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    A while ago, I wrote a story called “Convergence”, which featured several alternate universe coming together, one of these was one where the Borg’s first attack on Earth was successful and all that remained of Starfleet were a few ships struggling to get by. Since then, I’ve been contemplating dabbling in this universe again, with a new ship and crew as they try to find some sort of refuge from the Borg hordes that are now in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

    SET UP
    It is 2367, in the aftermath of the Battle of Wolf 359, the U.S.S. Enterprise-D engaged the Cube outside the system, during which Lieutenant Commander Data and Lieutenant Worf took a shuttle to penetrate the Cube’s shields and rescue Captain Picard. When they beamed aboard they were almost overrun by drones and couldn’t reach the assimilated Picard, after a brief skirmish they beamed back to the shuttle, but were targeted and destroyed before they could withdraw. Later, when the Enterprise reached Earth, Captain Riker order the ship to ram the Cube. It did so, killing all those onboard and causing damage to 70% of the Cube, however the Borg only needed the remaining 30% and began the assimilation of Earth.

    After which they sent a signal that called in additional forces. In a matter of months, the Federation had crumbled and Starfleet was fighting a losing battle, as were many of the other races of the quadrants. The Ferengi and Talarians fell almost immediately, the Cardassians, Gorn and Tzenkethi shortly afterwards, whilst the Klingons and Romulans allied themselves together and held out for longer than most but are losing ground daily. Somehow both the Breen and Tholians are the only main powers to offer any real resistance to the Collective, though are merely looking after their own territory. Over the next two years, the Alpha and Beta Quadrants became very different. Very few ships remain space worthy and able to evade the Borg.

    The U.S.S. Emissary NCC-25105, a thirty-three year old Ambassador-Class ship, is one of the few Starfleet vessels still active. Barely holding together, she is battle scarred and patched with whatever materials is at hand. The ships mission is to survive, hunting for supplies and provisions wherever they can be found, helping out whatever other ships or survivors they find, looking for something that they might never find: somewhere safe from the Borg.

    Out of her original crew of 701 only 312 remain, but they have rescued a number of crewmembers and refugees from other ships, bringing of beings onboard up to 915, including a handful from non-Federation ships, including a few species once hostile to the Federation, though who must now work together against a greater foe.

    Conditions are tight onboard, the Captain even giving up his quarters to others and living out of his ready room, whilst many find themselves promoted up and appointed into positions they aren’t ready for, because there is no one else. There is no relief coming, they must rely on one another in order to get by.

    Commanding Officer: Captain ??? (Andorian/Benzenite/Bolian/Pandrilite, Male, Mid-50s)
    He has commanded the Emissary for fifteen years, during which time he has proven to be a level-headed and contemplative officer, he likes to have all the facts before making decisions, though he is far from indecisive—when his back is against the wall he will do what is necessary to safeguard his ship and crew. Just days before the Battle of Wolf 359, he was diagnosed with a very rare terminal condition for which there is no known treatment, something which he hasn’t made known to the rest of the crew, not wanting to hurt the already low morale. He is determined to keep all those aboard safe for as long as he draws breath, no matter how hard it may get for him. [Not sure what species to make him, though I know he will be blue, lol]

    First Officer: Commander Ayako Takashima (Human, Female, Late-20s)
    The third XO in two years, she was formerly the Chief Flight Control Officer. Though a skilled and gifted young officer, who would’ve easily entered the Command track before the Borg invasion, she has had to take on a considerable amount of responsibilities in a short space of time, which is somewhat overwhelming for her, especially under the circumstances. She has found that the best way from her to cope is to clamp down on her emotions, in an almost Vulcan-like manner, and focus on her duties—though this can distract her from times at looking at the bigger picture.

    Chief Security Officer: Lt. Commander ??? (Efrosian, Female, Mid-30s)
    A survivor from the U.S.S. Diligent, she assumed command of the Emissary’s security department seeing as how the former security chief had been killed just days before. Hard-edged, she has lost many good people, which has made her cold and detached. New to the ship, she feels like an outsider and somewhat resentful of Takashima, believing her to be ill suited to being First Officer.

    Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant ??? (Trill, Male, Late-20s)
    An imaginative problem-solver, he has a knack for thinking of ‘out of the box’ solutions, which makes him an invaluable person to have around when resources are in short supply. Formerly the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, he was promoted up after his predecessor was killed saving the ship from a radiation leak in the port nacelle. He feels as though he has a sizeable legacy to live up to, something he shares with his former classmate, Commander Takashima. [He isn’t nor has he had any interest in being Joined]

    Chief SAR-OPS Officer: Lieutenant Rachel Telby (Human, Female, Late-20s)
    Growing up with an eidetic memory helped her leap ahead of her peers, easily able to recall anything she was exposed to, however this also caused her to get bored quickly. She joined Starfleet, hoping that it would be stimulating enough for her but ever there she found her interests switching across multiple disciplines. She became a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ which made her ideally suited for the hard and diverse work in search and rescue operations (SAR-Ops), where she thrived. One of the few rescued from the U.S.S. Orpheus she took up her role on the Emissary, which sees her frequently on missions to search for survivors or essential supplies the ship needs.

    Chief Counsellor: Lieutenant ??? (Alien, Male, Mid-30s)
    He has been onboard the Emissary since graduating from the Academy, so he knows the original crew very well, however given all they and the new additions to the ship are having to endure he has his work cut out for him—and the stress is getting to him as well. He has developed a dependency of cordafin stimulants in order to keep himself going so as to help others—as such he is pushing himself harder than any of the other counsellors, not willing to admit that he has a problem. [I’m thinking he’ll be from one of the many Federation species who have either just made a single appearance or just been in the background, so there are plenty of options, I’m just not sure just which one yet]

    Chief Flight Control Officer: Lead Lieutenant ??? (Talarian, Male, Mid-20s)
    A proud and patriotic Talarian, he has a hard time dealing with how quickly his people were overwhelmed by the Borg. Rescued from a partially-assimilated destroyer, he is one of eight soldiers now serving on the Emissary, where he has to deal with the fact that women hold authority over him as well as an alien way of operating. A gifted pilot, he quickly demonstrated his skills, which saw him, assigned to the bridge and ultimately become the senior helmsman. [I was originally going to make him Cardassian, but I thought a Talarian might be more problematic in some instances]

    Chief Tactical Officer: Lieutenant (j.g.) Aaron Chase (Human, Male, Mid-20s)
    A Starfleet brat, he only ever wanted to be an officer and do his duty, though for someone so young he has already had to endure a lot of hardship. Former beta shift Tactical Officer onboard the U.S.S. Orpheus, after his ship was attached he was left pinned beneath debris for several days before the Emissary rescued him. Unfortunately, he lost his left eye and most of his left arm and the Emissary lacked the supplies to replace them, and remained badly scarred from his injuries, though refused further treatment to remove them.

    Chief Science Officer: Sub-Lieutenant Aeral R’Kel (Romulan, Female, Late-20s)
    Raised on a colony on the outer edges of the Empire, her mother was a supporter of the fledgling Reunification Movement and she shares her mother’s ‘controversial’ beliefs. One of three survivors from a Romulan Science Ship, she has carried out extensive research into the Borg, from both a biological and technological standpoint, which saw her become an integral part of the science department until the former Chief Science Officer was killed in action and the Captain asked her take over, given her expertise.

    Chief of Operations: Master Chief Petty Officer ??? (Betazoid, Male, Late-40s)
    A long-time friend and confidante of the Captain, the two have served together for many years. After the ship suffers losses of several officers, he becomes the new Ops Manager, bringing several decades’ worth of experience and skill to the bridge. He’s a mentor to many onboard, non-coms and officers alike, offering them the support and encouragement they need to thrive. As a strong telepath, the constant mix of powerful emotions from so many in such close quarters weighs heavily on his shoulders, but when he senses that someone needs help he is always there for them.

    Chief of Medicine: Doctor ??? (Rigellian-Tomal, Female, Late-30s)
    One of the Vulcanoid Rigellians, though she may have the pointed ears and complex brain of her distant cousins she lacks the emotional control, wearing her heart on her sleeve. Her warm and comforting bedside manner make her well-liked by others, but it is her exceptional skills as a physician and surgeon that saw her become the new Chief of Medicine following the ship’s heavy losses. As a civilian, she may not adhere to the Starfleet methodology or rules, putting the needs of her patients above all else.

    Chief Supply Officer: Lieutenant Mariana González (Human, Female, Late-20s)
    Formerly of the U.S.S. Diligent, she has become an integral part of the Emissary’s crew, in charge of allocation of supplies and provisions. She is frequently on salvage missions thanks to her in-depth knowledge of just what the ship needs. From a small remote colony, she holds out hope that her family are still alive and well, and is doing all she can to find out what might’ve happened to them.

    Damage Control Supervisor: Lieutenant (j.g.) ??? (Alien, Female, Mid-20s)
    She came aboard the Emissary fresh from the Academy and though wide-eyed and over-eager, demonstrated herself to be a capable engineer. Since the Borg invasion she has come into her own and proved to be highly organised and methodical, able to stay on top of things and maintain her cool. It was because of this that she was promoted and put in charge of co-ordinating damage control and emergency response teams. [Thinking of making her an original species, a Federation member, though fairly new to space and the UFP]

    Trainee: Cadet Sean Myers (Human, Male, Late-Teens)
    Barely 15 when he was rescued from a Federation transport, his mother was a Starfleet officer onboard the U.S.S. Tecumseh but he has no idea what happened to her, though his grandfather died before their ship was recovered, so he is alone on the Emissary. As soon as he was old enough, he asked to join the crew, after which he became a ‘cadet’. Though very smart he is also immature and impulsive, and is having a hard time dealing with their situation.

    Civilian Liaison: Secretary ??? (Alien, Male, Early-40s)
    A former member of the Federation Diplomatic Corps, he was on the first civilian transport the Emissary rescued and, due to his position, found himself becoming the main link between the refugees and Starfleet personnel. Diplomatic and measured, it takes a lot to rile him up, which stands him in good stead looking after the morale and wellbeing of the civilians onboard. [Thinking he'll be from one of the better known Federation races, though not Vulcan]

    Cyberneticist: Doctor ??? (Chandir, Male, Mid-40s)
    Saved from a refugee ship that was fleeing the neutral region of space near the Badlands, he is one of Chandir’s leading authorities on cybernetics and computer science. Once onboard the Emissary he joins the science and engineering teams with trying to devise ways and means to outthink the Borg, though with limited resources and a lack of information he is having little success. [He is one of DS9’s “tailheads”, a design I’ve always liked—also it shows that it’s not just the big powers that are under threat]
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    I like your premise and what characters that you’ve developed so far. I patiently await what other surprises are in store with this story and the universe that it resides in.
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    Cool pitch! BTW: where do you find the time to come up with all these interesting stories/ideas? It's like you're developing a new series every week :D!
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    Thanks. Unfortunately due to work, at the moment I have a serious block for actually writing anything. I'm getting quite a few ideas and concepts, but when I come to write anything I really don't like it.

    As for this idea, I've decided to tweak a couple of the characters:
    • Damage Control Supervisor: Now male, everything else remains the same
    • Civilian Liaison: Now female and a former Junior Federation Commissioner (as such more of a government officer) as opposed to a Secretary in the diplomatic corps, also I'm considering making her human or half-human (though not definite as yet)

    I've also thought of a way to combine this with another idea I had, which I hadn't been able to figure out how to make work, though in this universe it would fit in quite well.
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    So many ideas, so little time to write.

    I feel your pain.
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