Star Wars copied Prodigy?

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    I would disagree since we see a heavier influence of the ship battles, especially at the end.

    Also, because of the success of Star Wars, a Star Trek movie was again seen as viable and eventually became the Motion Picture.
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    Given how little film/TV sci-fi there was in the 70s, it's not a stretch to assume familiarity was across the board. I mean, I remember sitting in the theater in 1977 and thinking of the Fesarius when the large spherical spaceship, er, umm, space station, grabbed the Falcon with a tractor beam.
    I also thought of the Klingons when they mentioned Imperial 'battlecruisers'. Someone did too it seems because they called them Star Destroyers after the first movie.
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    It's a good premise; hopefully this SW pitch, similar to Prodigy at first sight, will be just as good and we will have more good content to watch.

    It's also good that the Hageman's are still looking for ways to continue with the story of Prodigy. Though Netflix appears to be taking their time, as I fear they will wait for Christmas again to finally stream S2.

    I do find it a bit irritating that "bleedingcool" refers to the French broadcast as a "communications problem". There was no communication problem (other than the Hagemans not having been informed by Paramount, I suppose). Merely contracts that are being followed, and Netflix who decide on their timing without regards for what others are doing. Ideally, Paramount would have avoided that but with the whole mess of cancelling/selling S2 that didn't happen.
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    These things are circular. I always felt like Prodigy was kind of "Star Wars-ish" in the first place with the approach of a ragtag band of underdogs/misfits, and all the weird robots and aliens (more so than live-action Trek).

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