Star Trek: Defiant episode 67!

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    Star Trek: Defiant, Episode 67 - "Tensions"


    Captain Bridges rounds out the crew as the Defiant returns to the remains of Romulus.

    "Star Trek: Defiant" is a serialized, full-cast audio adventure with one new episode every month. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast! Now available exclusively at via the following links:

    Also available - an audio commentary with the directors and writer!

    iTunes link:

    Podcast feed:


    Featuring the voice talents of:

    Jeffrey Bridges as Captain Jeffrey Bridges
    Adam Lebin as Commander Adam Lebin
    Judah Friese as Commander Judah Friese
    Tom Backus as Lieutenant Commander Tom Backus
    Chris Brittain as Lieutenant Commander Kit Barton
    Kathryn Pryde as Security Chief Magas Brel
    Laura Lindle as Lieutenant (j.g.) Annabelle Cayman
    R. Francis Smith as Lieutenant (j.g.) Jeffrey Hawk
    Mark Bradford as Suran
    Deborah Adams as Sub-Lieutenant Maris
    Susan Bridges as Doctor Laine Rael
    Andrea Fontenot as Admiral Charlotte Tucker
    Jade Rey as Lieutenant Ross
    Tim Lasseter as Captain Cuze
    and Richard Casto as Commander Brown

    Story and script by Brian Martinez Oldham
    Directed by Lyn Cullen
    Assistant Director Paul Brueggemann
    Edited by Susan Bridges
    Cover art by Paul Brueggemann
    Produced by Pendant Productions
    Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

    Thanks for listening!
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    It appears ST: Defiant is not more. Bummer. I had stopped listening a couple years back, and was hoping to catch up on my road trip. Pendant Audio as wiped them from the face of the earth.

    Anybody know where one can get the remaining episodes?
  3. Barbreader

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    They were taken down off the web in response to some kind of C&D letter, apparently NOT from Paramount. Some Trek fans downloaded them before that, I hope one of them will contact you. I recommend you post what episodes you have (e.g., 1 through 53) so they can figure out what you lack.
  4. Barbreader

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    Jul 13, 2009
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    I now have a link I cannot put up publically to this full series. If you pm me privately here with your e-mail address and the promise that you, too, will not post that link (you can pass it along privately, that's fine) I will be happy to provide you with that link. You can also ask for it by visiting Star Trek Reviewed and leaving a comment there with this same information. (The comment will not post, nothing posts before I approve it.) You can also contact me or Star Trek Reviewed on Facebook,
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