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    A new news article has been published at TrekToday:

    With the holidays fast approaching, a gift for that Next Generation fan on your list is the Star Trek: Picard: Movie &...

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    No new remastering, just a repackaging? (Of the movies, the TV episodes were so recently done and perfectly so...) That would be a great purchase for DVD owners, though those who bought the TV episodes and movies on earlier Blu-Ray sets would likely only be interested in the VAM (Value Added Material) specials, but it looks like a thought-out set for more casual fans who only want a recap of Picard's more personal adventures as prelude to the new show involving him. Yeah, I'll agree, there is a target audience for this that would likely sell not unreasonably well. Heck, I'm tempted and I usually am not piqued by storyboards and comics (but am by commentaries, promos (esp. of the time), and documentaries).

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    Shouldn't this be posted in the Picard forum?

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