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    May 31, 2009
    As our simulation publishes our work to the Nova site we play on, it begins to read a lot like a fan fiction. I will present here for you the individual episodes as we finish them. Our website is

    Our first story is technically a Pre-Season One episode entitled Mission: Ydora. The title card was drawn by my wife and the author of the ship's Executive Officer, Commander Davynn Qech. It also is a clickable link to the story itself. The story was written by my wife and I.


    Mission: Ydora reading order:

    Chapter 1 - Intelligence Briefing
    Chapter 2 - En Route
    Chapter 3 - Out of the sparking spaceship...
    Chapter 4 - ...Into the fire
    Chapter 5 - Blackest Night
    Chapter 6 - The Long Road