Star Trek: Potemkin (a novel by me)

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    I am writing my own Star Trek story, it's currently in plot development. I have a few major characters. It's going to take place during the original series, the voyages of the USS Potemkin (cameo in the episode "The Ultimate Computer"). A lot of planning, so far. I love to write and I am also a die-hard Trekkie. I hope you all follow along!

    Captain Wayne Rigby
    (portrayed by Christian Bale)
    Commanding officer of the USS Potemkin.

    Jeron Xereth
    (portrayed by Laurence Olivier)
    Romulan Commander of the Romulan Imperial vessel "Vauthil".

    Zastrin Onazar
    (portrayed by 'your imagination')
    Zastrin is like an Indiana Jones in outerspace, I was thinking of using Harrison Ford for his character picture, but I should let the reader decide. He is one of the main characters. He has a space freighter called the 'Zodiac Raider' (kind of like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.)

    Syris Centauri
    (portrayed by 'your imagination)
    Based off of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Zastrin's partner in crime, companion.

    Garsh Lekeg
    (portrayed by Danny DeVito)
    Tellarite merchant, dislikes Zastrin and are enemies in the story. Perfect actor for Garsh Lekeg, the height and everything that fits the personality of a Tellarite.

    Zar Kabol
    (portrayed by Tom Hardy)
    Orion crime lord. It is a coincidence that Bale (Batman), Hardy (Bane), and DeVito (Penguin) are all in the story. They just fit the parts.

    I will release a summary later on and this will be a Trek BBS special, because I do not know anywhere else to share my writings other than you guys.
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    This is the wrong forum for that. Fan Productions is for films, audio works, etc. You want the Fan Fiction forum.

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    Please, thank you. Sorry for the error.
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