Star Trek: The Lonely Enterprise (Mash-ups)

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    Star Trek: The Lonely Enterprise
    A series of incident reports pulled straight from the Captain's log.

    By Christian Capozzoli and Directed by Arlen Konopaki

    Space, the final frontier, surrounded by nothing and everything - it's easy to feel like a nobody even on the Starship Enterprise. These are the stories of Dale Schneck and his attempts to make friends with the crew as they boldly go where no one has gone before.

    Stardate: 4131.5 - Love's Loneliness

    Stardate: 4181.2 - A Night of Jazz

    Stardate: 4133.8 - What Goes Up . . .

    Stardate: 4253.7 - A Gift of Kindness
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    Umm, that was fun. The first episode needs and X-rating or whatever its equivalent is in today's motion picture industry.

    Good that we can laugh at ourselves occasionally.