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    May 12, 2009
    Hello--at the annual Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas this weekend; during the CBS Consumer Products could not help but notice/consider..

    a) How are we going to re-energize the fan base with new/younger fans ?

    Separately at the San Diego Comic Con--I saw many young kids--clamoring around the Hasbro booth and Mattel booth and the Lego booth looking eagerly at new Star Wars toys...and then when I look at new Star Trek merchandise-- I see Star Trek Salt and Pepper shakers, Wall Clock, Doggie bag dispensers, mugs, and expensive costume/prop replicas..while some of those items are neat,

    Not sure kids can really play/want that kind of stuff...

    What's amazing is that Star Wars has far fewer hours of content than Star Trek; but much more appealing consumer goods/products than Star Trek and keeps a vibrant fan base growing with cool toys/things that still fly off the shelf.

    I recommend that CBS & Paramount: really consider a new Star Trek cartoon series and coming up with a strategy to incl. merchandising to resurrect a younger set of fans.

    Comments ? Who else agrees ?

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    Didn't I just comment on this thread?
    deja vu
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    You already posted this same thread, and I moved it to Future of Trek where it rightfully belongs. I'm not sure why you started it again here, but I am closing this. Here is a link to the ongoing discussion:


    "Hailing Frequencies Closed"
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