"Spock through metaphor"

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    Secrets of family give rise to the man of many faces who is rejected like the wind of the storm in which created it. Passage of time and growth and rejection of kin yet one who stands pat. Youthful kids can be cruel leads to untapped courage were the heart shows compassion to hide the heartache of lost. One faces his future and finds his own path away from the pack.

    On a new trail the man grows wise and goes to to the unknown still unprepared and fully who he will become. Loyalty to ones tribe last many sorrows and one day a new chief is selected as the the other meets his next destiny. New bond is formed as a family is created and the bonds of chains that will last a lifetime is formed. From a loud sound to a mellow passive demur a new and powerful mind is put to test and history is created that others will follow for decades of tomorrow.

    Once again a new path is chosen and selection unwise leads to the death of the old and the rebirth of the new but still the old chains to the old chief and fellow passenger is reunited after a whale of time getting their. A mistake that should have not happened follows but in the end one journey ends and other sits and waits for to be created with a chief not met.

    Time and time of the same old kind happens away from the watching eyes but then a chance to connect two groups divided by hate make the man finally take his next step. A valid effort is made but failure is wins out but hope continues on and the man and new chief say goodbye with a gift that lasts forever.

    Time and time some more and the old hate of old is near death and looking for life and the man tries to help but fate says no more. He is guided to the end of the adventure and meets the old familiar but nothing a real as what came before. Giving his all to help women and men he lasts until he finally comes to the end.