Roger Ebert is dead...

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    Oct 28, 2011
    Resuscitation time....

    I'll have to check whether Ebert was able to see ROOM 237, assuming its release came in time. I expect he'd've loved it. It's an incredibly wild documentary about film theorists who see hidden meanings in THE SHINING. There are around nine separate theorists, and some of their arguments----though a clear minority of the total----actually seem possibly valid. Especially the writer who contributed a 1987 newspaper piece explaining that Stanley Kubrick's not-so-hidden agenda was to comment on Indian genocide. This theory is most supportable as its the only one directly referred to in THE SHINING's dialogue itself.

    As for which movie I'd want to see last, no doubt there are dozens.....yet at the moment RETURN TO OZ is the only one I can think of. Like THE USUAL SUSPECTS and RESERVOIR DOGS, RETURN was thumbsed-down by Ebert. Siskel was equally down on RETURN and I believe RESERVOIR too. When RETURN originally was released, the only positive review I can remember came from Harlan Ellison.....