Spoilers Star Trek: Picard 3x01 - "The Next Generation"


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Thanks everyone for correcting me on the La Sirenna!

She probably spent little if any time at the Academy. Perhaps a short OCS course at best. Her four years on Voyager and time in the Rangers was probably all the "training" needed.

She also had the core knowledge of Starfleet Captains to the point she knew of top secret things only given to captain level officers and above such as the Omega Protocol etc. She was probably given a couple of exams on a PADD to check she really knew her stuff and had the voice of one presumably active Admiral in Janeway and retired Admiral Picard who will still have some pull despite him not being Starfleet's favourite person after the shennanigans of Season 1.

I could have done without Raffi to be honest. I like Michelle Hurd in other things, but I've never liked Raffi, especially after all the meandering the character went through in Season 2. But, she's part of 'Picard', so it's alright. I don't have to like every character. I don't think I like every character in any Star Trek series.

Raffi feels like such wasted potential because so much of her is buried in comic books nobody except the very very core nerds among us will read, which properly explores her and her character. I'd have almost preffered Raffi to be some commander who got swept up in Picard Hero Worship only to be slapped hard in the face by reality during the run of the show as then at least we could see it all on Screen. Like I get the idea of multi-media universes is the flavour of the day and all, but I'm not hunting down or collecting comics when I have far more core hobbies to spend my meagre resources on.

Like I'm hoping to God Matalas gets his 25th Century series with Seven and Raffi as the leads, because then we have a chance to properly explore the character.

The Dominion War is a generation past at this point. Plenty of time to fill in the gaps naturally as more people enter the service and new ships are built to replace those that were lost.

Looking at things like the aftermath of WW2, things lagged horrifically for the "old" powers in Europe especially while the USA was able to bounce back fairly well with the gold it had taken off of the British before lend-lease. In the UK it would be over a decade before rationing was abolished, in Germany 70% of the housing stock was demolished or bombed flat, France's economy was either bombed flat or past the point of economic viability.

Each power really wouldn't settle properly until the 60s if not the 70s, with ruins in various places lasting a long while during rebuilding.

The Federation would've suffered for quite some time after this for sure, even with new people in the service etc (and a lot might've gone into the service for the garuntees) and while it'd most likely recovered by the 2390s we then had the disaster at Utopia Planitia which resulted in the destruction of The Federations primary shipyards. Couple it with the various problems of the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire and the formation of the rather tenuous looking Romulan Free State... and the Federation has plenty of problems on its hands including a seemingly large scale Romulan Disapora of which a bunch if made up of former members of the Tal Shiar.
I'm trying to figure out what the villain ship reminds me of. I don't watch a ton of SciFi, but maybe something from Babylon 5, either the Minbari or vorlon ships? My memory is blurry...

Why do people think Seven and Raffi broke up? Raffi said her girlfriend dumped her and she was drummed out of starfleet. We know she was lying about the second part, why not the first part? What did I miss?
I'm 50/ 50 on it.
It could obviously just be a cover storys to support her fall from grace narrative. Otoh, when making up a cover story, stick as close to the truth as possible, so maybe it is true.The way she and Seven were written during most of season 2, I wouldn't be surprised.

Hm, nevertheless I think I'm starting to lean towards cover story now. We'll find out.

S1 was 2399.
250 years back from 2401 would be 2151, the launch of the NX-01, another Earth-centric event. Whatever they're celebrating feels much larger than just an Earth based event.
Well... it's Star Trek, it's almost always Eath/ human centric, sadly.

After Icheb was vivisected, she should have changed her name back to Anika.

There are a few German names that have earned retirement for directing the hollocaust, but the Japanese are fine.
That would be a good analogy if said perps had been abducted,completely brainwashed, and then had no choice other than to commit the holocaust.
I could have done without Raffi to be honest. I like Michelle Hurd in other things, but I've never liked Raffi, especially after all the meandering the character went through in Season 2. But, she's part of 'Picard', so it's alright. I don't have to like every character. I don't think I like every character in any Star Trek series.

Yeah. I agree. My big problem is that she's taking time away from the better tng characters. But we got a lot of tng goodness in this ep so I am happy.
So far, yes. But the question is, does she have the right to chose her own name and ask that others respect that choice? Even if it makes people uncomfortable. Do you think that all people of German and Japanese descent should have changed their names after WWII? Or people with Arabic names after 911? All because others might get "uncomfortable"? That seems to be the idea you're pushing.

It's possible his family was harmed by the borg. Maybe calling her 7 of 9 is a painful reminder of the borg and the carnage they wrought. We barely know the character and his motivations.
Wait, if this is 2401, are we attributing the age of Raffi's granddaughter to, uh, Romulan growth rates? Shouldn't that be slower rather than quicker, as they have longer lifespans? From pregnancy to what, 4 or 5 years old in two years. Assuming it is the granddaughter ofc.
Why should she? The Borg didn't kill him, He was killed because he was a Borg.

But your proposal is for all designations to be changed not just "a few". Yes? Any name is a reminder so change them all!

There are stringent anti-Nazi laws in Germany.

It is illegal in America today to name your child or change your name to "Adolf Hitler".
I'm discussing whether she should be allowed to use her chosen name, not why she chose it.

Pick one...

1. Shaw logically convinced her it was a good idea.
2. Shaw appealed to her empathy.
3. Shaw decided for himself and never consulted her.
4. Shaw decided for her, and then changed the subject.
5. Shaw ordered her to only answer to her human name.
A positive review of the episode from Paul Chato, a former development executive with Paramount and the CBC.

It seems like almost everywhere the most common gripe is the lighting. At this point maybe they should consider going back and recolor timing the episodes... :brickwall: