to tractor those asteroids into our own launcher to send them into the local star."

    "Well, this is the first I'm hearing of it," Kadaj said, placing his hands on his hips. "All you've detailed is that we were going to battle with Tzenkethi in the Gon'cra system. Oh, very well. We shall begin asteroid clean-up."

    "I doubt it will be that easy," answered Kro'nok. "We've detected a squadron of incoming Tzenkethi ships, no doubt intending to interfere with us. To battle!"

    "Battle!?" Kadaj reacted in unexpected shock. "But I went through the whole mental reorganization of setting my mind to asteroid transportation efforts?? Now I have to switch to a combat mentality, so soon after committing to the untouched task at hand."

    Millie shrugged. "Isn't battle our default mode anyway?"

    "I'll decide what our modus operandi is!" Kadaj countered. "I was kind of hoping it was drinking. Oh well. There are experience points to accumulate anyhow. To battle!"

    The Ha'Vok sailed in, escorted by a squadron of Fer'jai frigates. The ship and escorts all opened fire.

    The I.K.S. Ha'kar launched a squadron of B'Rotlh Bird of Preys, came about and started towing asteroids as necessary.

    Kadaj pointed to the viewscreen. "Offensive maneuvers. Target the nearest Tzenkethi ship and fire disruptors!"

    "Aye!" exclaimed Millie, as the B'Rotlh-class Bird of Prey opened an assault on a closing Broln'ta Cruiser.

    Tzenkethi ships joined their allies left and right. The Ha'Vok and Ha'kar both launched a number of Chivra shuttles, which began tractoring asteroids as fast as possible.

    The closest Tzenkethi cruiser fired on the Gainsborough, to which Kadaj also reacted with fire. "It's like they know me!" the Captain exclaimed in elation. "Continue firing! Are they firing as well?"

    "Yes," replied Millie.

    Kadaj clenched his fist. "Excellent! We will do more of that also!"

    "You will die," came the hail from the opposing vessel. "I am Kogornog, and pledge to have you destroyed."

    The Klingon relaxed his stance. "Seems obvious since you already began open warfare."

    "I just wanted to be clear of my intentions," Kogornog stammered. "You never know with some people."

    Kadaj nodded. "That is understandable. But you are fighting Klingons! We respond to everything with battle!"

    "I admire that. Now! To continue the fight!"

    Asteroids were being towed into a catapult which sent them into the star. A Tzenkethi frigate attempted to tow an asteroid the other way but was promptly obliterated by a salvo of tricobalt devices.

    The B'Rotlh-class I.K.S. Gainsborough rocked at incoming fire from a second Tzekethi cruiser. It cut the other one off and blasted at the Klingons as much as it could.

    "We have an eager Bekk here," observed Kadaj. "Retarget disruptors and fire on that ship."

    Millie complied and green pulses shot out the Bird of Prey's barrels. "Vessel registered as the Rogohn. The first one is the Lekenok."

    "That's convenient. Are we transmitting our ship name too? Seems like a power drain, really."

    Millie looked up. "Sir! The Lekenok is targetting the Rogohn!"

    "What? Hail them," Kadaj ordered.

    The screen clicked on, showing Kogornog again. This time, he was clutching his head in pain. "You... will.... die......" Then it blinked back to the external view, and the first Tzenkethi cruiser blew the aft section of the second to pieces.

    Kadaj watched as the Lekenok turned and opened fire on more Tzenkethi ships. His eyes wide in astonishment.

    "Well, that was fun," came the hail from the enemy ship, but this time a Lethean appeared on screen. "I messed with Kogornog's head enough to confuse his target. I've also taken out his Bridge crew. Like I said, fun."

    He smirked before the screen cut out and the Tzenkethi ship blew apart several more Tzenkethi ships. With the enemy apparently firing unto itself, several more Tzenkethi ships were destroyed. Kadaj turned to his crew for confirmation.

    "Sir, it appears the Lethean is requesting to board our ship," Millie reported.

    Kadaj thought about it for a second. "Perhaps he has some answers. Get a security team to the transporter and keep them on him."

    "Yes, Captain," Millie said, getting to work.


    Scorpion-class fighter

    A small Scorpion-class fighter found itself floating alongside Kadaj's Bird of Prey, and was soon detected.

    "What?" asked T'Kek, finding himself inside the fighter. "How'd I get here?"

    Kadaj hailed the fighter. "Romulan vessel, identify yourself!"

    "This is T'Kek of... some fighter, apparently," replied the fighter.


    I.K.S. Gainsborough, Bridge

    Kadaj blurted back. "You are interrupting an important battle! You will be taken aboard my ship, or you will help us fight! Your choice." Then he turned to his crew. "Also, transport that Lethean here, now!"

    "Sir," Millie interjected, "The Lekenok has just exploded! It seems the Tzenkethi aboard it sabotaged it. You missed your window with that fighter."

    The Captain clenched his fists. "Damn that Reman! I just wanted to know why that Lethean was helping us. Oh well."

    "Sorry," replied T'Kek, maneuvering the fighter and firing a single plasma torpedo at the approaching Tzenkethi Battleship, which immediately locked weapons on the lone fighter.

    "Take that filthy vessel out!" ordered Kadaj. "The Tzenkethi vessel, I mean."

    Nodding, his crew got to work and the Gainsborough fired disrupters blast after disruptor blast until the enemy ship was destroyed.

    "T'Kek? This can't be possible..." said Kro'nok over the comms as the Ha'Vok launched more fighters. "State your last assignment!"

    "Science officer, I.K.S. Ha'Vok," the Reman replied. "General? Is that you?"

    "Beam that fighter into the auxiliary hangar bay now!" ordered Kro'nok to one of his officers. "Have security hold him for now."

    The B'Rotlh-class Gainsborough blew another Tzenkethi ship to pieces. "You know, I think this crew is starting to mesh well. And, to think, we didn't have to go through any personal arcs or anything to get to this point."

    "Earning character development is for petaQ!" spat Millie.

    Spiegel yawned as he piloted the ship around. "Is it dinner yet?"

    "Quit your babbling and focus on the battle!" exclaimed Kro'nok over the comms, evidently having heard the entire conversation. "The Tzenkethi are approaching with some new starship whose design we have never heard of. Be ready!"

    Graviton anomalies started forming in the area, originating from the new vessel.

    "Interesting. Look at the design of that thing," Kadaj said. "It's got, well, you can clearly see what it's got. Look at it."


    I.K.S. Ha'Vok

    The Klingon ships started shaking. The graviton anomalies intensified faster than they could be countered and the imperial ships were quickly falling toward the planet nearby.

    "General, you're not going to believe this," said Kro'nok's new acting science officer. "We're now picking up some unusual signature from the planet. I am detecting traces of red matter."

    "Prepare an away team so we can assault that signal," barked Kro'nok, already heading for the transporter room. "Fight as long as you can, phase the ship out if the planet's gravity well if it becomes too much."

    Some of Kro'nok's security officers followed him, joining his away team.


    I.K.S. Gainsborough, Bridge

    The smaller Klingon vessels were already crumbling under the new weapon's power. The Gainsborough was rapidly losing its engines and would likely be forced to crash land on the planet.

    "Looks like the new ship's gravaton anomalies are pulling us toward the planet and not the ship!" Millie reported.

    Kadaj stood up. "Re-route power to the engines." But the ship continued on course for Gon'Cra. "If we die, we die not knowing anything about each other."

    "It's probably better that way," Spiegel said.



    Kro'nok materialized on the planet with a team of warriors. Kro'nok looked around at the seemingly uninhabited landscape, motioning his men to look around. He looked to the right, then up. There was something rapidly falling into the atmosphere, barely using its wings to manage a semi-controlled glide. "Is that... a bird of prey?" Kro'nok asked to himself.


    I.K.S. Gainsborough, Bridge

    As the Gainsborough began to enter the atmosphere, a Lethean entered the Bridge without permission. He took in the view on the screen, revealing the skies.

    "Captain, my name is Tooms and I beamed over before the other ship was destroyed," he said, in a panic.

    Kadaj and his joint organic/holographic Bridge crew were too busy trying to get the ship under control. "Now's not the time, Mr. Tooms! As you can see, we have a situation here."

    "What the hell? The impulse has just gone offline!" Spiegel reported in a panic.

    Tooms walked over. "Sorry I took so long, but I was conferring with my people in your transporter room. After which I tried to transport us all off again to safety."

    "Yes, they're offline as well from the battle with the Tzenkethi. That I have to thank you for your assistance and combat-in-brotherhood, Mr. Tooms," said Kadaj. "But it looks like my desire for a vacation planet after this mission will have to remain in dreams."

    As the planet's surface came closer, the sounds of the ship careening got louder and louder. The holographic crew shorted out under the pressure of the fall and Kadaj, Millie, Spiegel and Tooms gripped anything bolted to the floor.

    "Brace for impact!!" Kadaj yelled over the noise, and the Gainsborough slid into the surface, breaking off a pylon and then another. The saucer-head of the ship then hit the drag of the ground, breaking its neck off and sending it flying behind the rest of the ship, while the hull tore apart upon the friction of contact. Pieces flew everywhere before the mission pod exploded.
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    And blew a cruiser-sized hole in that 4th wall...

    And another dig at a franchise convenience plothole..

    Quite liked this entry - particularly the ending. Thanks!! rbs