Spoilers: The O A and Star Trek Discovery

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    Don't read this if you feel like you might ever watch the OA, or have watched the O.A. and haven't finished season 2. I'm taking the same precautions Jason Isaacs has in his own interview, recently. Mods. I did not know whether to put this in Discovery or Non-Trek threads. If it is in the wrong place, my apologies. Having said that..


    Don't read.



    Now then, for those who have seen the end of the O.A, being that Jason Isaacs, or some version of Jason Isaacs is now himself actually a person in the story inhabited by Hap, anything and everything is on the table. Consider the implications of this season. Hap smashed himself with a blunt object to simulate being attacked, almost the same as Captain Lorca. Hab, like Lorca, is a stranger from another reality. Hap, like Lorca has a secret lab, and has been mapping out connections between various timelines (referred to as dimensions in The O.A.). He talked a great deal, like Lorca, about destiny, though he is the one constantly forcing situations to occur. After the end of the season I can't imagine that this is entirely syzygy.

    It sounds stupid to ask "Is Lorca another visage of Hap?" It sounds stupid, but then this is the OA. The show also had a handsy sentient octopus feeling up Brit Marling.

    The Jason Isaacs we see at the end of the series may not be the same one as this reality obviously. He seems to be married to Brit and he clearly is not. He's filming some version of the events of the San Francisco segments of the OA somewhere in the UK with Brit. Will Season 3 "go there" linking Star trek into the O A's bizarre univrese? Will someone eat the mirror universe leaf out of some dead teenager's head?
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