Star Trek: Encarta III - Condemned

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    To those of you that requested to see the prequel to Dark Hope, the third film in the Encarta chapter ( I have posted the full film to my YouTube channel. I have included a directors annotations track with the YouTube release, I encourage you to watch it with it on. :cool: WARNING - There are minor spoilers on the annoation track if you haven't seen Dark Hope.

    **The Starship Encarta is on route to a peace delegation on the planet Delorn, when the bridge reports that they've detected a huge tear in subspace. Captain Jonathan Lynch orders Encarta off course to investigate. On arrival Lt. Cmdr. Herato scans a huge spacial anomaly that is expanding in size and dimension every hour and will eventually threaten federation planets and colonies. Concerned with the developing threat Lynch orders to proceed in with caution in hopes of slowing down or stopping the spacial rift. Just then another Federation Starship appears; Galaxy class U.S.S. Truman. Encarta leads a fatal away team mission uncovering that an ancient virus has killed most of the crew, and destroyed all of the ships critical systems, leaving the ship un-salvageable. With the virus unknown at the time, Encarta returns the away team to the ship with the Truman survivors...**

    If you can stomach the third film and want more; the sequel (Dark Hope) was released last spring and is also available on my YouTube channel. Both films are available in YouTube HQ.
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    Great film! :) Will you be posting you first two films on YouTube also?
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