Star Trek Phase II: "Bread and Savagery"--First Pictures

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    As folks might know, we've started shooting our next episode earlier this week: "Bread and Savagery"--a follow-up to the Original Series episode "Bread and Circuses." We return to the "Magna Roma" planet to see how things are going. (Hint: If things were going extremely well, this would be a very short episode.)

    We have our first couple of pictures available:



    That's our line producer Mr. Andy Grieb in a "Magna Roma" police officer costume. Star Trek Phase II was able to lay our hands on many of the original costumes from "Bread and Circuses." As comparison, here's a shot of the late Mr. William Bramley as the Roman Policeman from "Bread and Circuses," with the orange dickey, helmet with lion's head insignia, gladius sword, etc.


    (Note: Mr. Bramley's other claim to fame, of course, was playing a different police officer, "Officer Krupke," in both the original Broadway version and the motion picture version of West Side Story.)

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    Definately looking forward to this one. TOS never really did much 'following up', except for Wrath of Khan, so this will be interesting to see. :techman: