Star Trek: A Time To Love

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    Star Trek: The Mission
    A Time for Love

    The stage crew was all quiet as the latest episode of STAR TREK: FIRST MISSION was being filmed. It was being directed by noted dietician Richard Simmons. Here is what they were seeing….


    Captain Dirk Benton (William Sergeant), the front of his shirt torn, revealing his hot sweaty hairy chest, ran as fast as he could, with the Mylf android (William Sergeant) right behind him.

    “Sir,” Mylf said in a deep female voice, “how will running save us from the predicament?”

    “I am not sure it will, you tin-can!” Benton said as he ran. “But we have to get to the transporter coordinates just over that hill.”

    The camera zoomed in on the glistening sweat on Benton’s hairy chest.

    “AND CUT!” Richard Simmons yelled. “Wrap it.”
    Meanwhile, upstairs, Matt Winston was sitting at his desk, enjoying the moment, when there was a knock at his office door. He looked down between his legs at Susie Edmonds, who busy doing her thing between his legs, and put his finger up to his lips, telling her to be quiet.

    “Come in,” Matt said with a smile.

    The door opened and Marge Livingston came in. She ran the local Gay and Lesbian Out- Reach center in Hollywood.

    “Well hello there,” Matt as he stood up, totally forgetting why Susie was where she was, and unintentionally exposing himself to Marge. “You’re a little early for our appointment.”

    “I tried to call,” Marge said, “but your secretary isn’t answering calls.”

    “I was just thinking that it’s so hard to find good work these days,” Matt said, still unaware of his expose nature. Then, he felt a strange draft, and looked down. In stunned horror he bent over and pulled up his trousers. “My God,” Matt said to Marge, “who made these slacks. One moment they’re innocently around my waist, and then the next, they’re down around my ankles. I can’t understand it.”

    “Does this happen a lot?” Marge asked with a suspicious look in her eyes, as she watched Matt zip his pants up.

    “Strangely enough,” Matt said, “Only when my secretary isn’t taking calls.”

    “Just what I thought,” Marge said. “Any way, I took the script you sent me and I made some notes on the edges about the gay Vulcan you have on your show. I think he is being played rather broad, and not with any depth. You’re going to have to improve the quality of that role and/or increase your donations if you want us to continue our support”

    “Consider it done,” Matt said. “We’ll do an entire episode explaining his whole gay thing, I promise you.” And then Matt handed her a check for fifty-thousand dollars.

    “That will help too.” Marge said with a smile.

    With her business done, Marge turned and left the office.

    Susie rose up from beneath Matt’s desk.

    “What did you mean,” Susie said, “about not finding good work. I thought I did good work.”

    “Oh honey,” Matt said as he held her closer, “You do great work. Now look, I need to start re-writing on the script. So, if you would, can we have less talking and more working?”

    Susie thought for a moment and then went back under the desk. Matt unsnapped his slacks and let them fall around his ankle, and then sat down to do the rewrite.

    Down below, on the soundstage, another scene was being filmed, at the direction of Richard Simmons….

    Captain Dirk Benton was talking to a strange rock with an old style wall clock mounted on it.

    “With out love,” Benton said, with his shirt still torn across the chest, “there…is….no reason for a…man…and a woman to live. Their lives, their very souls, would have….no…MEANING!”

    Then suddenly a voice yelled, “CUT”, and it wasn’t Richard Simmons. It was Matt Winston, rushing over to where the filming was being done on the ‘planet hell’ set.

    “Jesus Christ!” William Sergeant screamed. “I… was on a roll!! I could…. feel… Emmy all over that line delivery and now…. you….ruined it!”

    “I know, I know,” Matt said.

    “What the hell is going on?” Richard Simmons asked. “Don’t tell me you have a rewrite?”

    “Just a small one,” Matt said. “If we don’t do it, then the Gay and Lesbian out-reach chapter, here in LA, will boycott the show.”

    William came over. “Shit,” William said, “Let me read it so we can… get this crap done. I have an episode… of ….PASSWORD to film after this.”

    After a few moments, the scene was reset and filming started.

    “And,” Richard Simmons said, “ACTION!”

    Captain Dirk Benton was talking to a strange rock with an old style wall clock mounted on it.

    “With out love,” Benton said, with his shirt still torn across the chest, “there…is….no reason for a…man…and woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, to know the kind of love that can only be shared by two. With out love, their….very lives, their very souls, would have….no…MEANING.”

    The rock began to crumble, and it blew up. The hold it had over the society it ruled was over.

    “You’ve saved the Olarian people, Captain Benton.” Mylf said. “And you showed a cold and calculated machine, such as my self, how to live beyond the time we are given.”

    Dirk Benton turned and faced the camera. It zoomed in on his face.

    “Love should…. never be…. timed.” Benton said, “It should be…. lived.”

    And slowly the camera faded out on Benton’s smile.

    “AND CUT!”

    Four weeks later the episode Time of Love aired. It received the backing of the Gay/Lesbian Out-reach center of Los Angeles. The groups leader, Marge Livingston said the following.

    “This show, Star Trek, stands with the people of the world. And it is a shining example of what we can all strive to be; tolerant of others.”

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    :rolleyes: Ah what?????
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    Just the responce I was hoping for!!!

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    Why do they blame Picard for the D's destruction? he wasn't even on the ship.
    Also, a species called Dorset? That was the only name they could come up with? What's next, a species called Essex? :)