Star Trek Voyager: Uchū Ginga Yamato!!!

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    Stardate 42609.1 (2365)

    Captain's Log Stardate 42609.1: The Yamato was nearly lost after a series of unexplainable system failures. During a rendezvous with the Enterprise, Chief Engineer Johnson detected multiple system malfunctions in main engineering. He ordered an emergency ejection of the warp core and manually release all of our antimatter stores. The warp core suffered a containment breach after ejecting and detonated near the Yamato.

    Most systems were knocked out except for life support and communications. I have sustained some injuries from the warp core explosion and will need to be taken to sickbay for further examination. Commander Gerber is leading a team down the Jeffries tubes to determine the exact level of damage and casualties.

    We were, fortunately, able to regain contact with the Enterprise. Captain Picard has agreed to beam over a small team to assist as well as transport all non-essential personnel from the Yamato to the Enterprise. I should have ordered an evacuation before the failure of the warp core. He has agreed to take up my fool's errand after the encounter with the Romulan Warbird. The warbird must have been tracking us for a while.

    I am prepared to take the full consequences of entering the Romulan Neutral Zone. The men and women who died for my fool's errand, I will carry that for the rest of my life. However, I believe what we have stumbled upon on Iconia poses a dire threat to the Federation. And perhaps, the entire quadrant. I hope the Enterprise will succeed where the Yamato failed.

    Captains Log, Supplemental:

    We received a transmission from the Enterprise on removing the virus and successfully restarted our computer systems by purging all memory files and restoring systems from the protected portion of our computer cores. The Enterprise returned, successful in eliminating the threat and preventing the Romulans from using it as well. The engineers have subsequently found no sign of the Iconian computer virus.

    Due to the heavy damage sustained, most remaining personnel were evacuated to the Enterprise. The Enterprise is currently towing the Yamato to Starbase 12 for extensive repairs. I expect there will be an extensive debriefing and presumably a court-martial for my actions and decisions. There will be a memorial held aboard the Enterprise at 1600 hours, for those lost due to my folly. In what may be one of my final acts as Captain of the Yamato, I have recommended that Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Simon Johnson be posthumously awarded the Federation Medal of Honour as his quick thinking, which saved over well over a thousand lives. I will be recording a personal subspace message to his widow to express my condolences and apologize for what has happened.


    Early 2371

    Captain Donald Varley woke up in a cold sweat, the memories of that day 6 years ago still fresh on his mind. The deaths of dozens of his crew and the fact he had endangered his entire crew and their families during that voyage into the Romulan Neutral Zone ate at him. He glared at the wall nearby, where there was a display of the official pardon from the President of the Federation, acquitting him of violating the Romulan Neutral Zone.

    Starfleet Intelligence, after listening to him as well as Captain Picard's testimony, sent a request to Starfleet Command to absolve Captain Varley and the crew of Yamato, as the threat of the Iconian computer virus and Iconian technology was deemed sufficient reason to bend the rules. The Romulans, for their part, did not object or wish to dispute with the Federation. Not only did the warbird Haakona violate the Neutral Zone, but it was also clearly sighted within Federation space by the Yamato and Enterprise. Neither side wanted to escalate matters.

    However, Captain Varley knew that he would never achieve flag rank, despite the pardon, and having dealt with the Admiralty, wanted no part of that. While Stevens was promoted and would take command of the Phoenix, after the arrest of Captain Maxwell, many of the crew from that fateful day were still aboard. To Varley's surprise, none held a grudge towards him for what happened.

    Captain Varley took time to calm himself down, as he prepared for another day as Captain of the Yamato. Much like Captain Picard and the Enterprise, he was now inevitably connected to the Yamato and its history, for better or worse.

    After the ship was towed to Starbase 12, engineers there deemed the ship to require further repairs and refit. The ship was subsequently towed to the drydock facilities at Soho Station, where delays and extenuating circumstances made it gain a reputation as a drydock queen. First, delivery of the replacement warp core was delayed repeatedly. Then, her torpedo launchers and phaser arrays were cannibalized for parts to repair the USS Dauntless, after the sister ship of Yamato sustained damage during skirmishes with Romulan ships in disputed space. Then, complications during testing of the computer systems' new security protocols caused even more delays. Due to her condition, Yamato was not able to sortie to Wolf 359 during the Borg cube attack.

    After the Borg were defeated, Yamato was finally able to leave drydock, but this time, she was promptly sent to Utopia Planitia, where it would become a guinea pig for Starfleet's Corps of Engineers. She would be used to test new technology to counter the Borg threat as well as other prototypes. As a result, some of her unused spaces were fitted with industrial replicators or used to store equipment and testing sensors. By 2370, she had a Frankenstein-ish array of prototype weapons, computer systems, and other technology, including an emergency medical hologram, much to the chagrin of the Yamato's CMO. During that year, the creme of Starfleet's engineers felt they had accomplished what they could with Yamato and mostly restored her to specifications, aside from modifications that were too useful or impossible to remove, especially after the shocking loss of the Odyssey to the Dominion.

    Finally, his ship would go back to exploration, albeit on the lookout for trouble given recent events. Varley grimaced as he watched some of his colleagues resign from Starfleet and form the Maquis, including Chakotay, a promising instructor at the Academy that he had considered a friend. Along with the Cardassians up in arms, and the looming threat of the Dominion, Yamato's current mission was a way to fly the flag, and to protect the Federation's interest. While there were still families aboard Yamato, the ship had been loaded with supplies and additional defences.

    As he ate breakfast in the ready room, Captain Donald Varley was preparing for a planned rendezvous within a week with Captain Ramson and the brand new USS Equinox. The smaller, newer ship was still working out the bugs on its shakedown cruise, and the rendezvous would include testing of the newer ship's sensors and other equipment. Hopefully, nothing would come to pass.


    USS Equinox
    Captain's Log, supplemental:
    The Equinox sustained moderate damage after the strange phenomenon that occurred. Our EMH was activated to help treat the wounded. However, Yamato has vanished. The Chief Engineer is currently in an induced coma after sustaining head injuries., but our CMO assured me that he would recover Acting chief engineer Ensign Gilmore was able to restore power, and we should be able to go to warp 6. Lt. Burke was able to hail Starfleet and report what had happened. I can only hope the Yamato survived whatever that was.


    Delta Quadrant

    USS Yamato
    Ensign Richards, Personal Log

    F$%@ my Life.
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    Is Ensign Richards the senior surviving officer aboard the Yamato?
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    Nope, he just was going to have shore leave on Risa after the rendezvous with Equinox

    1) The Caretaker

    (April 27, 2371)

    "Captain, multiple Kazon ships have warped in.... some of them are showing signs of damage. They're hailing us. Audio only"

    "Let's hear it."

    Though the comms, the Kazon Jabin snarled in rage.

    "You! Now I recognize you, bastards! The so-called mighty United Federation of Planets"

    Ignoring that fact the universal translator managed to translate alien profanity, Janeway asked,

    "I'm sorry?"

    "You Federation may have beaten us and killed my brothers before but not today! Soon, the Kazon shall obtain the Ocampan homeworld and their resources!!!"

    "I'm afraid you should prepare to be disappointed."

    Janeway made a cutting gesture to close the channel, then looked confused.



    As the Val-Jean raced towards the Kazon mothership, Chakotay whispered a quiet prayer.

    Just before he felt the sensation of being transported, the ex-Starfleet officer briefly thought, If I die, maybe I can see Beth again.


    The Caretaker was dying.

    Janeway had many emotions about the being in front of her. Anger for taking her ship and causing so many of her colleague to die. Sympathy for being left alone by his former partner. Respect for his attempts to save an alien civilization, and concern about the prospects for her crew.

    "Now, this installation will not be destroyed. But it must be. The Kazon are retreating, but they will be back, they always come back. While your colleagues devastated and decimated the Kazon before, they will return. Some of the Ocampa went with them, so their people will survive, but I must still protect those who remain. The Kazon must not be allowed to gain control of it. They will annihilate the Ocampa."


    The projection of the Caretaker struggled, before giving his final word



    Tuvok raised an eyebrow at his Captain's order.

    "Captain, any action we take to protect the Ocampa would affect the balance of power in this system. The Prime Directive would seem to apply."

    "Would it? We never asked to be involved, Tuvok. But we are. We are. Not to mention, we aren't the first Starfleet ship encountered by the Ocampans."


    "We will discuss this later. On my command, Mr Tuvok."

    "Aye Captain.


    As the Kazon fleet prepared to retreat, their commander sent a final message.

    "The Federation has made an enemy of all Kazon. We will not forget this humiliation!"


    The tension in the conference room was high as former colleagues turned enemies were forced to sit together. The Maquis and some of the officers were muttering about the destruction of the Array. However, to everyone's surprise, the leader of the Maquis was contemplative.

    "Are you sure he said 'Yamato?'"

    Captain Janeway nodded.

    "That was his final word."

    The former Starfleet Officer showed a mix of emotions. Hope, dread, relief, and resolve.

    "I...I'm sorry to interrupt," Neelix apologized as he broke the silence, "but what does 'Yamato' mean?"

    Janeway looked at Tuvok who nodded. She took a breath before pressing a few commands on the main display. On the screen were the orthographic views of a massive starship, one that showed elegance and power. Below the diagram displayed the label "U.S.S. Yamato NCC-71807."

    "Several months ago, the Federation lost contact with the USS Yamato, a Galaxy-class starship. There were over a thousand personnel as her crew, as well as some of their families. She was rendezvoused with the USS Equinox who reported her disappearance after sustaining damage. Yamato's commander at the time was Captain Donald Varley."

    Chakotay sighed, "Of course it was Donald. He had too much baggage to ever get promoted, but too stubborn to retire."

    Tuvok interjected, "It does seem logical. Based on the visual evidence, I can conclude that the damage sustained by the Kazon before we responded appears consistent with a Starfleet ship-based phaser array. And judging by the extent of the damage, it appears consistent with damage from a Galaxy-class starship."


    "We appear to be alone, in an uncharted part of the galaxy. We've already made some friends here, and some enemies. We have no idea of the dangers we're going to face, but one thing is clear. Both crews are going to have to work together if we're to survive. That's why Commander Chakotay and I have agreed that this should be one crew: a Starfleet crew. While there are rumours of another allied vessel out here, until we can confirm these rumours, we may be the only Starfleet vessel assigned to the Delta Quadrant. We'll continue to follow our directive to seek out new worlds and explore space. But our primary goal is clear. Even at maximum speeds, it would take seventy-five years to reach the Federation, but I'm not willing to settle for that. There's another entity like the Caretaker out there somewhere, who has the ability to get us there a lot faster. We'll be looking for her, and we'll be looking for wormholes, spatial rifts, or new technologies to help us. Moreover, we will be on the lookout for the USS Yamato, a Federation starship who may have paved the way for us. A starship that we hope is still out there, also on the way to Federation space. Somewhere, along this journey, we'll find a way back. And perhaps, we will solve a mystery that had sent shockwaves in the Federation. Mister Paris, set a course… for home."
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    So...... This sounds interesting!!
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    2) Friends and Enemies
    (June 13, 2371)

    Captains Log, Stardate: 48447.3

    It has been nearly a week since our last encounter with the Vidiians. After several failed attempts by Vidiian raiders to attack the Yamato, we finally encountered a Vidiian ship that was willing to engage in peaceful dialogue. Thanks to round-the-clock efforts of the medical team led by Dr Chang and the Ocampan Doctor Elyas as well as the Vidiian Doctor Danara Pel, we were able to make significant developments towards a possible cure for "Phage." At the very least, we were able to reverse Dr Pel's brain tissue damage, thanks to replicated Caitian tissues and were able to halt the progress of her medical condition.

    The sheer desperation shown by many of the Vidiians has troubled me. During encounters with other civilian vessels, we were made aware that some Vidiians would use transporters to steal organs, and in some cases, try to board ships to harvest the crew or conduct appalling research. I am reminded of humanity's past when diseases such as Bubonic Plague, Smallpox, and even strains of Influenza could ravage civilizations and nations. Could humanity have resorted to what some of the Vidiians have done? Yes, and I am reminded of my classes in the Academy focusing on the horrors of the past. The Holocaust, the Eugenics War. Put in the same position, I might have done the same thing. We never know what we're truly capable of. I hope that we will never find out.

    I would not consider our situation as fortunate, but in our situation, the Yamato was perhaps one of the best-suited starships for this journey. As much as I respect Captain Ramson and his crew, a Nova-class starship like the Equinox would have been poorly suited in our circumstances, cut off from the Federation. Even with my crew, families, equipment, and stores, the Yamato still has plenty of room aboard.

    Supply wise, we have become used to requests for trade from local freighters. Fortunately, we have been able to barter for goods or provide other means of compensation. We have had to convert one of our cargo bays for biocontainment. While I am sure fresh produce would improve morale, we do not know if the food may contain pathogens or cause allergic reactions among the crew. During the Yamato's time as a testbed, a batch of "bio-neural gel packs" set up for evaluation became infected due to mould from a Risan Gourd. Of course, if we deem these perishable goods to be safe for consumption, I will be happy to permit their use by the mess halls. At least our airponics bay is producing fresh fruits and vegetables.

    We have started to travel between warp-capable systems and established first contact peacefully with many civilizations. As a result, the Yamato is regularly joined by civilian freighters plying trans-system trade routes, seeking protection from Pirates and hostile forces. As per the Prime Directive, we have not pushed our values on these civilizations, though it appears they are seeing the wisdom and benefits of mutual protection and cooperation.

    We still haven't had to use the prototype fixed phaser lance in action, though my Chief Engineer has been concerned with the enormous power requirements during last week's test. Its installation before our current predicament did mean the Mirai, Yamato's Captain's Yacht is permanently relocated to the main shuttle bay. To be honest, it is better than its original position at the bottom of the saucer. At least we can use the Marai more regularly, and there is still plenty of room in the main shuttle bay. My Chief Engineer believes we could find a way to use fractal modulation with the lance, so if we meet the Borg, we have a way to defend ourselves.

    On a more unfortunate note, long-ranged sensors are picking up over two dozen warp signatures matching the Kazon. We've already had to respond and neutralize several of their fleets. We offered assistance to the best of our abilities, and we were answered with hatred and violence. On several occasions, we have had to intercept their attacks on unarmed civilian freighters. Do they not understand the concept of not biting more than they can chew? My chief Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Commander Moore, has become rather exasperated, though we have only used three photon torpedos in these skirmishes with the Kazon.

    6 Hours later

    Chief Tactical Officer's Log, Supplemental:

    "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," anonymous. Perhaps an overquoted historical statement that people think was made by Albert Einstein or Benjamin Franklin, but perhaps the Kazon should have listened to that wisdom. Three, I repeat three times the Captain had pleaded for them to retreat. I will remember the look of incredulity on Captain Varley's face after Maje Cullah demanded our surrender then ordered his fleet to attack the Yamato. I will admit, for their reckless aggression, at least they are persistent. They definitely did not learn from the last encounter, using the exact same tactics as before.

    I believe our xeno-anthropologist, Lieutenant Park, is quite correct in her observations of the Kazon. Despite their possession of technology, they do not seem to know how it actually works, or even basic scientific principles. How does a spacefaring race not know how to make their own water?!? I've heard of pre-warp cultures that know more than the Kazon. As Park has postulated, they must have captured or acquired their vessels from another species and only knows how to operate the controls.

    There was, however, something of concern, as the Kazon mentioned another Starfleet vessel that fought another Kazon force near the Caretaker array and that all Federation ships are herby an enemy of the Kazon. The Captain was disappointed since he had asked the Caretaker to find a better way to help the Ocampans other than kidnapping ships from across the galaxy. Captain Varley has asked some of the freighters to give a message should they encounter this ship. We may start to broadcast on secured Starfleet Frequencies, so if this ship picks up our message, well, two ships should be better than one.

    We have retrieved a number of survivors, currently being treated in sickbay or in the brig. We will be holding a meeting to determine what we can do. As much as I despise their actions, we cannot bring ourselves down to their behaviour. Perhaps we can offer them a choice: they can remain in custody, or perhaps we can salvage one of their more intact raiders, strip it of weaponry, and let them use it to return to their home.

    I know at least our logistics officer was pleased. Another of our cargo bays is nearly full of salvage for our industrial replicators. I sometimes forget how much room we have aboard the Yamato. Two days ago, we came across a dilithium rich asteroid field. We simply beamed chunks of the asteroid directly to several cargo bays where we can carefully examine and process the deposits for use in our warp core.

    I am looking forward to movie night after dinner, however. We apparently are watching a motion picture recovered from the 21st century. The mess staff do make good popcorn.
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    (Author's Notes)

    This is how Yamato generally looks like circa 2371, though there would also be ablative armour panels installed over the engineering spaces, around magazines, and a thin layer over the Bridge module.

    (original art by Igor Marić, some modifications made by mikelima777)

    During her disappearance, some of her specifications.

    U.S.S. Yamato (NCC-71807)
    Modified Galaxy-class Starship
    Crew: 1013 Officers and Enlisted
    Passengers: 537
    Tactical Systems
    -1 x Type I Phaser Spiral Lance (Experimental)
    -15 x Type X Mod 1 Phaser Arrays
    -3 x torpedo launchers (1 two-launcher forward mount, 1 aft mount)
    Auxiliary Spacecraft:
    -1 x Captain's Yacht
    -2 x Danube-class runabout
    --USS Fraser
    --USS Volga
    -6 x Type 6 Mod 1 Shuttlecraft
    -2 x Type 7 (uprated) Shuttlecraft
    -2 x Type 8 Personnel Shuttlecraft
    -2 x Type 9A Freight Shuttlecraft
    -8 x Type 16 shuttlepod
    -2 x Sphinx-class workpod
    -6 x worker bees

    Commanding Officer: Captain Donald Varley
    First Officer: Commander Beth Woods
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    This doesn't work without Isao Sasaki:
    [Sasaki] Uchu-u Gin-Ga YAHH-MAHHH-TO![Sasaki]
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    3) Those who follow in the footsteps of giants...

    (July 19, 2371)

    USS Voyager

    "Personal log, stardate 48546.2. Our journey home is several weeks old now, and I have begun to notice in my crew, and in myself, a subtle change as the reality of our situation settles in. Here in the Delta Quadrant, so far away from our homes, we may be the sole family of humanity and the Federation out here. We are more than a crew, and I must find a way to be more than a Captain to these people, but it's not clear to me exactly how to begin. At the Academy, we're taught that a captain is expected to maintain a certain distance. Until now, I've always been comfortable with that distance. Maybe this is just the way it works. Maybe the distance is necessary. Maybe more than ever now, they need me to be larger than life. I only wish I felt larger than life. Computer, delete last sentence."


    Captain Janeway was feeling despondent as she escaped Neelix's well-intentioned caffeine substitute. Fortunately, Chakotay's call gave her the excuse to head to the bridge.

    Stepping through the doors, Janeway kept her professional composure, hiding her dismay at the lack of coffee.

    "Yes, Commander"

    "There was no need for you to come to the bridge, Captain."

    "Yes, there was,"

    "I just wanted to alert you that there is a nebula on long-ranged sensors."

    "On screen."

    Tuvok's station chimed.

    "Sensors are indicating there are high concentrations of omicron particles within this nebula, Captain."

    "Are you thinking we could collect these omicron particles to provide an additional antimatter reserve, Lieutenant?"

    "Precisely," intoned Tuvok.

    Janeway ordered all senior staff to their stations and remarked.

    "There's coffee in that Nebula"


    Ensign Kim frowned slightly as his console chimed.

    "Captain, there appears to be an object several hundred kilometres from the nebula... the readings are consistent with a Federation Class-6 probe."

    Janeway, snapped back to look at the Ensign,

    "Are you sure, Mr Kim?"

    "Yes, Captain... I am picking up a general message on all frequencies."

    "Put it on audio, please"

    To their surprise, they could hear a voice in English, untranslated.

    "Attention all ships, the nebula nearby is a nucleogenic organism. Any omicron particles detected are part of its biology. Please do not approach. Attention all ships..."

    "Captain, I am picking up a message on an encrypted Starfleet frequency."

    "On screen."

    Chatokay was shocked, along with other members of the crew, as they saw an older gentleman with salt and pepper hair, in a Starfleet Uniform.

    "If you are receiving this encrypted message, then I hope that your crew has fared well in the Delta Quadrant. I am Captain Donald Varley, of the Federation Starship U.S.S. Yamato. Several months ago, a being known as the Caretaker, brought my ship to this part of the galaxy. You may have been acquainted with this Caretaker as well.

    We had sustained some casualties, but most of our crew and passengers survived. We have assisted the Caretaker in driving off the Kazon, however, he refused to allow us to return home. My Chief Medical Officer, Dr Thaviis Nassir, believed that the Caretaker's condition was beginning to decline. I assume by the time you are watching this, it was likely the Caretaker may be in grave condition and may have asked you to do something very, very difficult. If so, know that your actions may have prevented a greater tragedy.

    He had reluctantly allowed us to depart after I had a... lengthy, turbulent conversation with him. He allowed us to leave only on the condition of helping the people he was trying to protect. While the Kazon's combat prowess was rather...wanting, we could not stand by and allow the genocide of an entire species. As such, we accepted over a hundred Ocampan refugees onto the Yamato. Their physiology and rapid development meant they have already adapted to life aboard our vessel.

    Our main objective is trying to return home, but we have also decided to help where possible and to continue the Yamato's primary mission: To explore strange new works. We have continued to seek out new life and new civilizations and have done our best to uphold the values of the Federation. Assuming you also are on a course to the Federation, you many encounter species and peoples that we have made contact with. Despite the hostility from some, I believed that we have earned a reputation as a protector.

    On Stardate 48274.4, we encountered this entity and detected high concentrations of Omicron particles. However, Dr Nassir and Counselor Nassir sensed rudimentary emotions through their Deltan telepathic abilities. We had sent a shuttle to investigate. It detected nucleogenic peptide bonds, organic matter. Dr Nassir could sense that it had sustained wounds, perhaps due to others mistaking the organism as a nebula, and after some efforts, we were able to aid the being's self-healing. We deployed this probe shortly afterwards, to warn others of the true nature of this "nebula"

    Several days before this message, we had yet another encounter with the Kazon, and we learned there were rumours of a second Starfleet vessel taken by the Caretaker. I had asked that he stopped doing so. Unfortunately, it appears that is not the case. I offer my condolences for any casualties of the Caretaker's methods. As a result, we had sent the runabout USS Fraser to relay this message by subspace radio to this probe, in case you stumble upon the nucleogenic organism. In this message, we have recorded the coordinates of several mineral-rich asteroid belts, along with an actual nebula with usable amounts of omicron particles. We also recorded the coordinates of systems that may be able to help you out.

    The Yamato has been cruising at Warp 7, to conserve our fuel reserves. We intend to maintain progress on this long journey, but we can wait if necessary. If we can establish contact, we may be able to rendezvous and work together to get home. You are not alone. Good luck, Captain Varley, out"
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    Time for some potential controversy. (hides bhind bunker)

    This is how Yamato generally looks like, though there would also be ablative armour panels installed over the engineering spaces, around magazines, and a thin layer over the Bridge module.

    (original art by Igor Marić, retrieved from Ex Astris Scientia; modifications made by mikelima777) Larger version here:

    During her disappearance, some of her specifications.

    U.S.S. Yamato (NCC-71807)
    Modified Galaxy-class Starship
    Crew: 1013 Officers and Enlisted
    Passengers: 537
    Tactical Systems
    -1 x Type I Phaser Spiral Lance (Experimental)
    -15 x Type X Mod 1 Phaser Arrays
    -3 x torpedo launchers (1 two-launcher forward mount, 1 aft mount)
    Auxiliary Spacecraft:
    -1 x Captain's Yacht
    -2 x Danube-class runabout
    --USS Fraser
    --USS Volga
    -6 x Type 6 Mod 1 Shuttlecraft
    -2 x Type 7 (uprated) Shuttlecraft
    -2 x Type 8 Personnel Shuttlecraft
    -2 x Type 9A Freight Shuttlecraft
    -8 x Type 16 shuttlepod
    -2 x Sphinx-class workpod
    -6 x worker bees

    Commanding Officer: Captain Donald Varley
    First Officer: Commander Beth Woods

    Additional Notes:
    -Yamato's configuration is based on both the Sternbach and Ed Whitefire interpretations of the Enterprise-D floor plans.
    -The Hangar bay is largely based on Sternbach's, except with some additional floor space for Runabouts and the Captain's Yacht. As well, Yamato has had a slight adjustment to the heights of decks 3 and 4. As such, the Captain's Yacht Mirai (which had some tweaks as well) can narrowly fit inside the Main Shuttlebay since it's original spot got taken over for the mounting of the phaser lance.
    -(Subject to feedback) as a holdover from the original concept of a generational ship/flying city, Yamato has a 2-3 storey "promenade" (read market/mall) on decks 9 and 10. (which is still a far cry from the mammoth five-storey(!) mall/grotto proposed by Whitefire) Yamato's Ten Forward is just forward of this space.
    -Despite some reluctance, the CMO did activate the EMH (it received one as a testbed), at least once to help with the Vidiian situation. To clarify, they haven't found a cure but helped Viidian doctors make some progress due to having an outside's perspective, the collective knowledge of multiple civilizations (Humanity, Vulcans, Andorians, Trill, etc), plus the willingness of Dr Pel and her team to work together with outsiders instead of trying to steal organs. As for Dr. Pel herself, surgery was used to implant modified Caitian tissue and was aided by Dr Nassir's empathic abilities as a Deltan. She was briefly smitten with Dr Nassir until she realized he was married to LCDR Lira Nassir, the Yamato's Chief Counselor.
    -Yamato's phaser lance aka "wave motion gun" can one-shot most hostile ships. Except it drains way too much power (you'd have to divert power from the phaser arrays, lighting, the turbolifts, and from various sensors for a single shot), needs a ton of maintenance after firing, and has a non-zero chance of causing a negative space wedgie as a side effect. This is Star Trek after all. [​IMG]
    -The crew officially denies the existence of a distillery set up in a pair of disused biochemistry laboratories on deck 11. And that unused compartment down the corridor does not contain kegs of alcohol, no siree bob!
    -Per the Sternbach schematics, there are spaces for four Computer cores, 2 in the saucer, 2 in the engineering (secondary hull), though usually the port side space in the engineering hull is filled with a dummy as "ballast." Yamato has a functional four core due to the need for computers during testing, and as the Yamato was going to go on a long term mission before her disappearance,
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    3.5) Interlude

    (Aug 5, 2371)
    Stardate 48594.7
    U.S.S. Yamato

    "Shields are at 91 percent."

    "Lock on to the nearest raider and fire"

    "Firing... Kazon raider destroyed. 7 raiders and 2 carriers are remaining. The lead Kazon carrier is firing."

    The ship slightly rocked from the hit on the shields.

    "Shields are down to 85 percent."

    "Fire at will."

    "Aye, sir... Their engines are knocked out. Sensors show damage on all Kazon ships."

    "Comms, send another message to tell them to leave, now."

    "Aye, sir. No response. They're firing again, they missed."

    "Target that carrier and fire."

    "Phasers firing."

    On the viewscreen, the crew could see the phaser cut through the Kazon ship like a hot knife through butter.

    "Vessel neutralized. Captain, the remaining Kazon vessels are retreating."

    "Very well. Status of the civilian convoy?"

    "Minor to moderate damage. One of the ships is reporting problems with their life support."

    "Send a message to all civilian ships. Once we can be sure the Kazon are not coming back, we will offer any assistance within reason."

    "Aye, sir."

    Captain Varley took a deep breath and sighed in exasperation. How many times before the Kazon can take the hint?

    The Yamato was finishing up with mining an asteroid rich in duranium and tritanium when they received the distress call of a convoy under Kazon attack. The Galaxy-class starship warped to the source of the distress call, putting itself between the civilian and Kazon ships. After attempts to tell the Kazons to leave, the Kazon responded as always.

    After sensors showed no signs of the Kazon doubling back or reinforcements, Varley nodded, "Cancel red alert."

    The lights went back to normal as Varley stood up and tugged his shirt. It was a habit he got from Jean-Luc during their classes together at the Academy.

    "I'll be in the Ready Room, Commander Woods, you've got the conn."

    "Yes, Captain."

    The veteran Starfleet officer walked into his office. He went to his desk and picked up an Iconian artefact, picked up all those years ago. He went to the replicator.

    "Coffee, one sugar, one cream."

    Retrieving the mug, he went to read some PADDs carrying reports from throughout the ship. Some of the Ocampan on board was starting to work in the unrestricted parts of the ship. There were concerns due to their rather short life span, an anomaly among humanoid species. The was a note from a certain officer that the latest batch of "goods" from the officially non-existent distillery aboard had passed inspection and would be delivering to Ten-Forward. Then there were updates from Chief Engineer Toyoda. The modifications to the warp engines, warp plasma conduits and matter-antimatter injectors were still holding, which meant that the Yamato could continue to cruise at Warp 7 instead of Warp 6, cutting decades from their long voyage home.

    They had yet to receive contact from the rumoured Starfleet vessel following the Yamato's wake. Some of his officers guessed such a ship would be either a week to a few months behind them. Hopefully these rumours of a ship can be confirmed or denied soon.
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    4) State of Fail, Part I

    U.S.S. Voyager

    In a dimly-lit cabin, the sole occupant carefully ensured that the doors were sealed. She then went to her table and took a sip of Deka tea. She carefully went to the shelves by her bed and pulled out a box, battered and bearing a Maquis emblem. Unlike the rest of Chakotay's crew, let alone these Starfleet cowards, she was willing to do what it took to escape the circumstances. She activated a gadget inside the box, which disrupted any internal sensors. She then pulled out a Cardassian PADD and pressed some buttons. On the screen, Maje Cullah looked shocked, before snarling in rage.

    "How did you get this channel? You Federation scum will taste your own blood."

    Seska rolled eyes as he waited for the impulsive Kazon to finally shut up.

    "I am not Federation. I have a proposal that you may be interested in. I can offer you something very useful"


    Unbeknownst to the disguised Cardassian, Ensign Alexander Munro was walking by, busy chatting with Crewman, 3rd Class Telsia Murphy. The ex-Maquis crewmember had roughed it out on the fringes of Federation society living on the streets before throwing her lot in with the Maquis. She was one of the more resentful of the Maquis towards the merging of the crews and had gotten in trouble quite a few times. However, she had a series of heart-to-heart conversations with Ensign Munro, which helped her be more accepting of their current situation. He found himself opening up as well and enjoyed trading snark with one another. As they chuckled over an incident involving Crewman 3rd Class Rick Bressman, Munro's PADD beeped. He looked down in surprise, then shrugged apologetically to Telsia, promising to join her for dinner after his shift was done.

    As he watched Telsia head off to the gym, Munro frowned as he reviewed the readout from the PADD. He had been tasked by Tuvok to keep an eye on the ex-Maquis crew members in case they were doing something very illegal, or any unauthorized communications behind closed doors. While the circumstances had required some flexibility, Captain Janeway still wanted to avoid any risk of a mutiny, whether from the ex-Maquis, or even her Starfleet officers, given several Maquis members now had significant positions. His PADD had been programmed to detect non-federation transmissions, and right now it was showing something neither Starfleet nor Maquis, yet still from the Alpha Quadrant.


    In his office, Lt Tuvok raised an eyebrow as the report from Ensign Munro showed a signal being transmitted to the external comms transceivers from one particular room, despite the presence of a jamming signal. The signal transmitted was on a known Kazon channel. But having spent time in deep cover with the Maquis, he recognized the encryption pattern from intercepting subspace transmissions and also recognized the jamming signal's signature. It was Cardassian.


    He tapped his combadge, "Tuvok to Chakotay."


    "I am heading to your office to discuss the latest first contact simulations, there is a bug in the program."

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    5) State of Fail, Part II

    U.S.S. Voyager

    Alex Munro and Telsia Murphy were sitting together at the Mess Hall, eating lunch. They were completely unaware of the smirks among the others eating lunch, or the mutters about a betting pool. Even Neelix had stopped trying to offer his latest kitchen creation and was whispering with Ensign Kim about getting into said pool.

    "You collect comic books?"

    "Yeah, I was just fascinated by these superheroes, the characters and their storylines, especially during their peak in the 20th Century. Most of my collections at my parents' home back on Luna, though I had packed a few to read during what was supposed to be a short mission. Probably should have brought more."

    "I was reading the one you lent me. I gotta say I like this Bat-man fella."

    "Good thing I didn't bring my bad comics collection. Some authors don't do the Dark Knight justice."

    Drinking some cola, Telsia smirked as she leaned in

    "So, you in on the pool for Juliet and Austin?"

    "Yup, still in it. Odell was pissed his prediction didn't pan out. You still in?"

    "You betcha. They've been circling around each other for weeks! I say we trap them in a Jefferies tube junction and keep it shut till they finally admit it."

    "Could work, though I'm sure the Chief Engineer won't be pleased with that."

    Telsia looked seriously, "So Alex, what happened yesterday? You seemed surprised at something."

    Alex looked around nervously and leaned in to whisper, "Sorry, it was something Tuvok is asking me to do. Can't say anything yet, but it's serious."

    Telsia was concerned, " bad?"

    The young Ensign shook his head. "Let's just say the Captain and Chakotay are not going to be happy about it."


    "I can't believe this!"

    Chakotay was pacing around back and forth in the Captain's ready room. Captain Janeway was still seated at her desk drinking black coffee as usual from her mug, while Tuvok stood ramrod straight.

    "We checked her when she joined us. All the medical tests showed she was Bajoran. There were records of her from our contacts on Bajor. Her background check was clean!"

    Tuvok was stoic as always,

    "Perhaps. But Ensign Munro's PADD was functioning normally. There can be no doubt. A transmission was sent out from Seska's quarters with Cardassian encryption, onto a subspace channel we know is used by the Kazon."

    "But why? What could she gain from the Kazon? Look, as persistent as the Kazon has been, they've haven't exactly been smart. They have ships, yes, but even the Vidiians use captured Kazon ships better than them!"

    "That is irrelevant. In addition, the Vidiians were cooperative, undoubtedly due to the assistance of the Yamato. Dr Pel had mentioned that the Yamato had been intervening with Vidiian raiders and also Kazons harassing commercial shipping in the region."

    "As much as I am fascinated by this discussion, let's get back to Seska. For starters, I had asked Tuvok to monitor your crew. As much as I trust you, Chakotay, the fact remained that some of your crew still harbours resentment towards the Federation. Call it captain's instinct. Given the circumstance, I hope you understand my position."

    Chakotay sighed, deflated.

    "Yes, Captain. Honestly, were I in your shoes, I'd probably have the same. I just cannot believe she was a double agent."

    Tuvok raised his eyebrow.

    "So was I, Commander."

    "Yes, Tuvok, but I was sure someone from Starfleet would be among us. But a Cardassian agent?"

    Chakotay sighed, "You were working for her, Seska was working for them… was anyone on that ship working for me?"

    Tuvok simply raised an eyebrow.

    Janeway held her hands up.

    "I think we can find the answers once we secure her in the brig. What I want to know is how to catch her in the act without her suspecting our knowledge of her deception?"

    Janeway thought carefully, aloud. "Judging by their past behaviour, I think we all know what the Kazon want."

    Tuvok, "Replicators. Indeed. For the simple task of creating water." He stood up and walked to the replicator, and ordered a cup of water. Drinking it, he paused. "Curious. Many pre-warp societies knew how to form water using hydrogen and oxygen. Humanity had discovered this several centuries before First Contact. Yet the Kazon lack this simple knowledge."

    Janeway remarked, "Just basic chemistry. Burn hydrogen gas in oxygen. You generate energy and get water. In fact, with spacecraft, they could go find asteroid fields full of ice, solidified water."

    Chakotay thought carefully before he went right up to Captain Janeway.

    "I have an idea."


    Privately hiding his darkening thoughts as he saw the Kazon soldiers that appeared suspiciously close to the cave where Seska was, he fired his phaser before dodging their response.

    Chakotay had dodged the Kazon's phaser shot and dove to the ground. He discreetly tore his jacket and pretended to be in pain. He felt as Seska went to grab him, and brought away to the transport site.

    As they beamed up, Chakotay thought, the Kazon would not have known to appear close to the cave, unless she was meeting them beforehand.


    "Captain's log, stardate 48658.2. We've successfully left orbit without further interference from the Kazon. Commander Chakotay is injured but is recovering from his wounds."


    Chakotay was beyond enraged as Seska cheerfully talked about stealing food from the Kitchen, which almost felt like mocking the fact she was trying to pull wool over his eyes, yet again after undoubtedly smuggling technology to the Kazon on the planet. And apparently some of his former crew either fell for Seska's deception or were also traitors.

    Seska was almost shocked by the utter venom in Chakotay's voice, as he ordered the replicator rations for all involved to be revoked for two days, including his own, before threatening to lock her and her co-conspirators into the brig if they did that again. As he watched her leave, he breathed hard and shook his head. He tapped his PADD and revoked the replicators rations for all those mentioned. He then tapped commands to lockout Seska's access to the industrial replicator, personal weapons, main engineering, and most computer terminals outside of her quarters and work area.


    After the away team reported the presence of trace amounts of neosorium on the wrecked Kazon bridge, Janeway looked at Chakotay, who nodded. Both were thinking, Seska picked the worst group to defect to.


    "You treacherous worm! When I take over Voyager, I will personally come to take your head!" bellowed Maje Cullah.

    Seska was barely hiding her contempt of the Kazon.

    "I gave you the plans, what more do you want?!?"

    "Your so-called plans killed my men!"

    Seska was feeling a growing headache "Your men failed to use the plans. How did you manage to make a replicator explode?" Seska asked incredulously.

    "This was a trap all along, was it? The Kazon-Nistrim already lost ships to the other Federation vessel, and the stronger Tribes are smelling our blood. Rest assured, you and your Federation friends will pay for this deception."

    Maje Cullah cut the transmission abruptly. Seska snarled in rage. She threw her tools around in a rage, not hearing the doors to her quarters slid open. As she calmed down, she started to think and had a sudden epiphany, that maybe betraying the advanced, comfortable ship she was on to the Kazon of all people was not the brightest idea. She suddenly stiffened as a familiar voice growled behind her.

    "Well, well, well, what have we got here."


    She suddenly felt him grab her arms back and felt a set of restraints locked over them.


    Author's note:. Why yes, here some of the events of the episode "State of Flux" were repeated, albeit with a different context.

    Virtual cookies for whoever got the references to modern popular culture and a shoutout to a certain web show.

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    6) Blue Milk Run

    Stardate 48659 (August 30, 2371)
    U.S.S. Yamato

    NCO quarters, Deck 6

    Petty Officer, 2nd Class Darrell Fung groaned as the alarm woke him up. Across the room, the other bed was partially made, albeit with pyjamas lazily strewn over the duvet. His Gideon roommate had clearly left; an early riser, Crewman, 1st Class Anorat often went for a morning workout before heading to work in Main Deflector controls.

    Darrell finally got up and headed to his washroom for a sonic shower. After the shower and his morning routine, he got dressed in his uniform before heading to the nearby crew lounge. Along the way, one of his neighbours, a Crewman from aeroponics, waved cheerfully at Darrell on her way to work.

    "Morning, Darrell."
    "Morning, Tricia."

    He entered the crew lounge and waved at one of the tables where some of his friends chatted as they ate. Outside the windows, the stars passed by as the Galaxy-class starship cruised at Warp 7. He went to the replicator and ordered the bacon and eggs with toast, and a cup of coffee, and brought the tray over.

    "Morning guys, hope you guys weren't talking about that thing with the supposed tribble last week."

    Crewman, 2nd Class Patrick Jefferson shook his head though still smiling as he ate a peach-raspberry strudel.

    "Nope. Mrs Fernandez here got her test results. She's going to have her first child!"

    Darrell cheered, then went and hugged the embarrassed Petty Officer, 2nd class. Victoria Fernandez (nee Davis) worked in the Cybernetics lab, while her husband Juan was a civilian mathematics teacher at the education centre aboard Yamato.

    "Congratulations, Vicky!"

    "Thanks, Darrell." She said abashedly.

    Another crewmate, Crewman 2nd Class T'Mel (who worked with Fernandez in Cybernetics) faintly smiled with a hint of mischief.

    "Captain Varley also came to congratulate PO2 Fernandez personally."

    The expectant mother blushed.


    Sitting next to the Vulcan, Ensign Peter Johnson, one of the helmsmen, paused from eating kimchi and galbi and pointed at T'Mel. "You know she and her older sister were raised on Earth. And I know that Ensign T'Ren, despite all appearances, is an utter troll."

    T'Mel gave a deadpan stare at Ensign Johnson, "I have no idea what you are saying. My sister is a model Vulcan officer."

    Darrell was amused, "true, she was Valedictorian of her Academy class...and winner of the drinking competition during that class's graduation party, if I remember the rumours. Weren't you from that year, Peter?"

    The table continued to chat animatedly until they finished their breakfast. The enlisted crewmen soon took the empty trays and dishes to the replicator, before heading off to their respective destinations. Darrell Fung entered the nearest Turbolift.

    "Deck 4, Logistics Bay 1."


    Logistics Bay 1, Deck 4

    "Good morning, Petty Officer Fung, punctual as always. Got a good night's rest?" said Lieutenant Commander Mree as she read a report on from the previous shift.

    "Yes, ma'am."

    Darrell stood patiently as she finished reading. The Tellerite Logistics officer was imposing, despite her small stature. After all, while the Captain and bridge staff commanded the ship, Logistics kept every department stocked with the tools and supplies to function.

    "Great. So, today is just the usual blue milk run, Petty Officer Fung. I've uploaded to your PADD the route and the manifest of the deliveries on the antigrav sled. Afterwards, please report to Chief Petty Officer MacDonald down at the 'special' biological labs."

    The Tellerite grinned,

    "Another batch of ale is ready for Ten-Forward. And he owes me a bottle from Poker Night."

    PO2 Fung barely hid his smile as he nodded,

    "Yes, ma'am."

    As he handled the sled, Mree smiled warmly. "Also, I heard the news from the scuttlebutt. Please pass my congratulations to Petty Officer Fernandez and her husband."

    "Of course, ma'am."


    Primary Armoury, Deck 8

    Darrell stepped into the armoury, pushing the antigrav sled through the doors. The armoury was created in one of the unused spaces aboard Yamato after the Borg attack. A second smaller armoury was located in the Stardrive section. There were Type 1 and Type 2 hand phasers and Type 3 phaser rifles lining one of the walls, while several benches had personnel phasers opened up for maintenance. He could also see some prototype weapons locked up behind forcefields.

    "Over here, Petty Officer!"

    He guided the sled over to one of the workbenches, where Crewman, First Class Geoff O'Donnell was recalibrating the targeting module of a Type 3 rifle. Next to him, Lt(JG) Pat'lek Shras waved him over.

    PO2 Fung tapped his PADD, and it passed over to the Andorian Security officer. He read out the manifest of their shipment while CM1 O'Donnell carefully took out each component, still in their containers, onto the desk.

    "Let's see, 10 battery units, 7 chargers, two emitter crystals, two holographic sight mounts, tritanium bars,... Looks like we've got our stuff for today. Thank you, Petty Officer."

    Darrell nodded. "Aye, sir."

    Shras sighed as O'Donnell started to ramble on about the specifications of a type 3 phaser rifle, and the benefits of using holographic sights. The Andorian nodded for the Petty Officer to go, just as O'Donnell began to talk about his family's micro-brewery near Belfast.


    Computer System Lab, Deck 8

    Outside the door, PO2 Fung could hear loud music coming from inside. He tapped the door chime twice before the music quieted down, he heard a sigh, "Alright, come in."

    The door opened, and Darrell quirked an eyebrow. The laboratory could only be charitably described as "Cluttered," as various PADDs lay on the table, several cabinets, and some on the floor. Most were in various states of disassembly, a half dozen were clearly broken, and a number were showing blue screens indicating the failure of their LCARS software. Amidst the chaos was a full head of long, messy dark brunette hair, which was draped over a dusty engineering uniform and light green skin. The woman in question looked up with a deadpan stare.

    "Oh, it's you again."

    Darrell grinned. "Yup, miss me, Maria?," She stuck out her tongue, leaving him chuckling. For his part, Darrell was amused by her very shabby appearance. She looked strikingly beautiful when in dress uniform, but most of the time, she looked like someone who lived in her lab all the time.

    CM1 Maria was part of a Federation program to help Orions seeking to escape the dangerous life experienced in the Orion Syndicate. She had enlisted into Starfleet at the same time as Darrell and got to know one another in training, exchanging banter to the amusement of those around them. It was a pleasant surprise when they met once again on one of the shuttles for the assignment aboard the Yamato.

    "Oi, you sure you want to step inside?" She smiled mischievously, "want to be ensnared?"

    He just rolled his eyes "Really, Maria? You know everyone on board is inoculated regularly. Standard procedure after all."

    She pretended to be disappointed and snapped her fingers. "Drats, foiled again."

    He held out a container of parts requested, which she carefully placed on her desk after checking the manifest. He grinned as he brought out a 1-litre bottle of Cola, leading to her making the "gimme" hand gesture.

    "Ooh! Mine!!"

    She took the offer and started to chug the caffeinated drink.

    "You know that stuff ain't healthy, right?"

    She shrugged, "Don't care. Besides, you gave it to me."

    Soon, he watched as his Orion crewmate get back to work, grumbling about people not knowing how to use the PADD properly.

    "More destroyed PADDs again?" he asked.

    The Orion snorted as she lazily held one of the PADDs being repaired.

    "Ya think? I had at least five from people spilling water or whatever on them. I think one had a cat mistake it for food. Then, also had to fix Gerald's terminal, again cuz his kid went to town on it. Poor guy can't catch a break. Plus I still need to do some work with the Portside Computer Core. My boss still thinks a fragment of that Iconian virus they had years ago might still be in a couple of the chips."

    She paused.

    "You know, you could have left my requested supplies with my boss, right?"

    He grinned.

    "What? And miss seeing your sunny disposition?"

    She grumbled, "Yeah, yeah... thanks for the parts." She smirked,

    "Now begone from my domain, heathen!"

    Grinning as he remembered last weeks tabletop roleplaying night, he bowed,

    "Of course, your majesty."


    "Special Consumable Research" Lab, Deck 11,

    Darrell whistled as he looked around in the former research lab. Anyone from Starfleet Command would have had a fit at the presence of the micro-brewery aboard the Yamato.

    Chief Petty Officer, 1st Class Terry MacDonald was one of the seniormost enlisted member of the Yamato crew, after Boatswain Xander Richardson, and was supposed to help with keeping discipline aboard the massive starship. So naturally, he was also running the Micro-Brewery, which did have the intended effect of boosting morale, as well as providing something that could be bartered with the local traders.

    Currently, he was gleefully examining the latest batch of ale, which used hops and ingredients from the aeroponics and arboretum, which saw part of it become used as a mini-orchard.

    "Ah, Petty Officer Fung. I believe Lieutenant-Commander Mree has some things for me?"

    "Aye, Chief."

    The Petty Officer brought a bag from the antigrav sled and passed it to the veteran NCO.

    "Ach, exactly what we needed." He pulled out a battle of the amber-coloured liqueur and passed it to Darrell. "I believe my debt to her from Poker night will be repaid with this."


    "Alright, on you get."


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    7) Strife and Unity

    U.S.S. Voyager

    Brig, Deck 15

    Seska glared as she sat alone inside the holding cell. Her hands were still restained, though the restraints had been adjusted to be more comfortable and held in front. There were security officers flanking the cell, and two more by the entrance, all wielding phaser pistols and rifles. Seska recognized Ayala and Jackson among the guard, both having been aboard the Val Jean. The latter was staring angrily at Seska, recognizing not only did Seska's stunt in the kitchen cost him his replicator rations, but she was also above all a traitor.

    Finally, Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay, and Lieutenant Tuvok. All three looked grim, though Seska could see the look of hurt and betrayal in his eyes.

    Tuvok pulled up a PADD, and read, "Seska. Formerly of the Maquis, and in fact an agent of the Cardassian Union. We are aware that you are not Bajoran. Thanks to the Doctor's examination, we know you have undergone genetic alterations to assume this disguise. We are aware you have attempted to pass restricted information on replicator technology to the Kazon, forbidden as per the Captain's orders."

    Janeway crossed her arm,

    "What I want to know, is why?"

    Seska looked at Chakotay. She seemed vulnerable as she pleaded.

    "Chakotay, please..."

    The Maquis commander remained silent and stoic.

    "I did it for you. I did it for this crew. We are alone here, at the mercy of any number of hostile aliens, because of the incomprehensible decision of a Federation captain. A Federation captain who destroyed our only chance to get home. Federation rules. Federation nobility. Federation compassion? Do you understand? If this had been a Cardassian ship, we would be home now. We must begin to forge alliances. To survive, we must have powerful friends. The Kazon-Nistrim were willing to be our protectors in return for some minor technology."

    Chakotay slowly asked.

    "Is that so?"

    He glanced at Captain Janeway who nodded. They had already spoken candidly with one another about why he resigned from Starfleet to join the Maquis.

    "I remember telling you that I was once a tactics instructor at Starfleet Academy. I had resigned my commission, left Starfleet and my career because I believed that my home planet, the people I was raised with, were in grave danger due to the Cardassian Union. I believed the Federation was stepping aside to allow the Union to oppress us for the sake of peace. We saw what happened with the Occupation of Bajor, we remember what happened during the Federation-Cardassian War.

    As much as the Captain disagreed about the actions of the Maquis, our priority was always to defend those who were left defenceless. Everything the Maquis did was in the name of protecting innocent peoples and avoid another atrocity by Cardassia. While our tactics were unconventional and criticized, we were still founded based on principles formed within the Federation."

    He stared intently at Seska.

    "When the truth was revealed by the Caretaker, I realized that yet again, another world, an entire civilization of innocents were likely to be oppressed if not murdered by an occupying force. A man once said, 'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.' And I will not watch and stand aside as another planet is oppressed."

    Standing right up to the forcefield in front of Seska, he continued.

    "We Maquis have a different way than the Federation, but we will still resist evil in any shape or form."

    He suddenly chuckled, "Seska, think about it. Did you seriously think the Kazon can help you get home? They can't even figure out how to react hydrogen with oxygen! Two of the most common elements in the universe. Humanity had discovered this centuries before going to space. In fact, your assistance has proven to be disastrous!"

    "Perhaps she intends to manipulate the Kazon like puppets. However, it is logical to assume they would have turned on you once they got what they wanted," Tuvok supplied

    Captain Janeway joined in,

    "And as for alliances, have you not forgotten those we have encountered? While yes, we have yet to find a way home faster, but we have met many species that helped us find supplies or point us in the right direction. While the Sikarians did not offer their technology, they provided us with pointers and advice. It was fortunate that our colleagues have made a good first impression, and we have made sure to maintain their trust."

    Janeway thought about their recent encounters with the Vidiians. Most of the hostile Vidiians they faced chose to flee once they recognized Voyager's origins. They also encountered Dr Pel and her reserach ship, which previously met Yamato. After confusing The Doctor for his counterpart on Yamato, she and the Doctor worked in furthering her research, discovering that Klingon tissues, medically replicated from samples volunteered by Chief Engineer Torres, were resistant to Phage. In return, Dr Pel provided information, from raider-heavy areas to avoid as well as some notes that could help with improving Voyager's medical technology.

    Chakotay then asked Seska, "Seska, Have you forgotten? We are not alone in this quadrant."

    Seska snarled,

    "Supposedly! And it's just another Federation ship. If they're as weak-willed and foolish as your esteemed, 'Captain', they're doomed just like you."

    Janeway smirked.

    "I believe you were not paying attention to whatever the Cardassians have for intelligence class. The U.S.S. Yamato is a Galaxy-class starship, which was specifically designed for long-term exploration away from the Federation. She is the sister ship of the U.S.S. Enterprise." Seeing Seska wince, Janeway ignored the Cardassian and continued. "So you have heard of the Enterprise. Good. I see no more reason to debate with you."

    As the three senior officers headed to the exit, Seska tried to slam into the forcefield and fell flat.

    She yelled, "You will all regret this. I did what I had to do! One day, I will get my revenge and prove you are all fools!"

    As they left the Brig, Tuvok raised an eyebrow,

    "Seska's logic remains... questionable. The Kazon are aggressive, but clearly lack the abilities to get her home."

    Janeway shrugged, "If she was smart, she would have picked someone better to join."

    Tuvok raised an eyebrow, "Of course, the real question is what should we do with Seska."

    Chakotay frowned, "frankly, I know some of the Maquis would be inclined to throw her out the airlock."

    Janeway remarked, "Out of the question. No matter what, we cannot stoop to her level. I am inclined to keep her stewing in that cell for now."

    Chakotay hummed,

    "Should we tell her that we got a message from the Kazon calling for a bounty on Seska, or the fact we've programmed the cell to interfere with transporters."

    Janeway shook her head.

    "Nope. Best keep her guessing."

    Chakotay decided to move on to less difficult topic as they entered the turbolift.

    "Deck One, Bridge," Janeway asked.

    "Captain, have you made a decision on making the broadcast call?"

    Janeway paused,

    "Perhaps. The inhabited system we visited last week said the Yamato was there over two months ago. Without Federation communications relays, we need to be close enough that they can receive the subspace transmission without interference or distortions. And I want to transmit some data packets to Yamato as well."

    "You think the Yamato is still in good shape?" asked Chakotay.

    Tuvok remarked,

    "The spaceframe of a Galaxy-class was designed to last 100 years. And I'm sure you are aware of the modifications made to Yamato."

    Janeway interjected.

    "Either way, gentleman, two starships working together will be better at getting us home than working separately."

    The turbolift arrived at the Bridge, and the three senior officers stepped out.

    "As you were," Janeway said to the bridge staff. She and Chatokay went and sat down as Tuvoke assumed his station.

    Janeway called out "Computer, determine the success of a subspace transmission given the following parameters." She typed in the conditions into her console.

    "Processing... Analysis complete. Estimated distance: Up to 120 light-years. Projected Signal Strength: 34.7 to 52.4 Percent depending on interference. Transmission delay: up to 6 hours."

    "Let's do it, then."


    U.S.S. Yamato


    Captain Donald Varley lounged on his chair as the Galaxy-class starship orbited an uninhabited Class K planet. Scans showed the planet was rich in minerals, and an away team was deployed to extract samples for further analysis. They had reported a deposit of tritanium ore, which they would attempt to extract for use aboard Yamato.

    Spotting the whitish regions at the poles, Varley turned to Counselor Nassir.

    "So... think we should let the Kazon know that this planet has water?"

    He thought he heard a scoff from his science officer, Solon. "Perhaps they need step by step directions to the Class P planet we orbited last week, sir," the Vulcan deadpanned. Even my seniormost Vulcan officer is done with the Kazon, mused Varley.

    Varley chuckled as he remembered the reactions of his crew when the encountered said planet, which was covered in ice.

    Lieutenant Silva quipped, "they'll probably fight each other over it, again."

    Thanks to intelligence gathered from traders and other sources, the Yamato's xenoanthropology team was able to have a better understanding of the Kazon. They were confirmed to be former slaves of another species, reportedly known as the Trabe. Instead of a unified species, there were at least a dozen factions or Sects. These Sects often fought one another for resources, along with raiding other species due to their lack of knowledge and inability to develop their own technology.

    Among the largest sects was the Kazon-Olga, who were the ones that tried to attack the Caretaker Array, and were the ones that tried to attack Yamato during her first few months in the Delta Quadrant. However, the repeated losses by the Kazon-Olga had started to cause infighting, as their leadership was becoming seen as wasting their lives for nothing. Already, a number of their Predator-class were crippled or lifeless wrecks, and their claims in the regions were being challenged by rival sects and other species.

    More recently, it was the Kazon-Nistrim that were trying to take down the massive starship.

    The communications officer's console peeped.

    "Sir, we are picking a transmission on subspace communications. On a Starfleet frequency."

    Patch it in.

    "There is some interference, cleaning it up, audio-only."

    "This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the U.S.S. Voyager. On behalf of the crew of Voyager, We are relieved to know there are friendly faces in this part of the Galaxy. We arrived in the Delta Quadrant approximately 3 months after your disappearance. Unfortunately, we had sustained moderate casualties due to the Caretaker's actions. I am afraid that at this point, near real-time communications will be unfeasible until we get closer.

    We have received your message near the nucleogenic organism, and I want to thank you for the information provided. With this transmission, I am sending data packets containing a summary of our voyage so far, updates on several systems you've visited, as well as some information regarding the months after your disappearance.

    I am informing you that due to circumstances, we have former members of the Maquis as part of the crew. Given their issues lie in the Alpha Quadrant, we have mutually agreed to work together to bring Voyager home. When we can finally rendezvous, we hope you can accept their presence as well.

    We await your reply and hope to see you in the near future. Voyager out."

    One of the junior officers remarked, "whoa."

    Captain Varley ignored that, and simply stated, "Now we know who is with us out here."

    The communications console chimed again.

    "Sir, Sensors are detecting signals at an odd frequency... It's radio, and the computer analysis show it may of human origin."


    "Long-ranged shows what appears to be L-class planet, 2 light-years from here."

    "Alright. Once the Away team is done, we'll head over to investigate."


    Let me know of any errors to correct or feedback.
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    8) Cardassians and Abductees

    (~September 4, 2371)

    U.S.S Voyager

    Captains Log, Stardate 48675.2
    The fallout of Seska's betrayal is still being felt among the crew. There has been a bit simmering tensions, not just between the Maquis and Starfleet members of the crew, but within the Maquis. The revelation that they had been infiltrated by the Cardassians had hit hard.

    Yesterday, a fight broke out in the mess hall that required intervention by Security. As Seska is currently held in the brig on Deck 15 we have elected to use the primary Brig on Deck 4 to hold those involved in the fighting. I have also ordered Tuvok to assign only Starfleet personnel to guard the brig; several former Maquis members have nearly escalated the situation. I have scheduled upcoming meetings with Commander Chakotay and senior Maquis members on how to resolve the fallout. I can only imagine how they are feeling with one of their own revealed to be an enemy agent. It has been several months since our crews were forced to unite, and there are still lingering issues that need to be resolved.

    We have recently received a short subspace message from the Yamato, indicating they were investigating a system with unusual transmissions, and also transmitted a number of coordinates. We are currently heading towards a system with a Class K planet that Yamato noted was rich in minerals and resources. We intend to obtain what we can to replenish our reserves.

    I have had some time meeting with Neelix, who was able to provide more information on this region of space. Despite his... culinary abilities in the mess hall, and some of the opinions of the crew, he has at least been able to help us speak with some of the local species. Nevertheless, I have asked for some of those with experience in the culinary arts to help moderate his more... adventurous experiments in cooking.

    We have yet to encounter any more Kazon as of late. Nevertheless, Tuvok had started to train our security personnel in close quarters tactics. I have a feeling they will return, if only to have revenge.


    Ready Room

    Captain Janeway took a drink from her coffee mug as she sat by her desk.

    "So, you and Beth went out for dinner and encountered her ex. Said ex started harassing her and tried to attack. Then, you..."

    Chakotay shrugged, though barely hiding a sly smile, "I can neither confirm nor deny anything. It just happened that he slipped and fell, repeatedly, I might add, after accosting us on the way back to the Academy. And that he found himself waking up in the police station." He contemplated the memory wistfully.

    "I remember attending her graduation from the Academy and I was so proud of her when she got her first posting aboard the Excalibur."

    Janeway quirked an eyebrow, "I heard that she was the one who introduced you to Boothby and got you into the Academy's boxing program."

    Before Chakotay could respond, the comms chime was heard.

    "Bridge to the Captain."

    "Janeway here."

    "Captain, we are receiving another recorded subspace transmission on a secured Federation frequency. It has to be Yamato."

    "We're on our way"

    Bridge, Deck 1

    Janeway and Chakotay stepped onto the bridge and headed to their seats. Sitting down, Janeway took a deep breath.

    "On Screen."

    Captain Varley appeared, sitting as usual on his bridge.

    "U.S.S. Voyager, This is Captain Donald Varley of the Yamato. We were glad to receive your transmission and confirm that we are not alone in the long journey home. I apologize for taking this long to respond to your transmission. There have been some developments over here on the Yamato.

    First, we have had minimal contact with the Kazon in the past few weeks, but we have started to piece together what we have, thanks to information passed from local traders and a few personal encounters with the Kazon. The Kazon are not a cohesive, unified species. According to our sources, there are at least twelve factions or sects within the Kazon, vying for control over space and resources. As you may have discovered, they lack much of the knowledge typically found in spacefaring species. Attached to this message are files from our xenoanthropology department based on information we have gathered about the Kazon and their culture. We hope it will be most illuminating.

    More significantly, we have recently encountered a Class L Planet populated by humans. I assure you that you are not hearing things; we were just as surprised by this discovery.

    According to their leaders, in the year 1937, a species known as the Briori abducted over 300 people from Earth, to be used as slave labour, along with various artefacts, flora and fauna from Earth. At the time of this message, we are still trying to find clues of how they travelled from Earth to the Delta Quadrant. So far, nothing concrete has been found. The human population eventually found a way to overpower their captors, took their weapons and some technology, and forced them off the planet. Their captors have not been seen ever since.

    Due to the circumstances of their presence in the Delta Quadrant, we have openly engaged in meetings with the cities' governments. There is currently a population of over two hundred thousand living on the planet, mostly within three cities on the northern continent. We also discovered that several of the original abductees were still in cryostasis. We were able to revive them successfully.

    After talks with the planet's representatives, we have retrieved examples of Briori technology that the population were unable to use. Perhaps with the Yamato's computers and cybernetics team, we may be able to find clues as to how the Briori travelled across the galaxy. Several residents of the settlements have stated that they wish to join the crew and Starfleet. We are still considering the risks and benefits of accepting them aboard Yamato.

    In the meantime, we have been maintaining orbit over this inhabited world, which is the second of three planets in this system. Our runabouts, Fraser and Volga, and shuttlecraft Hadfield, Wakata, and Lovell have been surveying the other planets and moons within the star system. Preliminary scans show minerals and other resources in the furthest planet out, and there is an asteroid field between the second and third planets that are also showing promise.

    Voyager, we intend to continue the journey home. With that said, two starships will be better than one. The Yamato can stay in orbit if you wish for us to wait for you. Alternatively, we can backtrack to rendezvous with Voyager, otherwise, Yamato may continue onwards at a slower pace. I am leaving that choice up to you.

    Yamato Out."

    As the viewscreen returned to showing the exterior of Voyager, Janeway stood up. "Open a shipwide channel"

    "Yes, Captain."

    After the boatswain whistle was played over the internal comms, Janeway announced,

    "All hands, this is the Captain speaking. All senior officers to report to the briefing room in 30 minutes. At 1700 hours, all personnel are to report to the Main Shuttlebay for an announcement. Janeway out."


    U.S.S. Yamato

    Amelia Earhart walked around the massive aircraft, looking up at the cockpit of the Lockheed Model 10E Electra with fondness.

    "It looks exactly as how I remembered my Electra. I am astonished at how accurate this 'simulation' appears."

    Captain Varley chuckled. "Some of my crew have used the holodeck to fly aircraft during their time off-duty."

    As she touched one of the propellors, she frowned.

    "A lot has clearly changed since my time period. I know we were taken into space and sent across the galaxy, but the shuttle flight, seeing the blackness of space, and your spaceship. Just astounding."

    The aviatrix frowned.

    "Yet the horrors you've described that happened as well. The Second World War, the Holocaust, the atrocities in the Pacific, the Cold War, the Eugenics Wars, and so on..." Amelia looked saddened.

    Captain Varley paused and gave Amelia a reassuring smile as he spoke.

    "Yet even in the aftermath of war, humanity found a way and beat their swords into ploughshares. Rockets of terror eventually developed into rockets that took humanity to the moon, that helped us build an international space station, with former adversaries cooperating together. A former missile, designed to devastate a city, was transformed into the first manned human spacecraft to pass the speed of light."

    As they walked to the Arch and exit, she looked around as crewmembers and civilians passed by. The Yamato was truly a mobile city flying through space.

    "We are still considering your offer along with Noonan's offer."

    "We both have enjoyed our time on that planet, and I know they would welcome us. But..."

    "You still have that desire to explore."

    "Yes. We know we may not be able to return to Earth in our lifetimes, but we have to try. Plus, there is so much out there to experience. Perhaps I can write my memoirs about this journey through space."