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    I've been bouncing around a few ideas for a less ambious Star Trek than the "Project Triangle" one that I floated a few months ago and a combination of a few bunnies from various threads (including some about the MACOs and the unit on AR-558) got me thinking about troubleshooters.

    The basic concept could be seen as something of a precessor (or successor depending which would work better) of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers stories, but a slightly more "realistic" take focusing on a unit of mostly non-commissioned technical specialists (engineers, scientists) with some security support, that deal with challenges that can't be fixed with a few minutes/hours technobabble but rather take weeks or even months to resolve.

    The PoV unit - the Starfleet Exploration Division - Hazardous Landing and Assistance Team or SEHLATs - would be approximately 150 strong (Unit CO (experienced LT or LT CMDR), HQ staff (Ops, Medical, Admin/Logistics), two Technical Detachments (LT commanding, 40 each mostly engineers/armory technicans, but also few "blue shirts" as needed), a Security Section (Junior LT or Ensign commanding, 20 personnel) and a Mobility Element (LT commanding, probably the "Number One", 1-3 runabouts or heavy shuttles designed for both transportation and defense).
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