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    Can someone help me with this? I am curious to know more about the probe in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Is there any book, article or other source of information that helps to explain the probe's origins. Who sent it? Where is it from? Where did it go? What does it want? What does it do?

    I have always been curious to learn more about that probe. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    It talks to whales.
    To talk to whales.
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    There's also this sequel to the Star Trek IV novelisation called Probe. --> link
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    I have often thought this, 'what is that probe, where does it come from?'. My advice is, leave it at that. Questions are often so much more interesting than answers, which often turn out to be prosaic. It's good to have a little mystery in life to ponder.
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    It's a big wide universe full of wonder and intrigue.
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    Configuring the Ontarian Manifold
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    You should probably read the original author's version of the story, Music of the Spheres. Details HERE
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    Thumbs WAAAY up for @Garamet’s version.