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    Hello, I'm here to let you guys know about a Trek-based game that I'm currently developing on RPGVX. If you'd like to see the website I set up for info on the game, head to

    The idea of the game is that you start out in the Tri-Cetti system, a system with three primary inhabited planets, with your choice of three ships:
    The USS Republic:
    When she was luanched in 2225 , the Republic was nearly state of the art. Her class of Heavy Crusier wasthe pride of starfleet , and served in the front lines , discovering new worlds and protecting the Federation from the Klingon threat. After 20 years of service , the Republic was downgraded to a training ship , where she helped train such luminaries as James Tiberious Kirk. However , after 18 years of training duty , the Republic was deemed heavly outdated , and unfit for service , due to the large amount of older , but more advanced ships ( than the Connsitution class , not Republic ) being freed up with the commisioning of ships like Enterprise. Therfore , on her 40th year of service with the fleet , she was put into service as a science crusier , and sent to a hotly contested backwater system.​
    The IKS Kathlaest:
    A living testamet to the klingon proverb " If your knife can still stab someone , it is not to old!" , this aging scoutship(pushing 69!) has arived to sbugate yet another system for the klingon empire.​
    and the merchant ship, Queen Ann's Revenge:
    A ship that dates back to at least 2210 , this rustbuket has gone through a multitude of increasingly shadyer owners , and is definately worse for ware from it !​

    The object of this game is to "persuade" the three planets of this system to join the federation, with a few twists, and maybe a few surprise visits along the way.

    Let me know what you think of the storyline so far, as it is easily changed at this point.
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