News Roddenberry family memorabilia scanned and put into a VR Museum

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by HouseOfQuark, Aug 4, 2018.

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    Aug 4, 2018
    Saw this and thought I'd share:

    Rod Roddenberry announced at STLV that he has created a virtual museum. Objects from his collection were scanned and imported into a virtual museum that you can walk around in, in virtual reality. I saw something on Twitter about there being an audio guide/voiceover you can listen to as well.

    Seems like a pretty cool way to make these wonderful artifacts accessible to for fans everywhere!
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    I admire Gene Roddenberry's intestinal fortitude. He was a pilot in World War II and a street cop. And, as if more evidence was needed, he actually made what for many is an impossible dream come true: he made it in Hollywood. More than that, he became an International Celebrity and all before the days of The Internet. It's an inspiration to me, to see a Self-made Man and GR certainly was. So, good job, Rod! Hope this endeavor is everything you'd hoped.
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    And despite all of this, people .. fans.. continue to dump on him.
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    Dump on him all you want but for those of us who have met him we know the truth. If he was a very nice man who was super shy. He'll always be my hero and I regret deeply that I never had the opportunity to work with him.
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    Damn I wish I had a VR headset

    There is legit criticism to be levied against him, but some people take it too far.
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    Fans dump on EVERYONE in STAR TREK, with very few exceptions. The 2nd bananas of TOS are given shit for not having done anything else with their lives, but playing in STAR TREK. The star of TOS is mocked, often, for not admitting he wears a rug, for the fact he's so old and fat, for being egotistical. Various castmembers throughout the franchise are judged for how they respond to fans, or what their politics are, or whatever. I mean ... it just goes on and friggin' on.

    People who are only going to get on TV by getting on The Evening News acting like their opinion is the final say on the value, or worth, of somebody famous. Not knowing what the hell they're talking about, really, only parroting what they read ... rarely firsthand, if ever. And when it does come, it's from shit-stirrers like George Takei who hasn't worked with Shatner since '91 ... which is like ... more than a generation ago, so.

    And you know what's the worst of it? Opinions change. Tastes change. What's in vogue changes. When TOS was first being broadcast in the Sixties, if you were a teenaged mother, you became social pariah and now? Teen mothers are like venerated as unsung heroes. So ... having people bitch like they do doesn't mean much, in the end. Rod Roddenberry's doing the right thing by celebrating his family history and I hope it proves to be very successful for him.
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    Even more reason to get a VR headset as soon as possible!

    Based on the preview, though, why doesn't the Monster Maroon have an insignia? Just curious...

    As for Roddenberry, I admire just about everything about him other than his family moral behavior. I live by the philosophy he espoused through Trek, but I'm, let's just say disappointed, that he cheated on Majell and left Rodd out in the cold in many respects, to the point of creating a make-believe son called Wesley in order to have the son he WANTED...for some reason.

    I admire Rodd for giving this project the go-ahead. And, to be fair, I admire that Gene wanted more for the fans than Paramount, Viacom, and CBS ever did and was recently made aware of the fact that, without Roddenberry's insistence, we probably wouldn't even have Trek conventions today. I guess Viacom wanted to eradicate them.

    I'm also grateful for the vision that Gene had for humanity and for giving me guidance on how to develop my own life and worldview.

    I am disappointed in how people treat celebrities. For a large portion of them, it's a job. Have you ever done a job because you got paid and not necessarily because you were passionate about it? I know I, for one, was involved in making guided bombs for a little while. I'm a pacifist. I needed to pay bills.

    There is ZERO reason actors/producers/designers should receive death threats for their work. That just PISSES me off. I'm relieved that those sentiments are less ubiquitous in Trek fandom than they are in other fandoms, not to say it doesn't exist.