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    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #1 Family Secrets

    "Lee Ann! Lee Ann!" came the voice of a crewmate from behind her. She turned to see whom it was that was making a point to have company with her while she was on this particular space station. It was Ensign Polly Kilpatrick, a blonde human female, serving in Engineering. When she caught up with her in the bustling corrider near the boarding entry, she took the time to catch her breath before continuing, "May I accompany you?"

    "If you wish," Lee Ann replied, "but you should know that there is a family matter I need to attend to."

    "Oh," Polly's voice dropped off into dispappointment, "I'm sorry. I did not mean to intrude."

    "It is quite all right, Ensign Kilpatrick," the Vulcan Ensign replied, "I am certain it will not take long, but you may have to wait in the corridor until the meeting is over." This seemed to brighten Ensign Kilpatrick for a moment, until Lee Ann had asked, "Is there a reason why you wish to prefer my company during our layover here at Utopia Planitia?"

    "Umm... ." Polly was fidgetting, "I.. I just want to be your friend."

    "Very well," Lee Ann stated as she turned away to resume her course. It took a second for Polly to fathom that it was okay to follow her.

    The bustling corrider thinned out as they were moving further away from the boarding area until a squeal of delight resounded throughout the corrider as a young human looking female darted away from her group, announcing, "A Vulcan! A Vulcan! Oh, how I love Vulcans!!" She bounded up in front of Lee Ann, forcing her to stop, and then she stood there looking at Lee Ann with fanatical zeal. She was breathing heavily with excitement as she mustered up the nerve to say, "Hi.."

    Lee Ann was not accustomed to this display of childlike behaviour coming from an adult. She raised an eyebrow to determine if she was under some form of intoxication. She sniffed her breath which her mouth was no more than a feet away from her, but detected no alcoholic smell at all. She focussed on her eyes to see if they were dilated more than usual to indicate some form of drug running through her system, but there was no indication of such abuse to the mind of this apparent overzealous fan of Vulcans. Then she realized that a greeting in return was expected from her. "Hello", she said calmly in return.

    The fan giggled, and clenched her shaking hands, bringing them up to her chest as if to restrain something, and then groaned, "OoooOOOoooohhh! I gotta hug you!!" And she did. It was such a body hug that one would think she had just found her long lost friend or something.

    "Christabelle!" came the alarming cry of her guardian, "How many times do I have to tell you to leave the Vulcans alone?"

    Christabelle let Lee Ann go from her fierce hug, acting all sheepish for her public display of love towards Vulcans. She floundered for something to say while her guardian was coming over to them, and she finally said, "Umm.. thank you for letting me hug you, " she looked at Lee Ann's dispassionate face, as Christabelle bit her lower lip before saying, "nice to meetcha..." and by that time, the guardian had grabbed a hold of her left wrist and started to pull her away from them, "bye.." she said as her eyes locked on Lee Ann as if to drink in every moment she could of seeing her.

    Ensign Polly Kilpatrick had to stifle a laugh and cover her smile in seeing her new friend putting up with this young lady's enthusiasm for Vulcans, but she regained her composure shortly to continue walking with Lee Ann dutifully without giving the wrong impression that she was laughing at her expense, which she wasn't. She did not really know what to say to her to support her friend in this situation, especially when Vulcans do try to avoid bodily contact with other species, especially hugs, which was something they are not familiar towards in practise as an alien race. It seemed that silence was the best way to support her friend and thus forgetting this embarrassing ordeal would more than likely be her friend's preference if she wished to continue having this friendship with Lee Ann. She tried to think of a subject to help leave behind what had just happened, "Anything new in the Science Department?" Polly inquired, hoping she did not have to narrow the subject to a specific topic.

    "Nothing worthy to report," Lee Ann stated as a matter of fact.

    Lee Ann heard that fanatical girl's squeal again far behind them in the corridor, announcing that she had spotted another Vulcan. That particular Vulcan was running past them, seemingly trying to get away from that girl, making Polly burst out laughing, but as Polly looked back, the girl was not chasing him at all. When Polly looked forward at the running Vulcan, Lee Ann had come to a standstill as her hand shot out to hold Polly back from proceeding any further. Polly saw Lee Ann's fixed look ahead, and followed her gaze to what was alarming her as it proceeded past the running Vulcan to a fight ahead of him outside of a bar. A Nausicaan was throwing one Ferengi across the corrider while snatching up the other one, drawing his blade. The Vulcan arrived in time and managed to give the Nausicaan a Vulcan nerve pinch from behind just as the blade was raised to be plunged into the heart of the held Ferengi. The bloodless blade dropped to the floor as the Vulcan lowered the unconscious Nausicaan to lessen his fall at their feet. The newly freed Ferengi was still aghasted by the event, and before he had collected his wits about him, the Vulcan had left before he could thank him. Lee Ann eyed the retreating Vulcan as he walked past them the other way, never once did their eyes meet.

    Lee Ann and Polly continued to walk towards her destination and by the time they were walking past the scene outside of the bar, Starfleet security was arriving. They heard one Ferengi said to another, "Kek. That's two you owe him," to which Kek had replied towards the other to shut up.

    It was a full twenty minutes walk since until Lee Ann was prompted to ponder the confusing scene in her mind. She stopped, turned around, and looked back.

    "What?" Ensign Polly asked as she joined her in looking back.

    "How did he know to be there for that Ferengi?" Lee Ann inquired.

    Polly thought for a moment, "I don't know," she finally said, "it could very well be that he had heard trouble was brewing because of that Nausicaan coming onboard looking for a fight," then she declared in protest,"and what is a Nausicaan and a couple of Ferengiis doing onboard anyway? This is a Starfleet waiting station for Starfleet personnel!"

    Lee Ann corrected her, "It is also a service area for travellers in transit."

    "It is?" Polly asked incredulously, "You would think there would be enough service areas for travellers down on the surface."

    "That would be if they were visiting Mars on the surface," Lee Ann explained, but if they are in transit,"it would be more efficient to get services through here."

    "Well, "Polly shrugged,"I'm a newbie. Live and learn, I guess."

    Lee Ann dropped the matter since it was possible that the Vulcan could have gotten information that there would be trouble coming from the Nausicaan, but still...what the one Ferengi had said to another was highly suggestive that this was not an isolated incident with this Vulcan, but it was hardly a matter worth investigating. She dropped the train of thoughts concerning him as it has been her habit to overthink things, but she was getting better at knowing when to stop and so she proceeded to their destiniation.

    "Please wait here," Lee Ann said as they stood outside the door of an accomodation, "hopefully, I shall not be long."

    The door slid open as Polly got a peek in to see Captain William Riker of the USS Titan with his wife, Counselor Deanna Troi. Out of reflex, Polly grabbed Lee Ann's arm and asked in awe, "They are your family?" as she looked at her Vulcan ears once more in disbelief.

    "They are my Godparents," Lee Ann explained, "I hardly ever see them. It just so happens that they are here while their ship, the Titan, is undergoing maintenance and repairs. They had heard that our ship was also putting in for maintenance and repairs as well and had asked me to stop in for a visit, claiming that they had something of importance to share with me concerning a family matter that it could not be put off any more."

    "Oh..." Polly was interested more in Lee Ann now, "okay. I'll wait. Take all the time you need."

    Lee Ann stated, "If it takes longer than I had anticipated, I shall inform you." As the the door slid shut, Polly saw the welcoming view of Counselor Deanna Troi arms wide open in greeting the entering Vulcan.

    The door was shut as Deanna Troi clasped her hands together to prevent herself from embracing Lee Ann in a hug, but she still smiled at her in greeting her into their temporary accomodation, "Welcome, Lee Ann! We are very glad to see you! Would you like some Vulcan tea before we begin?"

    "I have a friend waiting outside," Lee Ann reported as a matter of fact, "if this will take long, I will need to inform her."

    "Well," Deanna Troi stated as she was taken aback by this cold front, but then she spotted the Vulcan ears and remembered, and had to laugh at herself for forgetting, but Will Riker interjected before she could respond further.

    His tone was soft and yet heavy that it told Lee Ann that this family matter was serious, "Yes, it may take awhile. You may want to tell your friend to get together at another time. Mayhap tomorrow."

    Lee Ann stood there, sensing the gravity of the situation, and without further adieu, she stepped out for a moment to ask Polly to make housing arrangements here at the station for the two of them, and apologized that this family matter was more serious than she had thought, and then after bidding farewell, she had returned to seat herself on an isolated cushioned chair in the living room as Will & Deanna seated themselves on the sofa across from her. "Is there news regarding my father?" she braced herself.

    "No," Will answered abruptly, "no. Your father is okay as far as we know," thus easing her concern of his welfare as he was serving onboard the Vulcan Science Vessel on an unspecified deep space assignment.

    She sat there as Will & Deanna collected themselves and seemingly at an impasse on how to begin this uncomfortable subject. There was a padd on the coffee table in front of them that they were looking at, and so Lee Ann fathomed that surely the information that they had wished to share with her was on the padd. She picked it up before Deanna could stop her, "Wait.. wait," Deanna pleaded, "you need to be prepared."

    It was too late. "I am one of five children born of my mother on the same day?" Lee Ann asked incredulously, "Why would my Father keep this information from me?" She looked up at the Rikers and then back at the padd, touching several times to flip through the information.

    "It is okay for you to show your emotions to us, Lee Ann," Deanna offered, sensing the churning of swelling anger and grief rising within Lee Ann, "we know you are half Betazoid and have never gone through Kolinahr."

    At that, Lee Ann let out a whimper when reading of the abduction of one of her baby sisters, Lydia, which combined with the death of her mother, led her father in grief and in guilt to give up all but one of the children to raise on his own. Then Deanna got up to kneel beside her chair, placing a hand on her forearm to comfort her. Her father had chosen Lee Ann out of the five children, because she was the only one born, looking like a Vulcan.

    She read on to see the reasons for the placements. There was a report of an unusual sonargram of her baby brother, Godfrey, and one of her other baby sisters, Desarae, were holding each other in the womb, and thus led her father to cause the seperation of the two by placing Godfrey with Candice, her other baby sister that happened to be born first. Lee Ann read on that Godfrey was renamed Sherwin Owen Waite as Candice was renamed Christabelle Lia Waite. She looked at the single placement of Desarae as being renamed as Cassandra Julianna Corsinca. Lee Ann felt for Desarae being all alone family-wise, and she touched the screen to see where she was now. The picture in her profile of Desarae as Cassandra Julianna Corsinca made Lee Ann dropped the padd. It looked exactly like that fanatical girl she had seen mere moments ago in the corridor, but with Vulcan ears. She stood up in disbelief, seeing the uncanny resemblance of Desarae to that Vulcan fan. Deanna picked up the padd from the floor and slowly stood up to hand it to her. Lee Ann slowly took the padd again and while she shook her head in disbelief, she looked at the picture of Cassandra, touched the link to read about her current whereabouts.

    She was here, at this particular station, serving in Starfleet as a Counselor. Her official record was before her to read, but it listed her as Vulcan, locking her medical file from viewing as Lee Ann had done with her health records to hide the fact that she was half Betazoid.

    She touched the screen to go back to Christabelle to see her current picture. She was the spitting twin image of the Counselor, only wthout the Vulcan ears. Lee Ann shook her head in disbelief. She looked at her medical file which was open to be read, revealing that some Vulcan genetic markers were dormant, leaving her with a more human appearance.

    She touched the screen to go back to see her baby brother. She touched the screen to see his current whereabouts, but it stopped short at 7 years of age when he had entered Ponn Farr which caused his Vulcan ears to form. It was then that the family placed him through an adoptive agency on Vulcan, seperating Sherwin from Christabelle. Deanna was holding Lee Ann from the side with one arm to support her as she was viewing what Lee Ann was reading. Deanna explained, "We had tried to find him, Lee Ann, but I am afraid Vulcans are unsympathetic towards any outside inquiries into his current whereabouts."

    All Lee Ann saw was that Candice's family had rejected her brother because he was a Vulcan. She looked back in the padd at Desarae and had fathomed that Cassandra had better faring with her family since there was no further placement when her Vulcan ears had come forth at age 14. Still, she went back to view the last picture of her teary eyed 7 year old brother, and wept a few tears for him.

    Anger was swelling up now towards her father for denying this information from her regarding her siblings and the events surrounding the death of her mother. She looked at the police report and news report surrounding the abduction of the last baby born, Lydia, which her mother had given up her life in giving birth to her. She saw how devastated her father was which was unusual for a Vulcan to be seen in that way. Betazed authorities feared that he was not capable of taking care of all of the remaining four children, but as he had fought for his right to take care of all of them, he could only prove he was capable of taking care of one. His failure to the court in taking care of four babies added to his loss.

    This explained why Lee Ann was under the care of the Nanna while her father was always away on deep space missions.

    Deanna tried her best to comfort her, but Lee Ann was determined that she was not going to show her emotions any more. She took in a deep breath, and exhaled as Deanna sensed her resolution within her that required her to stand back. Lee Ann placed the padd on the coffee table and stated in a Vulcan fashion, "It is irrelevant now. Our childhood has been lost, but we are adults now of 27 years of age. Life goes on as you humans say." She turned to leave, but Deanna grabbed hold of the back of her arm. Lee Ann was not fooling her at all. She hugged Lee Ann, and coaxed her to let it all out what she was burying so hard to keep within. Lee Ann blurted out bawling over the loss of her two siblings, and crying out of her pain of wanting to find them. At that, Will stood up from the sofa and joined in embracing them both and comforting her by saying, "We will never stop looking for them, Lee Ann."
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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #2 Trepidation

    An hour had passed since the revelation of her family's secrets as she was still being consoled by the Rikers. A meal was replicated for her, but she had eaten very little. Even Deanna's favorite choice of chocolate dessert seemed too little to alleviate Lee Ann's sorrow. For the most part, the Rikers permitted silence to be given to Lee Ann to voice her anger and her grief, but her Vulcan upbringing was coming more and more to the surface as her tears dried away. Deanna decided to ease the tension in the room by asking personal questions about her goddaughter. "Lee Ann, " Deanna began, "is there a reason for suppressing your Betazoid heritage?"

    Lee Ann stopped thinking about Godfrey and Lydia, and came into focussed in response to Deanna's question. She took a moment to gather her thoughts on the subject in deciding how to answer that question, and then she sighed and began, "You do know that it is a customary practise for humanoids to "hit on" Betazoids for being "warm" and "sensual"?"

    Deanna acknowledged that with a small laugh and said ,"Yes...?"

    Lee Ann would have thought that would be explanation enough as she allowed time and silence to let her question, which was given as an answer, to sink in. Apparently, more was needed as Deanna awaited patiently for her to explain. "It is insulting to Vulcans..." she stated flatly.

    "But you have never purged your emotions," Deanna shared why she had found that answer as unacceptable, "I can sense more emotions coming from you even under the surface than I would sense from a normal Vulcan." Lee Ann looked up from her plate and gave Deanna one of her raised eyebrow look of disapproval over the use of the word "normal". Deanna recovered, "I simply meant for a person such as yourself from mixed family heritages, you do not seem to shun emotions."

    "I shun displaying them in public," Lee Ann explained, "as you humans do when it is necessary to ward off nonpreferable suitors."

    "You seem to be doing it all the time in public," Deanna shared her observation, "even now, you are putting on a display of Vulcan veneer."

    "To you, it is a thin veil covering my emotions, but to nonempathic aliens, I am Vulcan," Lee Ann pointed out.

    "I see," Deanna accepted her explanation somewhat, "are you being pursued by unpreferable suitors right now?"

    Lee Ann took in a deep breath and sighed. Then she answered, "Without naming anyone in particular, all the time," she went on to share, "I find it telltaling for these humanoid species that they are motivated by the eye. They look upon women like some dream they wish to embrace and then when they do, they wake up," she paused a moment, "why any woman submit to something that should only be shared in marriage is beyond me."

    "Well..." Will interjected,"that is all part of building social skills in finding your true mate."

    Deanna put in,"It is normal for anyone to share intimate moments before they find the one they wish to consumate with for the rest of their lives."

    Lee Ann shook her head in firm disagreement and began "I have heard these conversations from these "break ups" that usually occur after these one night stands from my shipmates. Whenever the woman or the man desires to marry their lover, the other would reply in reference to their one night stand that it doesn't mean anything," Lee Ann reported, "and I find it hypocritical when these men sets their sights on me for a one night stand that they would take my refusal as an insult. How can it be an insult if that one night stand does not mean anything to them?"

    Will and Deanna were taken aback by her point and let the matter dropped in that regard as Deanna continued,"Do you believe that if a Vulcan such as yourself would show her emotions in public that you would be "hit on" more than regularly?"

    "I have seen it happened," Lee Ann explained, "even among shipmates."

    "Explain.." Will Riker commanded as a Captain more than a Godparent.

    "Vulcans are teased enough as it is as crewmates poke and prod for an emotional response. There seems to be some sort of appeal to get... as you humans say... our goat," Lee Ann stated flatly, "now imagine how much more motivated they would be if it was known that I was half Betazoid," she leaned towards Deanna to express the human display of it, "that I am "warm" and "sensual"?"

    "Okay," Deanna put in, "I get the point. Thank you for sharing that. It does explain why most hybrid Vulcans hide their mixed lineage from being viewed as public record."

    Then Lee Ann sat straight up in her seat at the table and resume her Vulcan composure. "It is unfortunate..." Lee Ann had concluded, "but I do not care to illicit more poking and proddings than I usually get now." Then she thought of her sister, the station's counselor, and decided to switch subject, "has the counselor been informed of our relations?"

    Deanna replied, "No. We decided to wait for your approval first since you are officially our goddaughter," she went on to explain, "it would be better for you to find out first from us before we inform any of your other siblings in finding this out from them."

    Lee Ann thought for a moment and said softly, "Thank you for that," she went on to say, "because I would never believed it from them or anyone else. I look nothing like them."

    "Yes," Deanna agreed, "although two of your sisters share an identical look for the most part, you do stand apart from them noticeably, but the medical records from your birth does confirm that they are your sisters."

    Lee Ann shook her head in disbelief and then looked up and asked, "Have you met this Christabelle?" Deanna and Will shook their heads slightly to the negative. "Well, I have. She's here at the station. She had just ran into me a little while ago."

    Will and Deanna gave her a startled look as Deanna insisted, "We have told no one of ..."

    Lee Ann interrupted her as she continued, "She did not know who I was. She just have a fascination for Vulcans."

    Both the eyes of Will & Deanna popped wide open. "That was her?!!" Will exclaimed, "Man! We could hear her down the corrider a couple of times, but we never looked to see whom it was that was a Vulcan fanatic!"

    "We just thought it was funny to hear that, but we never seen that girl," Deanna added, "wow. This is going to be interesting."

    "Yeah..." Lee Ann pointed out, "especially when Cassandra is not prepared to meet her yet or this Christabelle in meeting her."

    "I wonder what she would say if she found out she was part Vulcan?" Deanna chimed in amusement then it got quiet at the table as the smiles from Deanna and Will faded.

    Lee Ann stood up, looking at her plate, announcing, "I do not think Cassandra would want her secret getting out."

    Lee Ann moved to the door, but Deanna motioned her to stop and pleaded, "Wait... we will go with you. We know where her office is at the station."

    As the Rikers led the way, Lee Ann looked for that fantatical sister of hers in the corridor, hoping to waylay her into a much needed private conversation, but the more she thought about that conversation, the less likely it was going to take place. Christabelle was uncontrollable when it comes to her childlike expressions and restraint. Lee Ann could see nothing but an overly exciteable sister proclaiming throughout the station that she was part Vulcan and she had sisters on the stations too. Lee Ann could imagine nothing short of complete exposure to the public and eventually her shipmates.

    As they were about to approach an intersection of corridors, they saw Christabelle run into the Station's Counselor just as they rounded the bend. "Oh! Sorry...." Christabelle began and then her eyes froze upon the face of her twin looking Vulcan, "Gadzookie! You LOOK like ME!" They both were taken aback by this meeting, but Christabelle was more vocal about it, "Wow. WOW! Oh Wow!!!!" she exclaimed as she walked around Cassandra, eyeballing her Vulcan ears as the counselor assessed the whole of image of Christabelle. Christabelle clenched her trembling hands, holding them up against her chest as she beamed ever so brightly at Cassandra and hugged her, lifting her off of her feet.

    "Please put me down, Girl," The Counselor demanded politely.

    Christabelle complied. "Sorry!" she stammered about, "But this is SO UNREAL!!! It's like.. like what they say on earth! Because of the amount of people, there is a double for every one! I bet they never though of having a double in alien cultures!" Christabelle concluded with glee, "OH WOW!!" she was restraining herself from hugging Cassandra again, "This is SOOOO COOOL!!"

    "Well," Cassandra commented rather pleasantly enough, "this explains all the looks I have been getting." Christabelle started to move forward to hug Cassandra again, but Cassandra held her hand out to stop her, "I have a destination that I have to go to. Please permit me to continue on my way."

    Christabelle clasped her hands and placed them between her thighs somewhat as if to hold them there, while she bit her lower lip and sheepishly stepped aside. After Cassandra had walked past, she unclasped her hands and waved enthusiastically behind Cassandra, "Thank you for letting me HUG YOU!" and then clasped her hand again in a dreamy state until she spotted Lee Ann with the Rikers. "Oh! It's you AGAIN!" she ran up to Lee Ann and continued, "Did you see that?!! She looked like ME!" Christabelle looked away from them back at the departing Cassandra down the other corridor and then back at Lee Ann and the Rikers again, "It's like we could have been SISTERS!!!" she exclaimed with a bright smile at the possibility of it. "OH! Oh. I know!" Christabelle began to announce, "I'll go get Vulcan ears!" she looked down another corridor towards the station's Sick Bay, and proclaimed, "They can do that HERE!!" She clenched her shaking hands again as if to contain the joy of the idea and then hugged Lee Ann out of the blue, lifting her off of her feet. But before Lee Ann or the Rikers said anything, she placed Lee Ann down on her feet and darted off towards Sick Bay, giggling as she went.

    "We'll handle this," Deanna announced, "she could get in trouble for impersonating a Starfleet personnel," she grabbed her arm and inquired,"Why don't you go to your quarters here at the station and take a break from all this?" Deanna was wishing to spare Lee Ann any more uncomfortable interaction with the uncontrollable Christabelle.

    Since people near them were watching this "humorous" scene as some were chuckling at her, Lee Ann looked at the exciteable Christabelle entering Sick Bay and replied flatly, "It is agreeable." And she walked away, back the way they had come, ignoring the warm hearted smiles and the consoling comments given towards her from passerbys that "the girl" didn't mean anything by that hug.

    She made her way past the Rikers' accomodations to the Quartermaster Office. A pleasant Bolian greeted her and inquired of her need. "Yes," she replied succinctly, "I believe I have quarters arranged earlier by my friend, Ensign Polly Kilpatrick.

    The Bolian lookd up the information on the computer and announced that her quarters were indeed pre-arranged by the ensign and gave Lee Ann her designated accomodation. She left the Quartermaster's Office and strolled down the corridor. Then she stopped by a dessert cafe. It suddenly dawned on her that she could never tell Christabelle that she is her sister. She moved to a bench provided in the corridor across from the dessert cafe and sat down as she pondered the possibility that she should not even tell Cassandra that she is her sister. She could not imagine Cassandra not telling her twin sister the news, risking the unnecessary hardship due to that blabbermouth.

    Then Lee Ann heard her, "Ooooh! Ooooo! You again! OHH gosh! My lucky DAY!" Lee Ann ignored her as she sat, staring blankly ahead in sadness while Christabelle saddled next to her on the bench.

    She mustered up the nerve to say "Hi..." smiling so happy and acting so giddy next to her. Then Christabelle demeanor had changed. "What's wrong?" She sat there to the unresponsive Lee Ann and expressed a sorrowful concern for her, "...ooooo... ohh..." she looked around and then got up from the bench and began asking those passing by, "Will you help her please?" But one look at the stone cold faced Vulcan, most decided to mind their own business and walked on.

    Some did say to Christabelle to leave her alone while a few others said to mind her own business, but one finally did say, "You help her." And it came from a Klingon, of all people.

    And Christabelle was taken aback by that answer for a bit before stating, "But I don't know how." People continued to walk pass her as she whimpered at her helplessness as she wringed her hands to figure out what to do. She spotted something and then announced, "OH! I know!" She trotted off into the dessert cafe and came out with a couple of candy apples. She stood before Lee Ann and held one out for her to take, "Here!" she offered happily, "This is good! I really like this!" She bit her lower lip while seeing Lee Ann continuing her unresponsive behaviour towards her. She sat down next to her, holding out the candy apple that was offered to her while she ate the one she had for herself. "MMMmmmmmm...." she expressed her enjoyment in eating her candy apple, and then saying in a singsong kind of way, "if you don't take it, I'm going to eat it after I'm done with this one." Then she added, "You don't know what you are missing." She took a bite and declared, "Ohh.. yum yum YUMMY!" Then she looked at Lee Ann and waved the Candy Apple offered to her in front of her face. Christabelle sensed a slight elation in Lee Ann's emotions as Lee Ann took the candy apple to stop her waving it in front of her face. Then Christabelle pulled up her legs unto the bench and curled up as she pushed Lee Ann in the shoulder, as if indicating that she felt her elation for that moment and to stop being so sad on the outside.

    "Stop it," Lee Ann retorted.

    Christabelle kept poking her in the shoulder, smiling at her as Lee Ann was being amused by her playful antics, but she was still not showing it in return. Lee Ann bit into the candy apple, considering the idea of having her sister as her friend, but it was in trepidation.
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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #3 The Dud Promotheus

    Counselor Cassandra Julianna Corsinca did little to ponder on the oddity of that fanatical young lady that looked like her. Granted, she was lacking Vulcan ears, but her hair was shinier as a blonde than her own. She had believed that she can resolve any possible dispute or confusion regarding "her" behaviour by reporting that there was indeed another look-a-like on the station that wasn't a Vulcan.

    She groaned at the lack of perception people were having in seeing that "girl". If Starfleet were to call her mental health in question, all she had to do was find the girl so that people can see the difference between the two if they were standing side by side. Twelve Starfleet personnel had stopped by her office over the past five hours looking oddly at her as if they had just seen her somewhere else. She deducted that they had not seen that girl up close enough to see that she did not have Vulcan ears, but the shinier blonde hair should have been a giveaway, which, apparently it wasn't in according to those twelve Starfleet personnel.

    She entered the office of Commodore Prescott, bypassing the secretary that had paged her as she made her way into his office where a dispute was in progress.

    "I'm not leaving until I get an answer," said the Klingon calmly as two members of Starfleet security flanked him on either side, "My crew and I have waited long enough for you guys to replace my ship. It is Starfleet's fault, and I want a ship, not some padd loaded with credits of latinum."

    "Is this about the "Misfired Torpedo Incident", Commodore?" the station's Counselor inquired.

    "Yes," groaned Commodore Prescott, "and I have tried to get legal to work out a request for a replacement, but Starfleet still insist on paying financial compensation in latinum so they can go somewhere else and buy a ship."

    "We CANNOT haul that kind of payment around without getting mugged out of spacedock!!!" The Klingon Captain bellowed, "We have been hanging around here too long now that rumors already have been getting a few of my crew mugged for it."

    Commodore Prescott was leaning on his desk, but now he stood straight up and asked, "Were those your Ferengiis that got attacked earlier today?"

    "DUH!" The Klingon Captain snipped, "And their names are Kek and Jo-Jo!"

    Sensing a very high tension in the room that was about to break forth into a physical fight, Counselor Corsinca walked over to the Commodore's desk and picked up the padd that was in front of him, discerning that it would be the one regarding this dispute. She glanced over the report how the Starship Yorktown was in for maintenance in orbit when the station's crew was testing the loading of the torpedo in the launching bay when it had somehow fired the torpedo that was loaded without any command from the bridge or from engineering. It had hit the Klingon Captain's ship in orbit and sent it spiralling toward the planet of Mars. It was the quick thinking of a low level Engineer, working in the transporter room off of another starship in maintenance that saved the lives of the crew on that doomed ship.

    The Counselor saw that it was indeed a run down cargo freighter, patched together with some parts from Klingon and Bajoran space vessels. The Klingon Captain had been using it for supply runs for the native American Indians on Dorvan V between Earth.

    She saw the rulings by Starfleet brass in the padd as citing the request to replace the vessel with one of their own simply a joke to ignore. She was disappointed in reading that, noting that Rear Admiral Keith Barone was behind it. Whenever he gives an "off the cuffs" ruling, the other admirals beneathe him, fall in line. The Counselor has come to see those beneathe his charge as nothing short, but a bunch of "yes" men in her eyes, including the Commodore in the room.

    She walked over to the port window to look out into the Shipyard in orbit. She espied the prototype starship Promotheus class docked to the orbital spacestation she was on. She touched the padd to look up the current status of the Promotheus. The report still had it listed as "undetermined security risk" due to an incident where it had fallen into Romulan hands. Starfleet still did not know how it was done, and all further production of that type of vessel was halted because of it. She started to read the incident report of how an EMH from another Starship had joined with the EMH of the Promotheus in turning the tide on the Romulans to regain control of the ship, but she was distracted by the onslaught of insults being traded in the room between the Klingon Captain and Commodore Prescott. "One moment please, " the Counselor stated loud enough for them to hear, "I may have a solution." That ceased the exchange of hositilities for the moment.

    The Commodore walked over to her beside the window to see what she was looking at on her padd. "No," he flatly stated as he walked back behind his desk. "I am using that for extra accomodations."

    She was sensing that the Klingon Captain was getting ready to start getting more aggressive in his demand for a ship, and so she turned to face him and stated firmly to the Klingom, "Captain Rimko," she paused as she could see she had gotten his attention, "if you will permit me to work on your behalf, I may get you a ship, but please allow me time to win your case."

    The Klingon saw the sincerity in the Vulcan Counselor's tone as she did say it in such a way that she would be more successful in getting what he wants sooner than he could get it. "Thank you, my lady," came the unusual cordial reply from the Klingon Captain, "I shall defer you to your efforts on my behalf."

    "Thank you, " Cassandra had stated in her usual Vulcan fashion. And then the Klingon left the office in good spirits.

    When the doors were closed, Commodore made a false assumptions and said,"Good thinking on your part. He was about to get hostile there. It is better to make him think we are in the process of getting him a ship rather than actually giving him one. He has to be out of his mind to think he deserves compensation on that order."

    "Commodore," Cassandra replied, "I am being serious in meeting his demand."

    "But you CAN'T," Commodore Prescott protested.

    "I am fully aware of your good intentions of "hiding" away Starfleet personnel that has been on the Rear Admiral's radar, but you can always dock another starship in holding there to serve as extra accomodations for those sexually harrassed."

    "You know about that?" the Commodore asked incredulously.

    "Yes," the Counselor has stated flatly, "just as I also know that there is nothing I can do about it when they refuse to file formal charges," she paused, "but you can strip the Promotheus of classified Starfleet material and information and give them one of the three ships that make up the Promotheus to serve as a replacement for the Klingon's vessel."

    The Commodore walked back over to the window and looked at what Starfleet had considered "the dud ship Promotheus", and moaned,"If only we could have found out how the Romulans had taken over the ship..." and he paused, looking at it fondly, "it is a good warship."

    The Counselor commented, "Yes, but the inside is more of a luxury ship than a warship, " she looked at the Commodore and stated, "Holo-emitters on every deck and rooms? Just what was Starfleet thinking anyway?"

    "For emergency medical assistance," the Commodore stated, "it would come in handy to have the EMH being able to get there before our official medical team could come."

    "I suppose I can see the value of it if there was an isolated emergency on the starship, but when facing multiple injuries due to an external attack, they would need a holographic medical team for it to be efficiently used by any starship," Cassandra pointed out, "one EMH would hardly do the job."

    The Commodore agreed as he looked at the dud ship Promotheus and concluded, "Very well. Give him one of the three ships and register it as the "Golgotha." It did serve well as a memorial place for the dead at the station."

    "Yes," The Counselor agreed, "which was why it was a perfect accomodation for young females of Starfleet that wish their residences to be unknown to the Rear Admiral Barone on his occasional visit to the station," she paused, and then added, "I shall visit them altogether to see if strength in numbers may give them the courage to make formal charges against the Admiral," she turned to the Commodore, "then mayhap you would not need to switch them off to another ship in an unspecified holding period."

    The Commodore shook his head and looked at his desk in defeat, "I have tried that already."

    "Perhaps they will be more than willing to try if I exhorted them that it was their duty to hold the Admiral to the high standard of behaviour here at Starfleet," the Counselor stated.

    The Commodore looked at the Counselor and commented, "Perhaps," he agreed, "you do seem to be so impressionable for a Vulcan."

    "Pardon?" the Counselor inquired, raising an eyebrow.

    The Commodore stammered, "It's just that you seem more personable.. approachable.. than most Vulcans I have encountered with. You do seem to come across more human in diplomatic manners and social etiquette than even the best of us here at Starfleet."

    "There is no need to be insulting, Commodore," the Counselor conveyed, "I simply adapted human facial expressions to ease my patients into being free to express themselves to me. I will admit that it has become a habit now in my relations to others outside the counselling sessions, but my characterization is far from being labelled as "human"."

    "You do perform very well as a diplomat," the Commodore tried once again to compliment her, hoping to forget his poor choice of words,"it does add to your credit in your acting skills in the station's annual plays."

    "You exaggerate," she turned to leave the room.

    "A standing ovations at the end of every play with your name being shouted for an encore is hardly.." the Commodore was stating louder, but the door slid shut behind her, causing his voice to trail off, "an exaggeration." Then he finally said what he had wanted to say all along, "I love you, Cassandra."
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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #4 The Purser

    Captain Rimko waited a safe distance from the Commodore's Office down the corridor when he had seen the Counselor come out. He looked at Kek whom was listening to a portable device and was conveying the conversation that was going on in the room that the Klingon Captain had planted a bug in. Kek guffawed, announcing what the Commodore had said after the Counselor had left the room. "Hmph," Rimko grunted, "if I had known a little sugar and spice would have worked on the Commodore, I would have sent my Purser in to speed our request along," Kek and Jo-Jo were chuckling, looking in the direction at Ivana, whom was sitting nearby in a diner, sipping a drink, and then Rimko continued,"all right, Jo-Jo. It's time to retrieve our ears."

    Earlier, it was a simple matter to plant the bug since Rimko was standing in front of the Commodore's desk when he was arguing with him with Starfleet personnel flanked on either side of him. It was a small clear oval devise that could fit into the palm of his hand as it could mirror the surface of whatever it was attached to, and so upon the Counselor's offer, he had slipped the devise unto the front of the desk before leaving.

    Jo-Jo went into the Commodore's Office to falsely claim that their Klingon Captain was missing a small keepsake and may have dropped it in his office. After looking around a bit, and seemingly bumping into the front of the Commodore's desk accidentally, Jo-Jo removed the bug that was planted there, and he concluded his deception to the Commodore that it was not there and left, signalling the all clear when he had come out.

    It was a gamble on the Klingon Captain's part since he could have been charged with espionage as well as lose any chance of being compensated with a ship, but he had wanted to know for sure that the Counselor was really going to honour his specific demand or not. He was glad to be informed that she was. Seeing that Jo-Jo was successful in removing the devise without getting caught, Rimko announced, "Now, I can breathe easier."

    Shanara Ivana Camelot had seen the Klingon Captain and the two Ferengiis being up to something in the corridor, but when the two Ferengiis were looking at her when they were chuckling, she deemed that they were up to no good involving her. She ignored the possibility as she was use to the crewmates' practical jokes on her, but when Jo-Jo scampered off down the corrider, she wondered what pranks they were going to pull on her while on the station. She left her drink unfinished as she moseyed her way over behind Rimko and Kek to espy Jo-Jo coming out of the Commodore's Office, signalling the all clear to which she heard the Klingon's comment of relief. "Are you..." she began, jolting Rimko and Kek to turn around to face her,"...using the Commodore for your next prank on me?"

    Rimko bellowed, "Bwahaha!!" he bent over and slapped his right thigh, laughing, "," he assured her,"nothing like that, " he stood straight up, smiling at his purser and said,"just making sure that we were not being warped over."

    Ivana raised both of her eyebrows and said,"I could have used my empathic ability to sense if he was being dishonest in your negotiations."

    Rimko placed a hand on her and said, "No, Darling," he chuckled before continuing, "Starfleet knows about you being an empath. Word has it that they have training now for executive officers in Starfleet that can fool a reading from any empath."

    Kek saw the look of disbelief on Ivana's face,"It's true!" he assured her. Then he looked at Rimko and said, "course, we do not know if the Commodore has undergone that training or not, but it is an optional elective for Starfleet officers."

    Ivana gave a look of concern as if her value on the crew as an empath was now lessened, but Rimko saw that, "Don't worry, Ivana. You are still valuable to me in negotiations."

    "Only with the ones that do not know you are an empath," Kek assured her, "only Starfleet has records of you being an empath."

    "I find it hard to believe that it would be public records. How is that that they would know?" Ivana asked incredulously.

    "When you were treated the first time at Deep Space Nine in the Infirmary," Kek informed, "by that very first medical scan, that would be how Starfleet would know.

    "Oh," she replied, but she believed they were making an assumption and not something based on fact. She understood that caution was the prudent part to apply in any negotiations, and so she did not feel led to challenge that assumption at this time.

    Rimko and Kek turned to see Jo-Jo striding up to them to hand over the listening devise to Rimko as Rimko replied, "Nothing to worry about, Darling," he added, "we have other ways of getting to the truth of the matter."

    "What was Kek and Jo-Jo laughing about when they were looking in my direction a mere moment ago?" Ivana asked.

    Rimko and the two Ferengiis were taken aback by this for a moment and then they remembered, and Kek replied, "OH! We just found out that the Commodore is sweet on the station's Counselor."

    "Yeah," Rimko continued,"if I had known that a little sugar and spice can go a long way in getting our ship faster, I would have just sent you in there with our request."

    Ivana smiled at that, and said "I see.." she asked, "where is the Counselor?"

    "You can't miss her. She's the only blonde Vulcan on this station," Kek informed.

    "And she's a real head turner like you, too!" Jo-Jo announced, which was more information than he was supposed to share. Rimko and Kek looked sourly at Jo-Jo for saying that outloud.

    "Relax, boys," Ivana stated graciously, "I know I am the talk of the ship's crew as your favourite eye candy," and then she said,"... and no, you will not lose me to Risa. I know that three quarters of our original crew has left already, but I am still sticking around," she looked down the corridor and then back at the three befuddled men and stated in a light hearted manner, "yes, I was in the bar last night when you all were going on about me in your drunken stupor. Honestly, you guys could give a girl a swell head," Then Ivana looked squarely at the Captain and inquired, "Captain, do you wish for me to tag along with her to see how things are progressing for us?"

    Rimko looked down the corridor in the direction that the Counselor had gone, and said,"I don't see her now, and I don't know if you will be able to catch up with her."

    "Where is she going?" Ivana asked.

    "To our ship..." Jo-Jo blurted, but then clarified, "well.. hopefully soon to be..."

    "Which is..?" Ivana inquired further.

    "That memorial ship, the Promotheus," Kek interjected.

    "I know where that is!" Ivana declared with excitement, "I've seen it!" and then she made a face of uncertainty and asked,"Starfleet is going to give us that ship? It don't seem right. How will people see us taking a memorial ship?"

    "Apparently, the Promotheus is made up of three ships. WE are getting one of the three," Rimko informed, "so it will not be obviously known as being part of the memorial ship."

    "Would you like me to make sure we are getting the better one of the three, Captain?" Ivana asked with renewed anticipation, hoping to get better quarters than she had before.

    "Have a go at it, Ivana," Rimko stated his permission. They saw her walked twenty feet to a turbo lift and entered it for the purpose of going down to the level where the memorial ship was docked at, and as the turbo lift doors slid shut behind her, it was then that Rimko had yelled at the Ferengiis, "I knew I should not have joined you guys drinking last night!!!" He began walking away from them, throwing up his hands in the air, "I can't believe I let you guys talk me into it!!"

    "Honest, Captain!!" Jo-Jo protested. "We didn't know she was there!!!"

    "Apparently NOT!!!" Rimko bellowed in embarrassment.
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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #5 Birth Of A New Musical Sensation

    As Ivana stepped off the turbo lift, she espied a teenage girl holding a trailing giggling tot by the hand, walking past her, as she complained to the little one,"That is the last time I take you anywhere, you little pipsqueak!" she complained some more,"I wish I was an only child!"

    "But your life would be sooo boring,"the little one teased.

    "No, it wouldn't," the teenage girl said as they went further down the corridor.

    "Yeah, it would..." the tot's voice was now trailing off,"you say it all the time."

    Ivana could not hear the continuation of that humorous conversation due to the other noises in the corridor, and so she smiled finally, shaking her head at the two in amusement before turning in the other direction to head towards the memorial ship. "How I wished I had an annoying little baby brother," she had thought to herself, "but I guess I still have eight annoying Ferengiis on the crew," she sighed as she continued in her thoughts,"they certainly do more than enough to make up for it along with the Captain for all of their practical jokes."

    Two Bolians males and a Bajoran female from her crew were walking towards her when she saw that they had spotted her. The Bajoran redirected her footpath to intercept her in the corridor and then the two Bolians followed her, "Hi Ivana," the Bajoran greeted her,"any word yet on our new ship or is Starfleet still giving us a runaround?"

    The Bolians were about to make further inquiries into the matter as well, but Ivana stopped them by answering,"You all shall be pleased to know that I have just found out we are indeed, getting a ship," and then she added, "but it is being processed right now and so it may still be a little while before we actually get it."

    "I don't know how much longer we can wait," Tinnae, one of the two Bolians, stated in disapproval,"practically all of the human crew had left for other freighter services..."

    "Has Doctor McCoy left yet?" Ivana inquired.

    "No", Maku, the other Bolian stated, "he and that field medic are still on the fence."

    "But it is not looking good," Tinnae added, "the young doctor has been complaining about mothers fixing him up with their daughters for dates now."

    "He has had twenty three pre arranged dates so far since being here on this station for the past several months," Maku proclaimed.

    "I think it is refreshing to see that men can be sexually harrassed for awhile and not just the women on our crew," Lena, the Bajoran female, sarcastically announced, "I'm glad that those drooling Ferengiis have left."

    "Well," Ivana put in," the bad ones have left. Kek and nine other Ferengiis are still on as far as I know."

    "So we lost eighteen Ferengiis from the loading crew?" Tinnae inquired for a confirmation.

    "Yes," Ivana cited,"Yoko and Finnel have finally left this morning, making it eighteen."

    "I hope Rimko is not expecting Maku and I to pick up the slack in the loading crew," Tinnae said in apprehension, "I do not know if I want to stick around for that."

    Ivana stepped closer to the Bolians and placed a hand on each of them on their chest area over their worried hearts and said,"Your jobs as cooks are secured. I doubt the Captain will want to lose you guys," Ivana added to assure them,"I love your cooking, and since I have the Captain's ears, your jobs are safe with me." She sensed she had alleviated the rising tension within them as a smile found their way to their lips,"I do hope you guys will stick around. I so love your soups and desserts. I would sorely miss it."

    Ivana walked on past them, hoping she is not too late to catch the Counselor before she boarded the memorial ship. The visiting hours on the ship for viewing would be over, and Starfleet security would prevent non-Starfleet personnel from boarding after hours, unless accompanied by a Starfleet personnel. Lena trotted up right beside her, and then asked, "Where are you going?"

    "To talk with the station's counselor," Ivana said.

    "Wouldn't her office be on the same deck with other Starfleet offices?" Lena asked in doubt, inferring that it would be up several levels than from where they are now.

    "A little bird told me she would be heading towards the memorial ship, Promotheus," Ivana said amusingly.

    "Oh..." Lena replied, but before she could inquire further if her visit with the counselor was a private matter or not, she heard singing coming from the other far end of the corridor and getting closer. The acoustics in the corridor was heightening the beautiful voice of the singer as it seems to rapt the attention of all those in hearing distance to pay homage to it by submitting to silence to give the melodious sounds dominance in the corridor.

    Ivana and Lena could not see at first whom it was that was singing, but it became clear as the people ahead of them stepped to the side to allow the passage of this approaching performance.

    It was Christabelle singing a happy song to cheer a walking stone face Lee Ann as she was heading towards her designated quarters. Christabelle danced around Lee Ann with such grace that she did not interrupt Lee Ann's gait at all. There was a crowd following them. Soon, Lee Ann stopped in front of the accomodation which happened to be across from the docking entry for the memorail ship. Lee Ann stood there at her door and permitted Christabelle to continue as she was finishing the song in singing to her. When she was finished in trying to cheer Lee Ann up some more with her song, Lee Ann turned to enter her quarters and allowed the door to slid shut behind her without saying a word to Christabelle.

    Christabelle was smiling brightly until she turned to face the crowd with their growing disapproval looks. Ivana could sense that Christabelle was sensing the crowd's disapproval of her for they saw her playful antics in her signing to Lee Ann as mocking the Vulcan on her way to her quarters about enjoying life with contentment and happiness. Christabelle was taken aback by this contempt she was feeling towards her as she sheepishly explained, "She liked it..." she paused as she sensed that her statement was seen as a lie from the crowd,"I can tell..." She clasped her hands together and held them below her waist. She looked away to the floor and lifted her right foot just a little to rest it on the tip of her shoe and kind of swayed it back and forth a little, sliding the tip across the floor in a shy and embarrassed childlike gesture. Her smile faded as the displeasure from the crowd was convicting her for her "mistreatment" towards Lee Ann.

    Ivana made a move to go to her to comfort her, but Lee Ann came out of her quarters with a violin. Then she began to play the notes to accompany the song that Christabelle was singing earlier, and when it dawned on Christabelle what she was doing, she bounced her whole body to get in tune with the musical notes, and then she began once again to sing that song, shocking the audience with awe and hearty approval as they no longer saw a Vulcan being picked on by the young lady, but a new musical sensation was being born. When the song was done, an explosion of applause went up, and then Lee Ann grabbed Christabelle by the arm and pulled her into her quarters when they were calling for an encore.

    "They were pretty good!!" Lena shouted,"WOW! I did NOT see THAT coming AT ALL!!"

    "Me neither," Ivana chuckled, "I was surprised... boy, was I ever!"

    The crowd dissipated as high spirited people went on their merry way. Ivana did not see any blonde Vulcan coming down the corridor yet, and so she approached to ask the two Security Officers sitting at the entry desk inside the entry doors if the Counselor had gone onboard. Ivana could sense that they too were in high spirits as they must have heard the duo's performance from the corridor. They were looking at each other in disbelief and amazement. Although they sounded to her like the way two people were communicating between two cans on a string, the men were talking about how unusual that was with the Vulcan playing with the "Counselor" like that. Ivana looked back, doubting her memory, but came to the conclusion that the men were mistaken since the young lady had no Vulcan ears.

    She pushed the comm button near the locked door so that they could hear her clearly, and said "Excuse me?" When they saw her through the panelled glass of the entry doors, their jaws dropped open at her beauty. One of them jumped out of his seat and opened the entry door to talk to her instead of responding by the comm, but he was speechless when he stood before her. "Hi," Ivana began, slightly amused by the attention,"has the station's Counselor come through here yet?"

    "Oh!" the silent one spoke finally,"She went in there!" and as he exclaimed with gladness in being able to serve her by pointing to the door of Lee Ann's quarters, the Counselor walked up to the entry doors and stopped short upon entering when she saw the befuddled look of the security personnel. Then the other security personnel joined him and gave her the same befuddled look. Even Ivana and Lena had to do a double take, because she did look like that girl after all.

    "I take it, my non-Vulcan twin has just been here recently?" the Counselor inquired dryly as she raised an eyebrow towards all of them.

    "So we are not experiencing a temporal anomaly?" one of the guards said.

    "Hardly," the Counselor said amusingly,"but it is illogical how you all have mistaken me for her. I, myself, as run into that mischievous childlike lady, and we are nothing alike."

    "Did you hear that singing in the corridor?" Lena asked incredulously.

    Cassandra looked at Lena and replied,"Yes. It was quite lovely."

    "THAT was HER!!" Lena proclaimed.

    Wishing to move on with her task at hand, Cassandra turned to the security officers and stated,"I require access to the ship. Please permit me to pass."

    The security officers had started to step aside when Ivana asked,"May we accompany you to see the ship?"

    "I'm sorry, but I have a private matter I need to attend to. You cannot accompany me at this time in seeing the ship. You will have to see the ship during normal visiting hours," Cassandra stated and then walked past the security personnel.

    Ivana was going to inform her that they were a part of Rimko's crew, but thought the better of it since it would rouse suspicion about how she knew it was this ship they were going to get. "Okay," Ivana replied, "sorry to bother you," but when she turned to leave, she bumped into a male Vulcan trying to walk around her in the entry way to the ship.

    An explosion of emotional pain coming from the male Vulcan sent her arms flailing in beating the Vulcan away from her. She braced herself on the far wall of the entry way out of shock as the Vulcan was knocked down on all fours from her attack. After realizing what she had done, she knelt down to the Vulcan whom was looking up at her and she apologized, "I'm sorry..." she replied with concern, "are you all right? I.. I don't know what came over me...."

    The Counselor had turned back to see the incident and was puzzled by this scene.

    The Vulcan looked away from Ivana to the floor, meditated for a minute and then got up and faced her, "It is I, whom am sorry. I should have alerted you that I was trying to get around you. I meant no offense," he looked at the two security officers that knew him as he replied, "I will not be pressing any formal charges of assault since it was my physical contact with her that had brought this assault on," he turned to Ivana and inquired,"do you wish to file charges of my offensive contact with you?" Ivana looked at him, shook her head to the negative, sensing that the Vulcan did not wish to convey the deep emotional pain that he was carrying within his being. "very well, then," the Vulcan replied,"and thank you. If however you change your mind, since my Vulcan name is unpronounceable to you humans, I am known here on this station as Enow. You can log a formal complaint at the Security Office on board this station. Have a good day." He walked on as if there was a meeting he could not be late for and slipped past the Counselor whom was eyeing him closely.

    Ivana did receive a name from him when she was in that split second contact with Enow, but "Godfrey" hardly seem like an unpronounceable name for a Vulcan.
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  6. Enow

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    Aug 13, 2013
    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #6 What Had Just Happened?

    Lena saw that Ivana was still slightly trembling from the encounter and stood by her friend and crewmate to hold her for comfort from the side, asking "What had just happened here?"

    "I.. I don't know..." Ivana replied as her voice trailed off into fear. She looked in the direction that Enow had gone, but saw the Counselor eyeing her now instead with discernment.

    The Counselor walked back to her quickly and pulled her aside with Lena in tow outside the entry doors of the loading passageway to the memorial ship, and had asked, "Do you know Enow, Miss...?"

    "Camelot," Ivana referred to her last name,"and no, I have never met him before, not that I recall, but..."

    "Have you suffered a traumatic injury yourself in your past at any time?" The Counselor inquired further.

    Ivana was surprised by this personal level of inquiry, but she did answer honestly,"Nothing on the level of what I had felt from him."

    "So you are an Empath, " and then she continued, "do you have any lapse of memory or ...?" the Counselor pursued with more clarity,"are there any missing periods of time that you cannot recollect?"

    "No..." Ivana stammered, sensing the connection of the questions were somehow related to Enow.

    "Interesting..." the Counselor commented, and then cited,"you do not have to answer the next question if you do not want to, but what is your genetic heritage?"

    "I am half Betazoid and half Vulcan," Ivana replied.

    "Howsa?!!" Lena exclaimed,"So THAT'S HOW you have been able to handle those MEN!!! You got the strength of a VULCAN!!"

    Ivana looked at Lena to say something, but changed her mind and looked back at the Counselor for answers, "Why are you asking me these kind of questions?"

    "It is public record that Enow does not remember anything before the age of fourteen," the Counselor reported,"if you have not mind-melded with him in that time period..."

    "No. No, I have never mind melded with anyone..." Ivana commented.

    "Puzzling," the Counselor concluded.

    "Why is that?" Lena had asked.

    "Betazoids and Vulcans are natural telepaths, but mixed heritages has been known to lessen these telepathic abilities," the Counselor explained.

    "I would think they would be even more heightened.." Lena interjected.

    "I can see why one would think that," Cassandra replied, "but that has not been the case statistically in Starfleet medical logs."

    "Speaking of public records, " Ivana saw the opportunity and had to ask,"is it public record in Starfleet that I am an Empath?"

    Cassandra raised an eyebrow, touched the other padd she had retreived from her office after leaving the Commodore's and went to the appropriate screen, and asked, "Full name?"

    "Shanara Ivana Camelot," Ivana complied.

    "Yes," Cassandra relayed, "it has you listed here as a Betazoid and as a Vulcan. The medical scan of your synaptic pathways has you listed as heightened empathic abilities only."

    "Why would Starfleet has that in their public records?" Ivana had asked.

    "Security purposes," the Counselor replied, and then added, "if you were in Starfleet, you would have the right to limit how much of your medical records would be made public."

    "Just how public are those medical records?" Lena had asked.

    "Only Starfleet Medical and Security personnel can have access to them," the Counselor informed.

    "That would include executive officers like Captains and Admirals...?" Ivana inquired further in hesitant conclusion.

    "Yes," the Counselor relayed,"diplomats do have access to these kind of informations, but usually by way of Starfleet executive officers."

    Ivana gave a look of disappointment, but dropped the matter as she referred to the telepathic encounter with Enow, "So how did I receive his real name then?"

    The Counselor was puzzled by this new information, and asked, "What is his real name?"

    "Godfrey...?" Ivana stated in a form of a question since it was hardly an unpronouceable name in Vulcan.

    "Fascinating," the Counselor commented, and then speculated,"I can only surmise that you are mistaken. It was indeed, only a split second of physical contact, was it not?"

    "Yes..." Ivana hesitated,"but it was so personal. It was more like.... I knew him as Godfrey."

    "Highly unlikely," the Counselor stated plainly, "if you had no recollection of having physical contact with him, let alone a mind meld, then I fail to see how you can receive that from him unless he was a family member."

    "Family member?" both Ivana and Lena asked at once in wonderment.

    "As in born in the same womb," the Counselor cited,"he would have to be your brother," the Counselor still saw the look of puzzlement on their faces, and so she continued, "it is rare, but twins have been known to be in a form of telepathic connection by physical contact in the womb. Mothers of mixed Betazoid and Vulcan heritages have reported hearing the thoughts of their children and vise versa from within the womb."

    "What is Enow's birth date?" Ivana inquired.

    The Counselor looked it up, and had to compare the Vulcan's calender to Earth's calender before replying, in hesitancy, "it is the same birthdate as your own, December 13th," but then she looked up at Ivana squarely in the eye and said, "I would not take it as definitive proof that he is your brother since by the Vulcan's calender, that is my birthday too."

    "And your outward characteristics are more Vulcan than Betazoid," Ivana did say in conclusion, "so it is more than likely I am not related to Enow nor to you."

    "I would have to study the matter more..." the Counselor said as she looked up the statistical report on mixed traits on twins when they are born, "but generally, when it comes to twins, they share the same outward physical traits, but I have yet to compare Starfleet's birth records with Betazed's and Vulcan's."

    "Maybe Enow is your brother?" Lena speculated in a playful manner.

    At that, the Counselor raised an eyebrow, and for a moment, she did consider the possibility, but ended the conversation by saying,"Regardless, it is obvious that you are mistaken on receiving that name from him."

    "Obviously," Ivana said as she seemed more collected now to no longer need the support of her friend to lean on her, "thank you for your assistance, Counselor. We shall be on our way now."

    But the more Ivana walked away from the entry doors of the ship, the more grieved she was within her. She looked back to see the Counselor walking in the opaque passageway to board the memorial ship, as a growing gnawing emotional pain was present in her stomache and spreading to her torso. She and Lena had walked a mere twenty yards before she began to keel over and tapped her chest lightly from the painful grief. Lena gave a look of concern and then Ivana reported with tears in her eyes, "I need to see our Dr. McCoy."

    "Ivana, "Lena reasoned with her, "he doesn't have any medical equipment or medicine to treat you with," Lena reminded her, "our ship is gone."

    Ivana groaned, "Then it looks like I am going to have to be treated by Starfleet again," she paused as she debated within herself whethor to subject herself to their care, and then decided, "take me to my quarters. Maybe it will pass."

    They walked a little bit further before she collapsed to her knees, "Ivana! Are you still sensing the Vulcan from even out here?" Lena asked in alarm as she consoled her friend.

    "No..." Ivana suddenly realized, "I .. I made a mistake, " she paused to brace herself against the pain to continue as she began to sob, "I thought I had sensed the grief coming from him," Ivana explained, "but this is MY grief!" she began to rock to see if that would take the pain away as she tapped her chest more to beat it out of her, "I am the one that is grieving!" the tearful Ivana looked up at the frightened Lena, "How can this be?!!"
  7. Enow

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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #7 The Charming Counselor

    Counselor Cassandra Julianna Corsinca noticed once agan, the enraptured viewing of the security personnel now that Ivana was out of view. They had voiced on several occasions of their appreciation of her performances in the station's annual plays, but since the upcoming one was around the corner, they had refrained from repeating their compliments from the last play to asking her questions about the upcoming play and future plays in the works, but since this time, they knew she was visiting the ship for official business, they merely refrained from the usual trivial rapport with her to let her be on her way. Still, she smiled a very pleasant smile that has served its purpose in making it easier for humans to be open and to relate to her.

    When she boarded the ship, she went to the nearest comm station on the wall since her combadge was keyed to the stations's comm system and not to the ship's. She announced, "Attention, please. This is Counselor Corsinca on official Starfleet business. I am requesting all female Starfleet personnel living on board this ship to please report to the Mess Hall. Thank you." It was better to make the announcement now rather than wait till she was in the Mess Hall herself to cut down the waiting period. By the time the Counselor would get there, she calculated that half of the personnel would be there and the other half would be arriving, preferably shortly.

    As she walked towards her destination, using a turbo lift once in getting there, she glanced over the similarity of Admiral Borne's "victims" as being human and of Earth. They were either cadets here on assignments to get a hands-on learning experience or trained ensigns in doing engineering maintenance and repairs, but never once was a victim an officer of a rank above "ensign". The admiral was even more careful so as to select those females that did not have any family in Starfleet, nor in the political offices of the Federation. Being individually isolated from support, the Counselor can see why they would be hesitant to file charges against the rear admiral.

    She entered the Mess Hall and saw only a quarter of the expected living personnel had arrived. As the people were strickling in at various times, the Counselor overheard a conversation of hushed complaints between three young ladies in coming in.

    "Enow saved your butt, Gabriella, and you know it!" argued Cadet Chelsea Hayward,"If he had not turned off the holodeck program from outside, you would have been decapitated."

    Ensign Gabriella Hudson grimaced at that as the third member of their trio, Cadet Shanna Westlake, confirmed, "Neither I nor Chelsea could have gotten to you in time. You were as good as dead, Gabriella."

    "BUT ..." then she saw the Counselor looking at them and hushed further,"he's putting an extra encryption code to lock anyone from removing the safety protocols ever again!"

    "Yeah..." Cadet Hayward moaned, "but I am going to have to agree with him on this one, Gabriella, "it's stupid to run Worf's Calisthenics without the safety features in place. We haven't gotten out of level one yet."

    The Counselor was alarmed at this, but hearing how this foolish oversight by these young ladies was already being taken care of, she decided her official intervention was not needed. She was glad that their neglect of the holodeck safety programs was not going to destract her from the coming issue at hand.

    Eventually, most of them had arrived save for three individuals that were not on the ship at this time, bringing the total to thirty-three young ladies she was going to be able to address presently. She smiled pleasantly enough, disarming them from thinking that they were all in trouble for something, and thus putting them all at ease.

    She began, "As you all know, each of you have been approached and pursued inappropriately by Admiral Barone. I know that you all have been addressed by the Commodore to confront the Admiral to hold him to the high standard here at Starfleet, but have declined," she reported, "and I wish to know why."

    "He has powerful friends in Starfleet and in the Federation," Ensign Gabriella Hudson yelled in exasperation,"HE COULD MAKE THINGS DIFFICULT FOR OUR FAMILIES AT HOME!"

    Silence filled the Mess Hall for a while and then Cadet Shanna Westlake added, "Nobody would believe us..."

    The Counselor spoke firmly, "Individually, it would be difficult, but if you were all to agree to take a stand together, the oddity of the similarity of each of you as victim would seem apparent, because there is a pattern."

    "I don't see how when it happens on the holo-deck," Cadet Hayward replied.

    "Playing the part of an Amazon on the run from being captured by a big game hunter is tell-taling enough," the Counselor pointed out.

    "But he has played that with other females in Starfleet, and have not acted inappropriately with them," Ensign Hudson reported, "I know! Because I have checked! I wanted to find at least one female officer that he had taken advantaged of that has participated on record in his personal holo-deck program, but not one of them has given a hint of having a bad experience out of that!"

    "They have all called it 'the most exhilirating experience' of all holo-deck programs...." Cadet Chelsea Hayward added, thus indicating she was with Ensign Gabriella Hudson on her quest to find one lone Starfleet officer to expose the admiral of his misbehaviour in the program towards them.

    "I see..." the Counselor pondered the added information to weigh out the situation more, "still, there is legal warrant to expose the admiral by the traits you all share as victims," she went on to explain, "you are all humans with ties to Earth: all of you are not officers above the rank of Ensign: and none of you have family members in Starfleet or in any offices of the Federation to give you support..." the Counselor concluded, "it would be enough to bear merit to restrict the admiral from cojoining any Starfleet personnel in any holodeck programs ever again."

    "But not enough to kick him out of Starfleet or hold him responsible," Ensign Hudson pointed out in conclusion, " and thus he will be in a position still to exert political influence to hurt our families."

    "That would be detrimental to the image he would be trying to convey towards his friends as being a scapegoat when using his friends to exact revenge," she paused,"that would make him look guilty," the Counselor remarked, putting in, "plus, since he is a rear admiral of much influence, news media would be covering all of you for any signs of reprisals. It would be foolish for the admiral to try anything outside the holodeck which is what you are removing as his priviledge from ever having access to again....ever...," the Counselor continued, "and although, the admiral will seek to save face by agreeing to this restriction and still be in Starfleet, you would be preventing him from taking advantage of any other young female members in Starfleet."

    There was a slowly agreeing of the minds there in the mess hall as some nodded their heads while others pondered the obvious positive outcome that they should be leaning towards in making an unilateral agreement to take a stand against the admiral to prevent him from suckering anybody else from joining in playing with him in that holodeck program, but there were still a few hold-outs, shaking their heads negatively.

    "What if he was to catch us alone somewhere?" Cadet Hayward asked in trepidation.

    "I do have a holodeck program that each of you can have for your own personal study on how to apply the Vulcan nerve pinch," the Counselor offered, "with the right pressure, you can incapicitate the admiral, if need be."

    That got almost all of the approval from the women as their eyes lit up for that, but a few held out still as Ensign Hudson growled venomously, "I just WANT that BASTARD out of STARFLEET for GOOD!"

    "Starfleet has many enemies," the Counselor began, "it would be nice if they were all gone, but that is not how life is," she continued,"we need to set boundaries with those that we are oppose to so that we can go on with our lives and progress as we should to our enjoyment without giving any more satisfaction to such oppressions within Starfleet as well as without," the Counselor pointed out the significance of Ensign Hudosn's present life, "to hide away from him on this ship so that your place of residence would be unlisted at the station for your tour here is preventing you from having any other well-behaved suitors or new friends from finding you or even your relatives that happened to be making a surprise visit to the station from finding you."

    That did it. The Counselor's winning charm aside, Gabriella Hudson realized now what they were all letting him get away with, and that was allowing him to limit the boundaries of their social outlets just to avoid his stealthly oppressive nature of asking them once again to join him in the holodeck or risk an unfavourable reassignment to a far outpost.

    It wasn't long afterwards when they all went to the replicator to each get an individual Recording Padd to register their complaint as an individual and as a group. It was more than five and a half hours later when the Counselor had completed registering their complaint to file with Starfleet along with the evidence of the Holodeck registerings of the admiral spending time with these ladies individually in the holosuites on the station.

    "How long will it take?" Ensign Hudson inquired.

    The Counselor looked at her Registry Padd and saw an immediate acknowledgement by Admiral Katherine Janeway, and reported, "Apparently, alot sooner than we think," she looked at the endorsement from Admiral Janeway as creditting the Counselor's investigative report as another example of the "charming" Vulcan as being more than eligible for diplomatic status here in Starfleet. She did not know that Admiral Janeway was campaigning behind the scenes to update her status to Ambassader. "Some people do seem to exaggerate my abilities as counselor," she stated, "but it appears they are calling for an emergency meeting at this late hour as we speak."

    The room exploded with applause.
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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #8 Unofficial Upgrades

    "This ship is going to be decommissioned?" Ensign Gabriella Hudson asked incredulously. Then she gaffawed and looked at the rest of the young ladies in the Mess Hall and declared, "BOY! I bet Enow will be sorely disappointed!"

    At that, Counselor Corsinca raised an eyebrow and asked, "Explain."

    "Well," Garbiella looked back at the Counselor and began," he's been living on this ship.."

    "Yeah," Cadet Chelsea Hayward put in,"he's been doing all kinds of upgrades to the ship on his personal time."

    "What kind of upgrades?" the Counselor inquired as she looked up the current status of the ship's on the other Padd she was carrying.

    "He put in an Astrometrics..," Cadet Shanna Westlake shared.

    "Yeah," Cadet Hayward added, "he had a visit from that Borg lady, ...what was her designation again?" she asked looking at Gabriella.

    Gabriella looked at Cadet Hayward sourly and then at the Counselor and answered, "Her official Earth name is Annika Hansen," she paused before continuing, "and she visitted Enow to confirm that the set up of Astrometrics was according to specs."

    "Yeah," Hayward replied, wondering why she did not remember the Borg lady's proper name over her designated Borg's name, "it was just a one time visit off hours."

    "I do not see this upgrade on the ship's current status," Counselor Corsinca pointed out.

    "It wouldn't be," Ensign Hudson explained, "he's done alot of unofficial upgrades for us ladies here."

    "Like what?" the Counselor inquired.

    "The SHOWERS!" Cadet Westlake interjected as the realization hits them all. All of the young ladies in the room casted an air of disappointment as Westlake continued, "Awww... mannn! I'm going to MISS those SHOWERS!"

    Ensign Hudson explained to the Counselor, "It's like a sonic shower but with water. We had asked Enow to put in the shower systems like they have on Risa."

    "Yeah," Cadet Hayward displayed with her hands, "the kind where you get sprayed from a variety of places in the stall...or you can have yourself sprayed everywhere all at once!!!"

    "And the many shower heads offer a variety of sprays too, including jetstream..." Westlake added.

    "You can even set the stall to a waterfall scenario and just bathe," Hudson finished.

    "How many of these Risa units has he put in?" the Counselor inquired.

    "Thirty-six,"Hudson informed, "as per everyone's request."

    Cassandra Corsinca was silent for a moment while the others were carrying on about missing those showers. She was very familiar with those showers on Risa. She loved those showers. It was one of the many appeals for vacationing there.

    She touched the padd and accessed the station's computer and started looking for another ship in an unspecified holding area.

    The USS Thunderchild: Registry number NCC-63549 was a quarantined ship. Starfleet security had searched high and low, flushing out the changeling that was onboard, but found nothing. It was being manned by an alternating security team around the clock to keep the ship in tow with the station's orbit. It was more than likely that it had left the ship before it had returned to this vector of space, but the Captain and her crew will not be returning any time soon due to the trauma they had experienced onboard.

    The Counselor had hoped to help the Thunderchild's Captain and her crew to overcome their insomnia by facing their fears with sleeping onboard their ship, but they all suffered from PTS and all but two of the crew have resigned from Starfleet service, including the Captain. Two male Betazoids were still under her care, but they had an additional ailment of the PTS and that was having the flashbacks of the emotional turmoil felt from the crew. So not only was their own fears they had to overcome, but overcoming the fears felt by the crew around them at that time. They would be no longer fit for duty, but she wanted to help them manage their anxieties and mood swings before letting them go.

    She pondered the likelihood of the Klingon Captain taking this ship since everyone in Starfleet has pegged that ship as the "Ship of Fear", but it would undergo a major overhaul since it was a big ship, way bigger than the smallest of the three of the Promotheus that the Counselor was going to give away to Rimko and his crew.

    She turned to see if she can be motivated more to deter from her original plans. "What other unofficial upgrades has this Enow have been giving to the ship?"

    "He has put in an holographic medical team in addition to the ship's EMH," Hayward announced, "as per the EMH's request."

    "... and an holographic security team as well," Westlake added, "as per our request to keep out the admiral should he ever come onboard," and then she added, "it was for our peace of mind."

    "I see," the Counselor looked at them, wondering, "any chance that Enow can put in another Risa shower system?"

    The ladies looked at each other with their mouths dropping open in a smile, as one of them came over and asked, "Are you interested in having living accomodations onboard?"

    "I am quite familiar with the showers on Risa. It is preferable to the standard Sonic showers offered by Starfleet," the Counselor conveyed, "but if we agree to all live onboard this ship, it still cannot be registered as our living quarters by the Quartermaster of this station."

    They thought for a moment, but the Counselor came up with a solution, "However, I should be able to get permission to activate the ship's communication system to link up with the station's so that you can keep in contact with your friends and relatives and just rendezvous with them on the station. That way, they will not realize that you are communicating off of the station."

    This seemed to not only win their approval but her acceptance as one of them in joining their living accomodations onboard the ship as Gabriella Hudson came over to her with excitement to look at her Padd as the Counselor was looking at the living quarters usually designated for the Ship's Counselor, "Wow!" Gabriella exclaimed, "those are pretty large quarters you are getting there, Counselor!"

    Cassandra was pleased with this as well and stated,"Yes, considering the spartan living space onboard this station, I would say it is a significant desireable improvement."

    It was Westlake that had come over to join them in looking at the Padd that said, "OH! uh.. umm... that is over Enow's living quarters though."

    "Is that a problem?" the Counselor inquired.

    "Chief Medical Officer Doctor Oghana had given those quarters to Enow to seperate him from everyone else," Westlake explained.

    "Oh, yeah, " Hudson winced for the Counselor, "bummer. He is not to have anyone living in adjacent to his quarters, above, below, or beside him."

    "Chief Medical Officer Oghana.." the Counselor held back her angry tone in her voice,"I have not been informed about this," she reported, "he should have been referred to me."

    The Counselor marched out of the Mess Hall with Westlake almost in tow, but Hudson and Hayward held her back, "Let her go. That is the Counselor's and Enow's business; not ours."

    As the Counselor marched to Enow's living quarters, presuming that he would be asleep at this time of the hour, she looked into her official Counselor's Padd which had accessed to the Medical information onboard the station. All information she should have had accessed to on every crewmember on the station was blocked concerning Enow. She marched more determined than ever.

    She kicked herself for not noting that the Vulcan was in need of her services when the empath recoiled from him by a mere bump. She sensed the woman in emotional turmoil, but there was nothing coming from the Vulcan. Then she stopped dead in her tracks. She then realized that there was nothing coming from the Vulcan at all. Usually, the Vulcans have emotions under the surface and they contain them quite well as she could sense a little bit as in sensing their presence, but Enow was different. She could not sense his presence at all on an empathy level.

    "The changeling..." she concluded, but then doubted. Ivana felt the Vulcan by the physical contact. Cassandra did not know whethor to run and get Starfleet security or confront Enow and touch him to get an empathic reading. "Changelings need to rest... they go into a liquid state..." she reflected, "if he is one, then Oghana is one as well for covering for him," but then she assessed herself and mused to herself in her thoughts, "Oh come on now, Casey," she continued marching towards Enow's living quarters,"you want Oghana to be a changeling. You are just mad at her."

    She entered a turbo lift and went up two levels, looking at Enow's work schedule and seeing how it conflicts with changelings' necessary sleep cycles that he could not be one. She stood outside Enow's quarters, signalling him that she was there. As the beeping went on, she wondered if he was there at all until the door slid opened, and Enow was standing there in his Vulcan sleepware which was a long off-white pull over. "Yes?" Enow voiced in a sleepy kind of way,"Is there something I can help you with, Counselor?"

    "Why hasn't the Chief Medical Office onboard this station informed me of your need for my services?" Casey began.

    "I requested that you were not to be informed," Enow reported, "these living arrangements has finally solved my immediate problems."

    "And what are they, exactly?" the Counselor grimaced at the thought of patients treating themselves without her guidance, "speak the truth, here, Enow."

    Enow looked at her for the longest time and when it looked like he was not going to answer, he asked, "Is this off the record?"

    "If that is what is needed for you to alk to me, then fine. This is off the records," Casey offered.

    "I suffer from IEB," Enow cited.

    "Self diagnosis too," Casey added to her memory about Enow's assessment, "and how do you know that you suffer this Betazoid affliction of "Involuntary Empathic Bonding?"

    "Because I am part Betazoid," Enow informed which took the Counselor by surprise, "I have been only requesting three months tours during my service here at Starfleet to avoid permanently bonding with crewmembers onboard starships, but unfortunately, I have been getting too much information from crewmembers living adjacent to my quarters during my resting periods. It took some time to find a solution and working here at Utopia Planitia provided it. I find these living arrangements preferable to the station's for which I have continued to stay on here past my usual three months tour of service."

    The Counselor was able to pull up Enow's service record and did confirm that he only put in three months tours for many years in Starfleet before coming to the station. It was his service record that made her feel a chill down her spine. "Enow," the Counselor began to reply, still reading the many accounts of high traumatic ordeals he has gone through in his service until she spotted an incident report that was flagged as personal loss on a specific Stardate. Enow has lost his betrothed during that service. "You do know you can see me for other things besides IEB?" His silence was his answer. She looked up at him, and still sensed nothing from him to suggest a presence on an emotional level, and so she reported, "I must ask this, Enow. I am part Betazoid, and I do not sense any emotions coming from you at all."

    Enow raised his chin a little bit, eyeing her with suspicions and then stated, "If you must know... I went through Kolinahruu."

    At that, the Counselor took several steps back in horror. Kolinarh was the voluntary purging of all emotions by adults, even though residual amounts remain to detect a presence still in Vulcans, but Kolinahruu was an involuntary inflicting of this purging of emotions on a Vulcan teenage child which also involved surgical removal of the emotional neurons of the psynaptic pathways. Then she realized, "I guess you will not be needing my services then."

    "It is to be kept off the record," Enow reminded her.

    "Yes, agreed,"Casey replied as she saw this Vulcan tradition as a crime, and Enow as a victim, "so you are void of all emotions but you have IEB?"

    "Yes..." Enow confrimed.

    "Is there anyhing else that I should know about?" she asked.

    "Nothing that I care to share, Counselor," Enow reported, "will that be all?"

    Casey paused for a bit and then remembered and jolted to a more normal posture than from her leaning up against the far wall from reeling at the hearing of Kolinahruu, "I do have a request, Enow," she announced with a bit of sadness in her tone of voice, "I wish to move in to the Counselor's living quarters above you. Will that be all right?"

    "If you can arrange that our resting periods are not the same, it is agreeable," Enow requested.

    "Yes," she agreed, "yes, I can rearrange my schedule to accomodate you," she went on to say, "but I have a request as well."

    "You wish to have a Risa shower system installed?" Enow stated as if he knew what she was going to ask.

    "Yes," the Counselor smiled at him for that, and then gave a pleading look,"and if you do not mind, I would prefer my Betazoid heritage be a secret between you and me."

    "I understand completely, "Enow relayed,"humans do seem to find such mixed breedings of Vulcans as a more appealing target for their antics."

    "Yes, " Casey confirmed,"and for their flirtings."

    "You will be happy to know that I have already installed the Risa shower system in the Counselor's quarters," Enow announced. At that, the Counselor smiled gleefully, and skipped away, sensing that no one else was around except for Enow for her to be herself.

    By the time she was in her new living quarters checking it out, she never once thought about how Enow could have known about putting in another Risa shower system, but she was thinking about what it was he was unwilling to share. She knew about IEB in how it takes a habitual timely exposure to the patient before an imprint can be formed to bond with the patient so she figured Enow will not mind if she spent one night here.

    She glanced over the luxurious space in her living quarters, and after seeing the windows were tinted to hide the lights and everything within her quarters from any prying eyes from traffic in orbit passing by outside, she stripped off her uniform on her way over to the shower stall, happy at this turn of event. That shower would serve as a welcome respite from all of the dirty emotions she would feel throughout the day from others.

    She was in it for the longest time. When she had enough, she stepped out of the shower refreshed and relaxed, and she dried off with a fluffy white towel that was about the size of a beach towel. She saw the double sized bed and instead of replicating a sleepware, she slid into bed in the nude to embrace the black silk contents of the sheets and the soft furry white blanket that covered them. Whatever the frabic was that made up the blanket, it served as pillow cases as well, and she went fast asleep, wondering what other "upgrades" that Enow has made to the ship.
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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #9 The Dream

    Cassandra Julianna Corsinca had awakened from a dream, saying outloud the name, "Godfrey...". She propped herself up in bed and touched her forehead with her right hand as if it will help her retain the dream in her memory and somehow discern the meaning of the dream. She shook her head at the silliness of doing so, and yet the dream felt so real, but as a fleeting memory, but she held unto it.

    The dream was odd enough that it was easy to retain it. She was in a womb, in a Vulcan mind-meld formation with another baby. A baby boy. She could hear telepathic voices from the mother and the baby boy, as she too, was sending telepathic communication to them as well. It was a peaceful place. A happy place. A loving place where she felt she belonged. She loved being in contact with this baby boy. But there was another. Someone had contact with him, and was communicating through him to her as well. She sensed from him that the other was another baby sister holding unto the heel of his left foot. The baby boy's name was Godfrey in according to the mother in her addressing them, and then to the other baby sister as Lydia while she was being addressed as Desarae. Lydia wanted to get closer the way "Casey" was to the baby boy, but was unable to. All three of them could hear their mother telepathically talking to two other babies in the womb as their names were Candice and Lee Ann. She could feel the backside of Candice to hers, but there was no communication between Candice and Lee Ann, wherever she was. The mother of the womb had read her thoughts and had informed her that direct telepathic communication can only be done by hand contact for now. The mother assured her that Candice and Lee Ann were all right.

    Then other parts of the dream faded, but she remembered upon awakening that the dream was still going on while she was awakening as if it was more of a memory rather than a dream she was waking up from. Still, it was a nice dream, having a brother and three sisters in constant communication with their mother in the womb.

    She slipped out of bed, and wondered what time it was. She asked, "Computer, what is the current time?"

    "0700 hours..." the computer chimed in. Casey was used to the computer waking her up in time, but her normal sleep cycle did it for her this time.

    She slid out of bed and donned her discarded uniform quickly. Most Starfleet personnel in Engineering would have had to change their uniforms each day when doing hands on labour, but being a counselor, her uniform did not suffer the necessity to switch out to a cleaner one today.

    She bundled up her sandy blonde hair, sticking hair needles in place to hold the prim hairstyle in showing off her Vulcan ears. Then she exitted her quarters in a hurry.

    Although she had worked beyond her normal working hours as the Station's Counselor in resolving the ladies' issues with the admiral, she still had to process the Thunderchild to get a work crew underway in removing all Starfleet classified material, and replace them with their "generic" counterparts. She has to file that with the Commodore's seal of approval.

    She went into the Commodore's Office where the secretary in the foyer was alarmed at the sight of her. Casey sensed hostilities rising in the next room where the Commodore was, but entered in anyway.

    "YOU!!" yelled Admiral Barone at the top of his lungs, "YOU DID THIS! YOU ... YOU... " he was mere inches away from her face as her calm Vulcan and yet pleasant features was slowing ebbing the fires out of his eyes to render him speechless as he entertains the notion of wanting to play with her in his holodeck program. He quickly turned away, hoping to save face as he was embarrassed at himself for considering her as a possible potential for another "run" with another beautiful woman in his holodeck program when he had been restricted from playing with any female member of Starfleet ever again, regardless of the rank.

    Sensing this from him, Casey felt she needed to defuse the situation further for it seems the admiral's emotions was going to be his undoing. It would end his career at Starfleet, but he was on edge of doing something foolish in venting his rage, and she dreaded him crossing paths with any of his "victims" in the corridor. "Admiral," Casey began,"you do not need live females to play in your holodeck programs," she added, "it would be best to accept that not all females are accustomed to such personal contact in that field of play and to respect their displeasure if you wish to save your standing here at Starfleet."

    Looking out of the window from the office from facing her, the tensed shoulders of the admiral slackened, but after letting out a big exhale of air, he stormed out of the room without saying another word.

    Seeing the door slid shut, the Commodore went over to her to hug her, but remembered his place and refrained by holding his hands together and saying, "Thank you, Counselor. You came just in time."

    "Indeed," Casey replied, sensing a wave of grateful emotions coming from the Commodore. Wishing to set the Commodore's mind on something else besides her, Casey continued, "I may have another alternative for the Klingon Captain and his crew."

    "Hasn't the Prometheus been designated the Golgotha?" the Commodore inquired.

    "Yes," Casey replied, "but I believe the USS Thunderchild can serve better. It would take less time to strip down the ship of all classified Starfleet material than it would for the Golgotha."

    The Commodore looked away, hoping it would help him concentrate on what the Counselor was talking about as he peered out the window to look for the Thunderchild in orbit around the station to remind him of how big it was in comparison with the ship they were replacing. It was out of view at the moment, but he replied, "Well, that would solve two birds with one stone... but we are going to have to name it something else for the Federation registry." Then he spotted the former ship "Prometheus". "Ooops," the Commodore announced.

    Sensing that this verbal response was directed towards her, the Counseor walked over to the window to see what he was looking at in relations to her. She saw her mistake. A work crew had removed the name of the "Prometheus", and had started putting on the name of the Golgotha. They were filling in the "L" from left to right as the outline of the other letters could be seen past the "L". She sighed, shaking her head. "Sorry, Commodore," she explained, "I had meant to leave the Golgotha Registry floating until I had the actual ship seperated."

    "That's okay, Cassandra," the Commodore said softly, as he caught himself from saying, "to err is human..." but instead said, "everyone make mistakes. Even Vulcans."

    The Counselor ignored that comment and pointed out, "Nevertheless, let me inquire first if Captain Rimko would accept the Thunderchild. Its reputation may have gotten around to him, and this may very well be all for naught," the Counselor suggested.

    "No," the Commodore waved at her to dismiss that as he walked behind his desk, "you have done more than enough settling this quagmire of mine involving the ladies," I'll take it from here."

    "As you wish, Commodore," Casey replied, "however, I do have a personal request."

    This made the Commodore look up from his desk, and asked,"Oh? A personal request?"

    "Yes," Casey said eyeing him for his facial response that would follow once the request was known,"I wish to transfer my living arrangement on the station to the Counselor's quarters on the Golgotha."

    "Done," the Commodore said gladly,"I do agree that you may need to hide from the Admiral for awhile."

    "I am a Vulcan, Commodore," Casey replied, "we do not need to 'hide'."

    "Of course," the Commodore mused, "of course," as he thought of a way to rephrase what he had just said, "but who needs the grief?"

    The Counselor tilted her head back at that, but said nothing to that. She offered instead, "If you need my services again for whatever the reasons in negotiating with the Klingon Captain, do not hesitate to call me."

    "I will," he lied. Although appreciative of the Counselor's help, he was getting tired of looking like he could not do the job without her. He wanted to impress her by settling this minor dispute by himself and send that Klingon Captain and his crew on their merry way.

    When the door to the Commodore's Office had closed behind Casey in the foyer where the secretary was, she was about to speak, but the secretary took the words out of her mouth by paraphrasing, "I shall inform you when things go south."

    The Counselor left, and as she headed towards her office, she sensed the admiral in his seething rage following her. She rounded the bend where she had bumped into her twin yesterday when she began to feel the admiral beathing down her neck behind her. From all of the "dirty" emotions Cassandra was feeling from the admiral, she felt she could use another Risa shower.

    As she was zoning out everything to reach her office, she approached a couple in the corridor that was eyeing her and the admiral close on her heels. The man held out his hand towards the admiral and commanded, "That is enough, Admiral! I am Captain William Riker of the Titan, and I will not allow you to continue harrassing this counselor any further!"

    This stopped Cassandra and the admiral in their tracks. Then the woman wrapped her arm with Cassandra's and declared boldly, "I am Counselor Deanna Troi, Ship's Counselor of the Titan!"the woman declaredloudly enough for people around her to hear, "the Counselor is under our protection now! So back off, Admiral Barone!" She took Casey's arm and led her away while Riker dealt with him. As he was calling security to log the complaint, more witnesses were gathering around the two men. Casey looked back to see the admiral losing his cool as Riker dodged a blow to the head and allowed the admiral's forward momentum to trip over Will's side-stepping him, causing the admiral to trip, plowing onto the floor.

    Then Casey looked at Deanna as they were walking away to her office, and she could sense that Deanna had another agenda with her. Deanna could sense that she was sensing this and so Deanna spoke telepathically to her, "Yes, I am fully aware that you are part Betazoid, and I do have something important to share with you, but all in good time."

    They had arrived at her office where another Vulcan female with dark hair was waiting for them. She remembered that she was with the Rikers yersterday when she had bumped into her "twin" in the corridor. She saw by the exchanged looks, that she was with Deanna for whatever this other agenda was.

    Deanna let go of Casey's arm, allowing her to sit behind her desk to face them. "Shall we wait for your husband or..?"

    Deanna looked at Lee Ann and then back at Casey again in replying, "No," she paused," we can continue on without him being here. I am sure he will be tied up awhile in filing charges against Admiral Barone."

    "Who are you?" Casey asked the Vulcan female.

    "My name is Lee Ann," she pleasantly replied, "I am your sister."

    Casey sat straight back in her chair at that revelation as she could sense that Lee Ann was telling the truth, and then looked at Deanna in confusion.

    "Lee Ann is my Goddaughter,"Deanna began,"your mother was pregnant with you all when I had parted ways from her to go into Starfleet, but not before designating me as your official Godmother," she paused before continuing, "it was unfortunate but your mother died giving birth to you all."

    Casey saw the Padd Lee Ann was holding that held the information, and Lee Ann saw this, and offered it to her to read.

    The dream came rushing back to her like a long forgotten memory that was on the tip of now being remembered forever. "I am Desarae..."

    Casey could not believe her eyes. "That twin is my sister too?" She looked up shocked at this, "But she looked so human," and she looked at Lee Ann and commented, "I'm sorry but you and I look no way alike."

    "It is not uncommon for mixed races to have a more pronounced differing characteristics within quintriplets," Deanna explained,"... as well as identical make up."

    Then Casey saw the report of the missing Lydia and the seperation of Godfrey from Candice at seven years of age. Lee Ann got up and stood beside her to see what Casey was reading on the Padd. "We are hoping we can find Godfrey and Lydia someday," Lee Ann said sadly, as she sat back down, "but.." Lee Ann stopped as she sensed an emotional turmoil building up in her sister.

    The dream explained everything. Enow was Godfrey and Ivana was Lydia. Ivana could not have had a reaction like that unless she had "melded" with Enow in the womb when she was touching his heel.

    Casey knew now that she was getting that dream from their already established empathic bond with Enow. The empathic bond had awakened a familiarity residing deep within her memory that was brought forth to the surface gradually in the form of a dream.

    Casey wondered what kind of a reaction she would have had if she had ever touched Enow. Would she and Enow immediately have known they were siblings at that moment?

    Casey looked at Lee Ann and announced weakly,"I know where they are ... now that I know who they are."
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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #10 Unforeseen Catalyst

    Lee Ann looked to Desarae with the hope that she would reveal the location of her brother and her abducted sister, but Desarae was still looking on the viewscreen on her desk to find the current location for Enow. The assignment that was designated for Enow's duties today had been reassigned to someone else. When Lee Ann saw the puzzled look on Desarae's face, she got up again from her seat to stand beside her to join in her search. Desarae broadened her search to see if he was taken off for medical reasons. Enow was nowhere on that list for temproary release from duty.

    Then she got a ping. It usually indicated that a strange matter involving a Starfleet personnel had occurred that required her attention. It had come straight from the Commodore's Office. She took a break from her search to see what the necessity for her intervention. The general summary listed it as an "aberrational resignation". It was considered an aberration because there was no timely notice of resignation. The Starfleet personnel had just up and quit. She almost didn't click the link to see whom it was, because she did not have time to seek out the departing personnel when she was trying to locate her brother, but she did look to see whom it was that had tendered the aberrational resignation. It was her brother, Enow.

    "Why is he quitting?!!" Lee Ann blurted out loud.

    Desarae stood up, wondering if her empathic bond with Enow during the night was frightening him away, "I don't know for sure," Desarae said hesitantly.

    Lee Ann touched Desarae's arm and read her surface thoughts regarding Enow's IEB and her concern about the unknown side effects of having that dream with someone they had an empathic bond with. "Oh! That had to be it!" she blurted out in comfirmation as if to settle Desarae's doubts. Then Lee Ann looked further into Desarae's mind and knew of the last conversation with her brother of his past medical injuries, including the Vulcan Kolinahruu and recoiled from touching Desarae's arm any further. "HOW could they DO THAT TO HIM!!" Lee Ann protested in an emotional outburst.

    "What?" Deanna Troi had asked as she got up from her seat and went over to console Lee Ann by putting her arm around her. Deanna read her surface thoughts and recoiled from consoling Lee Ann any further. Deanna used both of her hands to cover her mouth as it dropped open in horror.

    Deanna Troi leaned over as if she was kicked in the gut, but as she collected her thoughts, it was Desarae that started the counseling first,"Let's all settle down now. Enow cannot leave the station until he sees me."

    Deanna chimed in, "Yes. Yes. It is Starfleet protocol for any aberrational resignation."

    Then they all sensed a presence coming toward the Counselor's door, bypassing the secretary in the foyer whom could be heard as informing the person that he will have to wait his turn, but he was not listening. They could all sensed his amger towards the secretary, but what was dominating the person was a state of panic. The door slid open to reveal the Klingon, Captain Rimko. He stated flatly in a command voice, "I'm not taking no for an answer. I need you to see my Purser right away. Something is wrong with her."

    Desarae could sense the love this Klingon had for her sister, and so she yielded, "As you wish, Captain Rimko. Please take me to her." She touched Lee Ann's and Deanna's arms to convey a telepathic message that this was about Lydia before they could voice their protests.

    The Klingon saw this move towards the two apparently upset ladies in the room as the Counselor's way of leading them in yielding to her judgment of setting aside whatever they were talking about as less important right now. When he saw that they had submitted to the Counselor, he did refer to a human custom by saying, "Thank you," in the hopes that they would not change their minds along the way as he knows human women will sometimes do whenever it involves their emotions. He really could not brook any further delays that he has been used to getting from Starfleet when it involed getting the Counselor to see his ailing purser.

    Casey, Deanna, and Lee Ann followed the marching Klingon as he led them with haste down the corridors to a turbo lift, and went up several levels. By that time, Lee Ann and Deanna were holding hands with Desarae in the turbo lift as they were telepathically communicating with each other. The Klingon looked back and saw that, thinking the Counselor was assuring the safety of the ladies in his presence, and then he said, "You have nothing to fear from me, Ladies." Then he looked back at the turbo lift doors wanting it to open sooner in reaching his designated level.

    Telepathically, Deanna said to Desarae and to Lee Ann through Desarae, "It may be prudent to disclose the matter to Lydia if you just hold her hand. The empathic bond that you do share with her through Godfrey in the womb should allow the flow of information to be conveyed easily and quickly than any verbal communication could allow."

    "This sounds better than a Vulcan mindmeld," Lee Ann said telepathically back to Deanna through Desarae.

    "This is a Betazoid trait. I can easily talk to my mother telepathically without touching her only because she is a full Betazoid. My mother can be so annoying at times since she can see my whole life by this empathic bond, but you guys are all half Betazoid, and so you need physical contact to convey that kind of information from one to another."

    "I am not sure I want to bare myself.." Desarae announced as she became hesitant about the bond they were sharing now.

    Deanna almost laughed at what Desarae was hesitant about, but she did laugh telepathically as she patted Desarae's arm for assurance that it was nothing to be ashamed about, "I love those Risa showers too."

    "I know where I am going for my next shore leave," Lee Ann commented telepathically. Even though Desarae blushed at this, they all laughed telepathically yet all the while maintaining an air of concern on the outside in their facial features for Lydia.

    As they exitted the turbo lift, Desarae found out from Lee Ann that Candice was on the surface on Mars entertaining Starfleet personnel at one of their public facilities containing an auditorium in the city of Arielmar. Her "guardian" was actually their director for this "christian" musical group as it was their missionary outreach to entertain the troops which they had done so during the Dominion War. Now that the war was over, there were little calls for this form of entertainment from Starfleet, except here at Utopia Planitia for enertaining those in Starfleet in these layovers while their ships were undergoing maintenance.

    Lee Ann sense what Desarae was skimming about in her mind being about Candice as she telepathically added a memory of Candice singing to her in the corridor and commented to her mind, "She's quite good! That group have not heard her sing solo at all."

    "I did heard her in the corridor last night," Desarae announced, "I did not see her sing, but it sounded quite lovely."

    "Oh, "Lee Ann added the visual memory of Candice singing to her, making all of those funny faces of joy, "she was being very funny in expounding about being happy .."

    Desarae caught herself from smirking, and said telepathically, "That is enough. Don't make me laugh now."

    They eventually came to a corridor where eight Ferengiis and half a dozen Bajorans were lingering outside. A human was running down the corridor from the opposite direction with a Starfleet med kit, and went inside the living quarters of Ivana's. The door was still open by the time Rimko and the three trailing ladies had come to it, and so it stayed open to let them enter.

    Inside the room was a human doctor as the human handed him a Starfleet med kit he had just purchased. "How is she NOW?" Rimko yelled in concern, jolting Kek and Jo-Jo, the only two Ferengiis in the room.

    "I'm a country doctor!" Dr. McCoy yelled back at him in frustration, "Not a walking Starfleet Sickbay!!" He added, "Don't you know I am doing EVERYTHING I can to SAVE HER!!??" The doctor never looked at the Klingon Captain as he was disappointed at what the Med Kit contained and shoved it away after snatching the stethoscope out of it. He was getting more worried as he was using a stethoscope in listening to Ivana's heart. He looked squarely at Ivana and said firmly, "Ivana! This Med Kit is inadequate for me to treat you! Now once again, I IMPLORE YOU, we need to get to Sickbay!"

    "Everyone leave the room," the Counselor replied as Deanna Troi and Lee Ann herded the two Ferengiis and the human that brought the med kit outside.

    "She is my patient and my fellow crewmate!" Doctor Johnathon McCoy declared in protest, " I will not leave her side! She needs to be in Sickbay...not any of this holistic medicine.."

    The Counselor grabbed Ivana's hand and repeated again, "Everyone outside ..."

    "Not budging..." the Klingon Captain stated grimly.

    Then Counselor Deanna Troi commanded, looking at the doctor and the Captain, "Then whatever is shared in this room, stays in this room."

    The Klingon Captain looked at the human doctor and the human doctor looked at the Klingon Captain before they both looked at Deanna and nodded, "Agreed," they said at once, wondering what it was that the Starfleet ladies did not want them to know about Ivana.

    Rimko and McCoy saw the Counselor holding unto Ivana's hand whom had her eyes closed in pain due to the gnawing grief in the pits of her stomache. She was shaking and sweating from this ordeal, curled up in a ball on her couch in her quarters, but as the seconds ticked by, the tremblings stopped as her eyes shot open at a sudden realization. Slowly she turned to face her sister and gasped for joy. She hugged her as she cried a sense of relief, but smiling at the same time.

    "What had just happened here?" Rimko whispered to the doctor.

    "I dunno," he said beneathe his breath, "maybe there is something to this holistic medicine.."

    "YOU ARE MY SISTERS!!!" exploded Ivana at last with enraptured joy as she reached out to Lee Ann to hug as well. Then she looked at Deanna and said softly, "And you are my Godmother...hello..."

    As Deanna and the ladies greeted each other, the Klingon Captain and the doctor shook their heads for a bit, looked at each other to see the other astonished as well, and then pinched themselves to make sure they were not dreaming. "Well....I'm lost.." the Klingon Captain said throwing his arms up.

    "Ditto here..." Dr. McCoy said moving far away from this confusing scene to the far wall of the living room of Ivana's quarters.

    The Klingon walked over to his purser and could see that she was tired, but not under emotional duress any more. She had not slept at all last night according to Lena, and she was getting worse by the time morning had arrived, but now, it seems the storm over Ivana's soul had abated.

    Ivana was helped up by her two sisters as she gaffawed at Desarae, "Oh ho ho ho ho...." she proclaimed, "I wanna use your shower after a bad night I had. I am...." she looked into Desarae' eyes and was about to convey her need for a shower from perspiring all night due to her empathic crisis, but she halted and stopped smiling for a moment. The information she was digesting about Enow was slowly coming into view in relation to what was happening to her throughout the night.

    Ivana broke away from physical contact with Desarae and Lee Ann as the two Vulcan ladies drew their own conclusion from what Lydia had gone through the night and bolted out the door, leaving Deanna, and everyone else in the room confused by this turn of event.

    Ivana walked over to the Klingon Captain, and spoke to him as she had always spoken to him before, on a personal level which was different from speaking to him on ship's business, "That Vulcan that goes by the name of Enow?" she reminded him.

    "The one that saved our hides by transporting us all off of our ship?" Rimko guessed, wondering where this was leading to.

    "Yes," Ivana confirmed,"as it turns out, he is my brother. He is quitting Starfleet. He does not remember his past at all. Find him and bring him to me."

    "All righty..." the Klingon shrugged at that, giving up on trying to make sense of how a Vulcan can be related to her and signalled the doctor to follow him outside so he can address the rest of his remaining crew of their immediate task at hand. "All right, Kiddies...." he began as the door slid shut behind him, leaving Deanna and Ivana in the room alone.

    Deanna walked over to touch Ivana but Ivana pulled away.

    "I know you are my Godmother, and I thank you for bringing us altogether," Ivana stated calmly, stepping further away to maintai a safe distance from having to share her thoughts with her, "but please go help find my brother and bring him to me."

    Ivana was not fooling her. As a practising empath, Ivana knew how to shield her thoughts from those that would pry, but even though there was no emphatic bond between them, Deanna did get bits and pieces from that brief contact, but she did get the gist of it from the surface thoughts.

    Ivana had been in telepathic contact subliminally with Enow since they had bumped into each other last night. Ivana could not understand the images she was seeing nor the sounds she was hearing when she had closed her eyes when they were coming to her halfway through the night while she was suffering. It became clearer in detail as the time went by, and Ivana had thought she was suffering from a waking nightmare, but no more, thanks to Desarae of what she had shared with her.

    Deanna was able to fathom from that brief contact that she had with Ivana that Enow held another secret other than suffering from IEB, and it was precognitive dreaming. He could not always tell if a dream was just a dream or a precognitive one, but he could not ignore them any more as people were dying in real life if he did, but a series of event was going to happen that will set to lead Enow to what appears to be an inescapeable outcome, his own death. And the catalyst that will serve as one of these milestone events set in place to occur like dominos will be the arrest of her husband and herself for treason.

    "Surely that one was just a dream," Deanna said softly.

    Taking comfort that her "new" Godmother can only read her surface thoughts and not sharing her empathic bond as she did with her sisters as if she had lived in their skin as they had in hers, Ivana looked at her and said, "I hope so...". But Ivana wanted Enow here, safe and sound to be sure.

    Ivana walked away from her, reflecting on this new experience of sharing an empathic bond like that with her sisters, and whatever that was she had shared with her brother. The amount of information that was shared was as if they had never been apart, even though they had been. She had yet to experience that with Candice and moreso with Enow, but does wonder of what would have had happened if she had held unto Enow for more than a mere moment.

    Deanna could sense that Ivana wanted to be slone for awhile to digest all of this as Deanna reflected on Desarae and Lee Ann bolting out of there to find Godfrey. She went to the door to join the search for him, and as the door slid open to find that Rimko and his crew had gone, in their place in the corridor was Starfleet security. "Counselor Deanna Troi," announced one officer coldly, "you are under arrest for treason."
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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #11 Deciphering A Precognitive Dream

    Ivana just saw her Godmother get arrested by Starfleet security. Instead of panicking, she sat down on the couch to decipher the dream.

    The catalyst has begun the sequence of events that are to follow; the arrest of Captain William Riker and his wife, Counselor Deanna Troi for treason will lead to the arrival of two other high ranking admirals at Starfleet to join with the one at this station for the trial.

    Then it will bring Admiral Janeway and Captain Picard for the defense, but they will be called away on other more urgent Starfleet business as soon as they arrive. To assure that Captain Riker will get more than a fair hearing, the Prosecution, which will also happen to be consisting of two rear Admirals, will permit the trial to take place only if the defense is represented by an equal calibre of two admirals as well. Along with the three rear admirals that will serve as judges, there would be a total of seven rear admirals at this station at one time which was kind of highly unusual for the trial to be held for a captain, which did give an air of credibility against this precognitive dream and just accepting this as being just a dream.

    But Deanna Troi did get arrested a mere moment ago. That meant that Captain Riker was already arrested, and their two children are soon to follow.

    What was to follow after that did not make any sense. Even though the station has its own security force, the Starfleet personnel that was living on the Prometheus were being rounded up by the rear admirals' security forces. And to top it all off as an absurdity factor, Starfleet security that resided at the station was given the order from all seven of the rear admirals to hunt down Enow with an order to kill on sight.

    Ivana did not like the idea of the Rikers' children being taken in this confusion. The image of the struggling teenage girl and her screaming helpless little toddler of a brother in the hands of cold dispassionate Starfleet security was too much to bear, because she had seen the two children yesterday when she had stepped off of the turbolift when the the girl passing by was calling her little brother a "pipsqueak". She knew where they would be when they were to be arrested in according to the dream, but at what exact time, she did not know.

    She stood up and assessed herself. She was a mess, and she stank with body odors due to her sweating through the night. She had no choice. If she was going to be approachable to the children at all, she had to shower.

    And so she did, using what the station had provided for her in her quarters, the sonic one. Due to its efficiency in using nonharmful sound frequencies to scrub off all loose matter off of her skin, it was a quick one. She then sprayed a body deoderant that she was known by the crew for her to wear. Then after getting dressed in a more conservative attire for the children than what she usually wears for entertaining the crew as their eye candy, she grabbed her iCOMM which was a personal handheld devise for communicating with her crewmembers, and she set out in pursuit of the Rikers' children.

    Rounding a bend in the corridor just a mere twenty yards away from her quarters, she saw the Klingon Captain standing nearby with Kek, and they saw her. "I sent Jo-Jo to trail them after security took that lady..." Ivana nodded in approval and then he said,"aren't you going to wait in your quarters for when we bring Enow to you?"

    "Change of plans, I'm afraid," Ivana stated grimly,"it looks like we are going on the side of angels again."

    Rimko knew what that meant, and so he asked, "Who are the bad guys now?"

    "It is unknown at this time, but I do not want Rikers' children arrested by Starfleet security," Ivana stated flatly.

    Rimko nodded, "Okay," but he was finding this scenario as nonagreeable for his involvement. He was expecting something a little more obhectionable for him to be riled up for, but sometimes, Ivana was like that, "you sure can pick em..." he thought for a bit, "are we staging a break for the Rikers as well?"

    "And those Starfleet personnel that has been living on the Prometheus...along with my sisters, and hopefully, my brother as well," Ivana conveyed.

    "I'm not sure they will be willing to come along," Rimko pointed out, "just what is going on that you..."

    "They will be," Ivana explained, "soon afterwards, there will be seven rear admirals at the station, each with their own personal security forces, and for some reason or another, they will be rounding up these women as well."

    "All women?" Kek eyes lit up at the prospect of being a hero to the ladies and getting their "personal" thanks.

    "Down, boy," Rimko commanded as he thought for a bit, and said, "Well, providing that they will agree to come with us, it will mean escaping from this station and from this sector of space. This will require a ship, so we might as well get a ship first and then used the transporter to break everyone out of here," he turned to Kek and said, "since we do have the iCOMMS, let's make em secured and non-traceable, so we can get coordinated with our people for when we make our move," he turned to Ivana, "and just who are these people that have been living on our ship?"

    From her empathic bond with Desarae, Ivana was able to name all 36 members of the female crew that were living onboard the Prometheus. At first, Kek was committing the names to memory, and then he stopped Ivana after naming nine of them and said, "Whoah whoah whoah there.." and he went and got a non-Starfleet issued Padd out of his shoulder bag to jot down all the names he had received and then said," okay.. continue," and after she got done naming thirty six of them, "boy, I'm glad I got the Padd out. Sheesh."

    "Okay.. getting them will be easy enough..." Rimko announced,"the station's computer will locate them for us."

    "Yes," Ivana agreed for she knew when Starfleet engineering were on duty, their combadges will be tracking them so that visitors and fellow crewmembers can contact them for a rendezvous for lunch on the station, "but you have to get a hold of them when they are on their lunch hour. If they are still working on a ship or in their living quarters on our ship, the station's computer will not answer any inquiries then."

    "So...until then...I'll be using my time to ... " Kek was wondering.

    "Coming up with a plan of busting the Rikers out from their holding cells," Rimko grimaced quietly as he looked at Kek, "that's where your special skill comes in."

    "Yeah... yeah..." Kek smiled at that as he whispered, "it's been awhile...but I think I can trigger a power outage to get that forcefield down for about five seconds before the back-up kicks in."

    "Hoo boy.. you sure don't leave me alot of room there to beam them out, Kek," Rimko said outloud.

    "Plus, they have a sensor grid that can detect any unlawful transport, and be able to trace it," Ivana pointed out, "that's too many people to beam out of here when Starfleet security are stationed at several key points for rapid response."

    "Hmmm....." Kek pondered, and then said in a more hushed tone of voice, "I think the ship's transporters may do more in a pinch than we think."

    But before Kek expounded on his meaning, after seeing two starships arriving out of warp to dock with the station, Ivana walked off, explaining, "I need to find the children now."

    Rimko followed her and bellowed back at Kek in his usual Klingon manner, "Secure the ship first, Kek! Then we'll swap ideas!"

    "Secure the ship," he chuckled, "is that all?" Kek inquired dryly.
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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #12 The Rikers' Children

    "Will, Junior!!" Natasha cried out for her little brother, "Where are you, you little gremlin!"

    It was quiet. Too quiet. Hearing his little footfalls in their living quarters was comforting to hear when she knew he was nowhere near her sneaking up on her to scare her half to death with his sudden roaring. But now that silence has invaded the Riker's accomodations once again, she scanned around her to see if she can catch that sneaky little pest before he can jump out at her to scare her. She did not see him coming anywhere near her. "You better be here, you little runt!" she complained, "I'm not trekking across half the station trying to find you!"

    That made Will Junior giggle at that. He was hiding in her bedroom. She marched over there and warned, "You better not be answering any of my pages!!" She looked at the nightstand in her room and found that her iCOMM was missing. She heard the beeps underneathe her bed, and knew he was texting messages back to one of her many would be suitors that have solicited her number on the station. She got on the floor and lifted the edge of the blankets to see his grinning brother fumbling in texting on her iCOMM. She reached under the bed to grab it from him, but he wiggled just enough away to stay out of reach as she yelled, "GIVE THAT TO ME NOW, YOU little TWERP!"

    Her little brother was not versatile yet to be texting words on her iCOMM, but he was handy with the symbols for kissing and hugging. He giggled, "Tasha ...kiss...kiss.. kiss...hug..." and he added, "everybody loves my bo..da..cious sister...kiss ...kiss....kiss...hug."

    She smiled at him for a moment and then got up to go around to the other side of the bed quickly to grab him there. He did try to squirm away but she got him by the ankle and pulled him out from underneathe the bed. After she had snatched her iCOMM away from him, he laughed a little and clasped his hands together to cover his smile with it, wondering what her reaction would be towards him this time. "Will..." she groaned, looking at his handiwork on the iCOMM, "I can't have a boyfriend on the station," she texted that her baby brother had sent the kisses and hugs as they were not from her.

    "Then why did you give them your number?" Will asked innocently.

    "To be polite," Tasha explained, and then put the iCOMM down and tickled her baby brother furiously for doing that, "you are an ornery imp, you know that?" she concluded as she stood up, leaving the toddler heaving for air to breathe from laughing so much. She could see that he had still way too much energy to stop bugging her for attention to play with him. "Okay, Junior," Tasha announced, "let's see if the holosuite has an opening."

    The chances were pretty good in the morning since most Starfleet personnel would be working while others would be in transition in getting off from their duty shift. The holoquites were reserved for Starfleet personnel and their families that were living with them on any ship for layovers and thus they were not for visitors nor for families of Starfleet personnel that were visiting the station. They were not even for Starfleet personnel that were not on layovers. They have their own holodecks on their own ship to use.

    By the time she had reached the holosuites with her trailing baby brother, she had given her number to three more would-be suitors that were new to the station. It was one thing to have her mother's glamorous dark hair, but quite another to be filling in the image of her bodacious mother's figure. Being fifteen and getting all of these unwanted attention from older boys that are in transit was new to her. She was not expecting it. Her mother assured her that their infatuations were merely physical and thus a passing one, and not to worry about being unresponsive.

    Tasha was thankful that she had none of her mother's empathic abilities, even though her mother can telepathically communicate with her, but she cannot in return. She can "respond" by thinking the response which her mother would pick up, but she cannot send that response to her. So Tasha has come to rely on her mother's insights about this change of behaviours from boys she was meeting at the station. She was to ignore them.

    Still, to her, it would be nice to have a boyfriend, just not in passing. The boys she was used to on the Titan did not look at her in that way. It was because they had been around her and have gotten to know her as a friend. They saw beyond her outward appearance to her character, and they seem to find her annoyance with her baby brother quite entertaining, even though he can be exasperating at times, vying for her attention, seemingly all the time.

    She was able to book a holosuite for two hours. It was a summer beach scene. A changing hut was provided. She had changed first, and wondered once again what would happen if she did not change back in time when her holographic program ended along with her choice of a holographic swim suit. She doubted she will hear the end of it from her baby brother. Worse, still, he will blab about it to her friends once they get back onto the Titan.

    She pushed back the worse case scenario in her mind by commanding, "Computer, please inform me when ten minutes are remaining on the clock," After the computer confirmed the request, she said, "thank you." Then she came out of the hut wearing an evening blue one piece swimsuit. She then led her baby brother in to the hut to assist changing him. Then he went bounding out into the gentle waves of the simulated ocean to see the marine life that usually accompany the program. She joined him.

    "Look! Look!" he pointed out when he went near the shoreline and picked up a seashell. She acted all surprise for him and commented on the same sea shell he has picked up several days ago when they had run this simulation. He tucked in his lower lip, baring his upper row of teeth as they held his lower lip in while he looked around for something different to show off to his sister.

    She swam over to him when he plunged into the deeper parts of the water, and held unto him from being any more bold in his venturing in the deeper parts of the waters. As she held unto him, she looked at him as he was huffing and puffing from his swimming, looking around the ocean for something different to show his sister. "Why do you need my attention so much, Will?" she asked.

    He looked at his sister and smiled, and then embraced her around the neck and kissed her on her cheek, "I love you, Tasha," he shared, "I wish you were my mama."

    Tasha blushed at this. Her heart was racing in response to what he had just said. Now she knows why. "You know Mommy loves you, Will..." Tasha began, "she's just busy alot."

    "She's always busy..." Will Junior said sadly,"she's busy now and we are not even on the ship," he pouted.

    "Well," Tasha announced, "funny thing about that is we have three godsisters now instead of two!"

    "Did they find the baby Lydia?" Will Junior asked.

    "No... not yet," Tasha informed, "but..."

    "We haven't even met them yet," Will Junior complained.

    "I know," Tasha groaned with him as she explained, "but they needed some 'alone time' to talk about family business," and then she reminded him, "at least we saw their pictures last night."

    "Only three of them..." Will Junior pouted,"but you will always be my favorite sister."

    Tasja rolled her eyes and held her baby brother in a swaying fashion in the waters for awhile.

    "Tasha!" came her mother's telepathic voice, "Your father and I have been arrested by Starfleet security. I need you to contact your grandmother on Betazed to come and get you. Do it now, Dear."

    Tasha concentrated her surface thoughts in response, "What is going on, Mom?"

    "I thought there was some sort of misunderstanding here, but Will and I are being framed as we speak. They are showing us evidence of a visual record of us both attacking Admiral Barone with no provocation on the station."

    "How..?" Tasha was forming her thoughts.

    Deanna interrupted her, "He must have had a visual recording made of a holodeck program to replace the security footage. This is not looking good, Tasha. You better get a hold of my mother and quickly."

    The thought of Will Junior never seeing his mother ever again alarmed Tasha and saddened her at the same time, as Deanna's telepathic voice trailed off into silence. Tasha tried to think of something comforting and reassuring to say to him, but she did not want him looking at her as his mother which was beginning to be more and more likely now. "I love you, Will, but I am just your sister."

    He was silent a bit as he was resting his head on her shoulders, and then he said, "I know... but I don't get to play with mama enough like I do with you."

    She figured she had time since it would be a simple matter to call her grandmother once they got back from their use of the holosuite.

    She held him, looking around the ocean to see if she can spot something different in the simulation to show her baby brother to change the subject. Then she saw the beach, "Let's build a sandcastle, shall we?"

    He jolted his head back from resting on her shoulders and exclaimed, "YEAH!"

    That lasted about a good hour, building a huge sand castle as Tasha did most of the work before they went swimming again. Then Tasha thought of something when she was looking at the beach towards their finished sandcastle. She could get her mother's and her father's permission to get a holographic program of themselves to put into this holographic simulation or any program to use on Betazed. That way, Will Junior would not be missing his mother and father so much if they wind up in Starfleet prison.

    Then three Starfleet security entered into the holosuite uninvited. They just trumped through their sandcastle with impudence. One of them gave her the index finger to come out of the waters. Then he did the same towards Will Junior whom was closer near the beach and protesting about ruining their sandcastle like that. Tasha came out of the waters and stood before him. He grabbed her forearm roughly and said "You are under arrest for treason!"

    "WHAT?!!" Tasha recoiled in disbelief and anger, "You GUYS are SO FULL OF ..." The guard hoisted her light frame out of the waters and into the air, carrying her like a rag doll over his shoulders.

    "YOU LET GO OF MY SISTER!!!" Will Junior yelled as he ran towards them, but one of the other two security guards intercepted him.

    "You let me go RIGHT NOW!!!" Tasha was yelling as she kicked and squirmed, "I'm ONLY wearing a HOLOGRAPHIC SWIMSUIT!"

    "Too bad.." the guard replied unsympathetically.

    She hooked her elbow around to the other side of his head from where he he was carrying her on his shoulders on and boxed him in the ear. That made him drop her right over the exit of the holosuite. As she was on all fours, her top half of her vanishing bikini suit was exposing her bosoms
    outside the holosuite, she quickly darted back in for the suit to return to retain her dignity. She started to crawl away from the guard but he grabbed her by her luscious hair while the other stood in front of her route of escape to block her.

    "Lookee what we have here...." bellowed the Klingon Captain. This made the three angry guards look up, but they saw someone angrier, "Pick on somebody your own size!!" He charged the man that had Tasha by the hair and plowed into him with his massive frame, knocking him back unto his butt, and then he shoved the guard that was trying to block Tasha from escaping out of her way. As the guard caught his balance from falling, he drew his phaser but Rimko charged at him and plowed him into the wall of the holosuite. The guard that was knocked unto his butt, drew his phaser, but Ivana slipped in quickly behind him and gave the Vulcan nerve pinch, which she was familiar with through Desarae and Lee Ann, but had never used herself. While Rimko was grappling with the security guard he had shoved, the one holding Will Junior had released the toddler and was now drawing his weapon to shoot at the Klingon. He would have stunned te Klingon if he had not seen Ivana picking up the phaser from fallen guard, but as he aimed to fire at her, her stunning beauty made him hesitated just enough for her to stun him instead.

    Tasha darted towards Will as Will ran his little feet over to Tasha, crying for her safety. She scooped him up and went over to the waters. "Ten minutes remaining.." chimed the computer when Rimko decked the security guard out cold.

    "I am your stepsister," Ivana explained.

    "No you are not!" Tasha declared,"I saw the pictures! There is only Lee Ann and ..and .. Desarae...and .. and... "

    "Candice.." Will said softly to her as she was holding him in her arms.

    "CANDICE!" Tasha yelled at Ivana, "and you look nothing like them!"

    "I am Lydia," Ivana explained, "I go by the name of Shanara Ivana Camelot," she pointed to the Klingon, "This is Captain Rimko. I used to serve as his purser onboard a cargo ship."

    Tasha looked at her a while before answering, "You are Lydia?" she paused, "How can I trust you?"

    "We did come to your aid, "Ivana pointed out, "you may chnage now if you wish," as she nodded towards the changing hut.

    Tasha carried Will over to the changing hut, and when she was halfway there, she saw the Klingon standing by Ivana's side dutifully without any signs of menace towards Tasha and her baby brother, Tasha said "Thank you."

    Tasha placed the toddler down outside the hut and quickly changed inside. Then she came out and pulled the toddler in to change him. By the time the holodeck program ended, Tasha was slipping on Will's velcro shoes when the changing hut vanished along with the beach scene. Apparently Will was sitting on a stool and fell back unto his butt. "Hey!" he protested.

    "Sorry, bud," Tasha stated low enough for only him to hear, "ran out of time." Then she looked up at Ivana and the Klingon whom was still standing at the same spot where they were during the holdeck program when the children went into the changing hut. She picked up Will, and carried him over to them, eyeing the three unconscious forms of Starfleet security at the holosuite exit, and asked, "What is going on? Why are we being treated this way?"

    Ivana looked at them pleasantly enough as she placed her hand on Tasha's shoulders and said, "You have a choice to make... you can either join us with your parents as we will be on the run from Starfleet, or... you can call your grandmother on Betazed and hope to be under her care before Starfleet security says so otherwise."

    Tasha was tearing up and asked, "Is it true then? Did my folks betray Starfleet?"

    Little Will looked at his sister in disbelief for saying that, but before he could voice a protest to his parents' defense, Ivana stated, "No, Tasha.." and then paused, "Starfleet has betrayed them."

    Tasha looked at her confused baby brother and answered, "Then we are coming with you."

    "Yeah..." Will agreed, wiping away his tears.
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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #13 The "Gullible" Warren Archer

    Lieutenant Warren Archer was mad.

    He wasn't mad about his two favorite heroes that used to serve on the Enterprise for being traitors. Oh, he was furious about that, but that was not what he was mad about now.

    Nor was he mad about being Vulcan nerve pinched by a beautiful woman. At least he had not been mesmerized into hesitancy as Ensign Bobby Blake had been when they were being attacked by that outraged Klingon and that "vision" had stunned Bobby before he could get a shot off. He could understand their point of view for intervening as they had done, but he was not mad about that.

    He was mad at himself for not being able to know when a person was telling the truth or not. He had always erred on the side of caution to trust people at their word, but he really did not want to believe not one word that was coming out of that teenage girl's mouth, but as it turned out, she was telling the truth about wearing a holographic swimsuit. It was much to his surprise when he did caught sight of the Klingon and that "angel-like" creature outside the holosuite door that made him hesitate for a minute before the Riker girl took that moment to elbow him in the ear, forcing him to drop her over the entryway of the holosuite door. He had seen the top half of holographic swimsuit over girls' back did vanish over the entryway into the corridor and then come the top half of her swimsuit did back again when she had quickly brought herself entirely back into the holosuite. He was blushing with embarrassment when that had happened and then the offended Klingon charged into the holosuite began attacking them, and so he had no time to profess a sincere public apology to the girl.

    After awakening in Sick Bay with a slight headache from that Vulcan nerve pinch, the first words that his other fellow officer that had helped block the girl from going into the changing hut had said was, "She was telling the truth, Warren."

    "I know that NOW, Jay!" Warren fumed at Ensign Jay Patterson for stating the obvious.

    "I still did blocked her from going to the hut.." Jay reported weakly as he sat on a bio-bed, still nursing the place on his jaw that the Klingon had busted. Although he was treated in Sickbay, the Klingon had knocked out one of his molars while five had to be stengethened for being loose.

    "OH!" Warren grunted when his partner was having a guilt trip now, "You HAD TO!" he continued, throwing his hands up in frustration, "she could have had a WEAPON" concealed in there or even buried in the sands somewhere!"

    "Yeah..." Jay agreed as he remembered an incident,"like that time when Delgado and Jenkins had arrested that drunken Klingon from that bar scene here at the station," then he paused, wondering,"was it that same holosuite or was it..?"

    "That was the one at the end of the corrider, "Warren remembered angrily, "..not the one we were in. We ought to make it a standard policy to turn off the holosuite program whenever any one in security has to make an arreest in a holosuite.."

    "They don't because of the safety features would prevent any..." Jay began to explain.

    But Warren finished,"...holographic weapons from being used to harm anyone....," and then he continued in pointing out in protest,"but not real weapons," and then he got off of the bio-bed he was sitting on and argued some more, "and they can just as well turn off the safety features if they have a rank high enough to do that."

    Jay did nod his head in agreement to that and commented, "Yeah... like a captain or an admiral."

    "Or a chief in Engineering," Warren reminded him, "or even the first officer that is assigned to that posting," and then he smacked his forehead with both of his hands,"which any first officer would be able to do once all commands functions are transferred on layovers!"

    Jay looked at him funny and then realized something,"But Riker is a Captain now, Warren. You keep thinking of him as Commander Riker..."

    Which was true, but Warren was not going to admit to his mental mistake, "I KNOW that! I AM referring to him passing knowledge with his authority code to his children!"

    Jay's eyes lit up and exclaimed,"Boy! We were lucky!"

    "Yeah..." grumbled Archer, "from now on, I don't care who is in the holosuite, I am shutting it down upon entering."

    "Admiral Barone..." Jay interjected in reminding him.

    "I don't CARE what the Admiral says! That is putting our lives at stake for not being allowed to shut down the holosuite programs at the station!"

    "Doesn't matter anyway," Jay pointed out, "the Admiral had put in his own personal command code to prevent all of the holosuites at this station from being terminated by outside players."

    "Yeah..." Warren said as it took the steam out of his arguments,"I never understood why he did that to be implemented for all use of the holosuites."

    "Probably something about preventing waiting players from cutting time short for those still in a running program?" Jay reasoned.

    Warren looked at him, pondering that and said, "Maybe.."

    The two of the nurses that were talking at another station in Sick Bay finally came over to check the last bio-readings that was registered on Warren from his bio-bed and then they motioned to him to come back and lie down on the bio-bed to get a current reading. He complied. After ascertaining that there were no other adverse effects besides those from a Vulcan nerve pinch, they had announced, "Well, your blood came back clean... as in toxin free. You are free to go, but you are to remain off duty for the rest of the day."

    Then they went over to motion to Jay to lie back on the bio bed table he was sitting on still to check his readings before giving him the okay to leave Sick Bay, giving him also the restriction of not returning to work today.

    It was then that Bobby Blake came in, still in uniform. "Man!" he announced, "This is bigger than we thought?"

    "What?!" Warren demanded to know.

    "You do know that Klingon and his lady were arrested for assaulting us, right?" Bobbly inquired.

    "Yes," Warren confirmed," any weapon discharge on the station would be registered as it would be on any starship."

    "They wouldn't hear the alarms going off until they had left the holosuite..." Jay pointed out, but Warren ignored him once again of the admiral's little addition for uninterrupted holosuite time.

    "Well," Bobbly continued, "as it turns out, the Admiral's security team checked them out as the two were of the crew, the "Pioneer", and Security found a list of Starfleet personnel on one of their crew's Padd. So not only is that crew are being rounded up as we speak, but also the Starfleet personnel that are on that Padd."

    "For what?" Warren and Jay both said at once.

    "Treason," Bobby proclaimed. Warren got off of that bio bed and was approaching Bobby in an angry way, but Bobby waved his hands at him and said, "I am not pulling a joke on you, Warren!"

    "Yeah?! You think I am so gullible as to not notice we are all off duty now so you can pull those jokes on me?!!" Warren yelled in his face as he continued, "THIS IS SERIOUS!! IT IS one thing to see the video records of Captain Riker and his wife attacking Admiral Barone and then ANOTHER of a visual when Starfleet security had arrived quickly to show the diversion of their kids from walking towards the admiral with that girl carrying a hyperspray in her hand AND to see that girl in another visual of her dumping that hyperspray in a trash recepticle for Starfleet Medical to confirm that SAME hyperspray had that slow acting toxin in it to make it look like the admiral had a heart attack to FINALLY CONVINCE ME that my heroes are TRAITORS along with their OWN CHILDREN!!!" he paused to get another breath to continue fuming, "but WHAT you JUST SAID makes NO SENSE at ALL!!"

    Silence filled the Sick Bay as even the nurses were afraid to say any thing at that moment, but Bobby managed to get the nerve to speak to his off duty commanding officer,"Umm.. just because they are being arrested for treason, doesn't mean they are guilty."

    "Ahem..." Jay broke in, keeping himself from smiling as they do pull practical jokes alot on the gullible Archer, but this was serious, and so he said reservingly in conviction, "Starfleet is probably just covering all the bases..."

    "Yeah?!!" Warren jerked his face away from Bobby to face Jay as he marched over to him and stood there mere inches away from his face, "WHY is it that it FEELS like a JOKE on ME?"

    A thought had invaded Jay for a moment. Even though the Dominion War was over, it was a realization of legal precedent for during the Dominion War that was fresh on his mind still. No one in security can make an accusation of treason nor arrest anyone for treason until they had solid evidence of treason. The fear of a changeling impersonating anyone in Starfleet can get someone killed before Starfleet Medical could ascertain that the said "suspect" was not a changeling at all. But even before the Dominion War, there was still legal precedent to not accuse anyone of treason until it has been proven by solid evidence, and then they can "arrest" someone for "treason". Jay looked at Bobby and then said weakly,"Yeah, Bobby," he paused, and then continued, "something isn't right here. You can't arrest anyone for treason just because their names were on a Padd."

    "Hey!" Bobby reacted in surprise, "That's right!"

    "Guilt by association," came the voice from one of the Admiral's security officer standing in the doorway of the Sick Bay. He entered Sick Bay as the door slid shut behind him, and approached the three men. Then he motioned them to a visual monitor at the far side of the room used for station's communication. He then put in a visual chip and displayed the content, "as it turns out, one of the Klingon's crewmates, a Ferengi by the name of Kek, was purchasing these items that when put together, can be a means to bypass a locked access port. It is conceiveable that they were planning to steal a ship to rescue Captain Riker and his family," then he turned off the screen and pulled the visual chip,"as you should know, more evidence is coming in of this serious breach of Starfleet security involving even those Starfleet personnel on that Ferengii's padd. Of its content, I cannot convey at this time, but it is unsettling," the officer looked at the befuddled men as he continued,"there is even a question regarding the station's counselor as well."

    "Oh, COME ON!!!" the three men blurted in protest now. The station's counselor was their favorite person on the station due to her performances in their annual plays. Her pleasant cheerful smile helped them through the oppression of the Dominion War every day. A marked accomplishment for a Vulcan, but it made her reputation as a counselor.

    "Again, as I said, there is a question regarding her involvement, but it is highly unlikely," the officer said as he went on,"she is not being charged with treason, but her safety is in question."

    "How so?" Warren demanded to know, still feeling like he is so gullible for believing anything this guy was saying.

    "It is reasonable to assume she is targetted as a hostage to be used as a means to escape the station," the officer explained, "there is evidence in correspondence between several of those personnels on that Padd of conspiring to get the counselor alone on the memorial ship, Prometheus," that made the three men stood straight up in being fully alarmed now,"...although nothing conclusive as of yet" the officer said as he had seen their reaction, but continued,"... in spite of our additional security teams from the admirals visiting the station, we do not have enough coverage even with your present volume of Starfleet security on duty here at this station. You three are to ignore Medical leave for this day and to search the former memorial ship, Prometheus, for the missing Counselor."

    No more words had to be said. For the Counselor to be missing, that meant her combadge was no longer on her. She had to be abducted already. The three men grabbed their phasers from the personal effects table and were out the door.
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    Star Trek: The Lost Generation

    Episode #1 The Golgotha

    Chapter #14 Too Late

    Although it was customary to see Starfleet security running in the corridor to reach the nearest incident call, it was unusual to see three worried officers running in the corrider at break neck speed to their destination. When they had seen the memorial ship through the windows of the station looking out into orbit that it was still docked for public access, they had slackened their pace on their approach, but when there was no security personnel at the desk of the entry port, they had increased with haste again, bucking down the entryway to board the ship.

    Sure enough, two Starfleet security personnel were lying face down just around the corner of the entrance to the ship. Jay Patterson and Bobby Blake watched both ends of the corriders for the attackers as Warren checked the conditions of their fallen comrades. Warren tapped his combadge, and announced by way of the station's security system, "Security! Two security officers are down by the entry way onboard the Memorial Ship, Prometheus! They may need medical attention!" As Warren was saying this, Bobby saw something on the floor and picked it up and brought it over for Warren to see. There were two smashed combadges.

    "Jiggle one to see whom it belongs to," came a voice over the combadge.

    Warren placed his thumb on one combadge and jiggled the top of it to see if it would send out a signal and asked, "Anything?" Dispatch replied that to the negative. "Trying the other,"Warren announced, and then he jiggled it.

    "That belongs to Counselor Corsinca!" Dispatch replied in alarm, "I'll be sending everybody available over there right now!"

    "Scan the ship for a Vulcan!" Warren commanded the dispatch.

    "That's an affirmative!" replied the dispatch. There was a momentary silence as he imagined the time needed to conduct that scan. It did seem too long. Finally the dispatch replied, "I CAN'T! There's some kind of a dispersal field at various parts of the ship!"

    "WHERE?!!" Warren cried out to dispatch.

    "It's ALL OVER! There's TOO MANY!" the dispatch yelled in exasperation. Apparently, he was worrying about the well being of the counselor too.

    "Where is it heavy at?" Warren asked as he tried to calm down in the hopes that the dispatcher will too.

    "The Bridge... Main Engineering... and Sick Bay..." came the answer.

    "They may be taking the ship now!" Warren reported, "Inform all available ships to be ready for pursuit!" Then Warren stood up and pointed to Bobby, "Engineering.." and Bobby took off running to far end of the deck to the turbo lift that would take him down into Engineering, and then Warren pointed to Jay, "Sick Bay.." and he took off running on this level to the Sick Bay. Then Warren ran for the turbolift near by to go to the Bridge which he believed the culprits will likely be, "Dispatch..." he called once again, "keep our combadges open between us and my two officers. I want to know the minute either one of them is in trouble."

    "Affirmative," and soon the combadges were sharing the sounds of rapid footfalls and heavy breathings to Warren's ears besides his own. He entered the turbo lift and was on his way to the bridge.

    He could hear Jay entering Sick Bay and announced, "Nobody here, but the EMH!" then he could be heard running again out of Sick Bay, "Coming to join you on the Bridge, Warren!"

    "Wait!" Warren cried out, "Wait, Jay!" They may have placed the Counselor under sedation and may be in suspended animation in one of those medical storage units!"

    Warren could hear Jay stop in his track and yelled, "YEAH! AND WHY was the EMH activated TOO!??" By the time Warren had reached the Bridge, Jay had re-entered Sick Bay. Warren had his phaser out, peered around the corner from both sides within the turbo lift, but saw no one while Jay asked the EMH over his combadge, "How were you activated?"

    "I was activated the moment you had stepped into my Sick Bay, "the EMH replied which sounded off to Warren.

    "Has anybody been in this Sick Bay with Counselor Corsinca?" Jay inquired as Warren listened intently while he steeped unto the bridge to see the blind spots of the bridge from the turbo lift.

    "Who?" the EMH asked in an incredulous tone of voice.

    "Never mind!" Jay commanded as he could be heard running out of Sick Bay again.

    "Jay," Warren said plainly over the combadge, "if they can set up a dispersal field over most of the ship..."

    The sounds of Jay running in the corridor stopped again, and said in an exapserated tone of voice, "... they may have commanded the EMH to forget she was ever placed there. Gotcha ..." as the sounds of him running back into Sick Bay and commanding the computer to deactivate the EMH. Then Warren heard him say, "...checking the medical storage units right now!"

    "There's nobody on the Bridge!" Warren informed as he checked over the ship's activities. "Jay! Join Bobby in Engineering!" Warren heard Jay stop, turn around, and started running the other way. He was over the security's station and saw the same dispersal fields spread all across the ship's schematics. He looked for something out of place and spotted five tricorders seemingly placed innocently about the Bridge. He picked up one, opened it, and confirmed his suspicion that it was running while closed and sending out a dispersal field. He turned it off, announcing to the rest, "They are using our tricorders to send out those dispersal fields. Turn them off if you spot any."

    Warren heard Jay and Bobby acknowledge this as he went over to the second tricorder to turn that off. He heard Bobby board the turbo lift finally to go down into Engineering. By the time he turned off the fourth tricorder, he heard Bobby get off of the turbo lift in Main Engineering. When Warren was about to turn off the fifth tricorder, he had thought of something. "Heading to Sick Bay.."

    "Why?" Jay announced with exasperation, "I was just there!"

    "Getting a medical tricorder to scan the forensics off of these tricorders to ascertain the identify of the person that has done this."

    By the time Jay had reached the far end of the ship to board the turbo lift to Engineering, Warren had reached Sick Bay. He got the medical tricorder out and scanned the tricorder that was on the bridge. Then he ran a computer comparison with security medical records for immediate identification.

    Then Warren heard the voice of Admiral Barone coming over the combadge, "It's belonging to the Counselor, right?" the way he said it with much convistion that he aired his discontent with a grunt over the combadge. Then it sounded like the admiral changed his tone, "Those clever bastards probably made the Counselor handle them and did what they had asked of her."

    That eased Warren's peace of mind a little bit, and then he informed the admiral in correcting him, "that is not the case, Admiral Barone. The scan indicated that Lieutenant Enow was the one that had placed the tricorders."

    The admiral grunted, "I bet he did! He lives on this ship! We got evidence that he is a traitor for sure! He knew Starfleet Intelligence was getting too close! He had just given an aberrational resignation this morning!" then he paused in containing his outbursts, "I am boarding with my personal security team right now to join up with you all in Main Eng....", and then there was a sound of a barrage of phasers over the combadges, "DISPATCH! Discontinue OPEN COMMUNICATION at once!" yelled the admiral.

    Warren dropped the medical tricorder he was holding and ran out into the corridor with his phaser ready and on stun. It sounded like a battle out there. He ran towards the sounds of decreasing phaser fires as he saw the attackers finally as they were finishing up the remainder of the Admiral's personal security force that managed to get onboard. Then they vanished. He saw the admiral being guarded by what was left of his security team as they rushed him out of the passageway unto the station. For one brief moment, his eyes locked on with the admiral's whom was looking back. "Get OUT OF THERE, ARCHER!" warned the Admiral over his combadge, "Holograms are masqerading as security! THEY are the ones that were ATTACKING US!"

    Warren leaned down to check the pulse on one. He could tell that they were all alive. He tapped his combadge. "While I am still standing, Sir," Warren declared, "I am going to rescue the Counselor!" Then he bolted for the far end of the ship to take the turbo lift to Main Engineering.

    "DAMN IT, ARCHER!" Warren could hear the Admiral over the combadge, "ALL OF YOU! JOIN HIM!" He had just ordered his security team to go back onboard the ship. "Computer! Prepare to enter my command code for the Prometheus to deactivate all of the holo emitters on that ship!" and then the admiral ran off a series of numbers and small words representing letters for the station's computer to remotely deactivate the holo-emitters on that ship.

    He could hear the security team running down the corrider behind him in catching up with him. By the time Warren had reached the turbo lift. "Archer!" came the voice of Bobby Blake over the combadge, "I spotted the Counselor and another Vulcan female unidentified boarding the turbo lift from Engineering. They seem to be running away from us."

    "Well with a holographic simulation of a security team attacking us, can you blame them?!!" Archer replied as he could hear the turbo lift going past his level. "They went to the next level above me!!"

    "This is Commander Lawrence, " came the station's commander's voice over the combadges, "Admiral Barone had given me direct access to the holo programs on that ship. It was Enow that had actually programmed a security team to keep Admiral Barone off of the ship. He is a confirmed traitor and is to be dealt with extreme prejudice to protect the Counselor at all cost."

    The admiral's security team shoved Archer aside to board the turbo lift. Archer could understand them getting personal about this, but he wanted to save the Counselor. As the turbo lift was full and another set of the team ready to board it that would still leave no room for him, Warren went for another turbo lift while they were all still fuming to not notice him doing so or thinking of it also.

    He boarded the turbo lift on the PORT side and went up a level. He heard the Counselor and that Vulcan female crying out for Enow as if they were searching desperately to find him on this level. He tried to make sense of this. Was the Counselor trying to save her would be captor, Enow? Are they trying to reason with a Vulcan? Or was he an unwilling participant in this diabolical plot somehow? Could the ones pulling the strings have a loved one of his as ransom to commit this crime? Archer could not escape the level of concern that the Counselor and this Vulcan young lady were voicing in this corridor as he was gaining on the fleeing ladies. He had raced to catch up to them on the Starboard side of the ship where a forcefield blocked their way in the corridor from touching Enow. "Why are you doing this?!!" the Counselor pleaded as she lightly touched the forcefield seperating them in the corrider, and she so wanted to touch him to get to know him and for him to know her and her love for her brother even if he could not experience those feelings in loving her in return as the kolinahruu had done in "damaging" her brother.

    "YOU ARE MY BROTHER, ENOW!!!" screamed the other Vulcan female, and then she screamed louder, "YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!"

    "We LOVE YOU, Enow!" the Counselor declared, "STAY IN STARFLEET! We can work out whatever it is that is troubling YOU!! We can prevent your death!!"

    Still dressed in his Starfleet uniform, Enow just looked at them, dispassionately with his arms behind his back. There was that look of resignation in his eyes as if he was tired of running. Then he raised his right hand in that Vulcan fashion, and said signalling with his fingers, "Live long and prosper.." then he turned around and walked away.

    "No.. " Lee Ann cried out softly as he walked away.

    "No... " echoed the Counselor in sentiment as the memory of the prophetic dream was coming into place.

    Enow was about to round the bend in the corridor which would take him out of sight when two phasers fired, vaporizing him from their view, and then the two Vulcan ladies performed simultaneously, an aberrational behaviour as of result which sent a chill down Warren Archer's spine.

    They had given a blood curdling scream.
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